Top 10 Best Progressive Metal Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Progressive Metal songs of all time 2017, Soundscapes rich in color, emotion and depth, all abound within the conceptual world of progressive rock. Those who compose these masterpieces must often spend hours creating and fine tuning their compositions. A good progressive rock album is almost flawless, with any flaws present being the result of differences in the personal taste of the listener. Massive, gorgeous and breathtaking, progressive rock musicians engulf you within their world of sound and mental imagery.

Progressive Metal Song Top 10 latest new Progressive Metal songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Progressive Metal songs of all time 2017.

10. 2112 – Rush

LA Weekly listed Rush as number one in its listing of progressive metal bands. Though not ‘metal’, this band is included in their lists, as well as others due to it’s great importance in the creation of the sound, and it’s massive influence on prog metal bands in the following years. “2112” (twenty-one twelve) by Rush is a fine example of progressive rock, and is a concept album made up of an overture with 7 movements. From the 1976 album of the same name, “2112” intertwines the fanatically awesome instrumentals with more tranquil spots. As a progressive song, it’s among the best ever conceived, recorded and performed. The entire album revolves around the idea of a time when instruments are banned from society, in 2112, until a boy finds a guitar. The track is 20 minutes long and infuses elements of the 7 movements found in the album.

9. Lateralus – Tool

“Lateralus” is the third single from Tools album, Lateralus. Lateralus is a deep, immense well of sound and meanings. Intelligently composed and excecuted, “Lateralus” the pure beauty and scope of the musicianship cannot be understated. The track includes mathematical references, such as the “golden ratio” as well as lyrical representations of colors and archetypal tales from North American natives. A visual soundscape of intense, massive instrumentation and depth of feeling.

8. Opeth – Black rose Immortal

“Black Rose Immortal” is off of the album, “Morning Rise” by the progressive rock band from Sweden, Opeth. “Black Rose Immortal” is a favorite among Opeth’s fan base, and is a keen representation of its musical skills as a band. Opeth is known to infuse progressive elements into its compositions, such as folk, blues, classical and jazz, all blended with a strong helping of metal. “Black Rose Immortal” is a 20 minute long track that can quite possibly bring you to tears, due to its depth and beauty, as it aggressively snatches the attention of listeners with its savage riffs and masterful guitar work.

7. Colony of Birchmen – Mastodon

“Colony of Brichmen” can be found on Mastadon’s third album, “Blood Mountain”. “Blook Mountain” is an album that is laden with nature based themes, and was one of the most anticipated rock albums of that year, as it boasted not only the incredible talents of the progressive band, Mastadon, but also a host of collaborations from a variety of musical artists. The track includes a collaboration with Josh Homme. This track was the bands first single to hit the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, nominated for a Grammy as well, and is dedicated to the Genesis track, “The Colony of Slippermen”.

6. We Only Say Goodbye – Fates Warning

“We Only Say Goodbye” is from “Parallels”, the sixth studio album from progressive metal band, Fates Warning. Fates Warning is considered to be one of the godfathers of progressive metal, with their combination of sounds and stylings in order to create a progressive layered metal sound. “We Only Say Goodbye” is the closing track to the album, “Parallels” and incorporates an epic melody which espouses almost a moody sound, almost mirroring the name for the band and its meaning. An epic power ballad of progressive rock at its finest.

5. Sentiment – Cynic

“Sentiment” comes off of progressive metal band, Cynics album Focus. Then entire album is wonderfully experimental, infusing elements of jazz with a lyrical approach which is philosophical and almost meditative. While the album is packed with unique and excellent music, it is “Sentiment” that allows the band to show its true experimental nature. This is the track where the jazz fusion takes place, with the vocals almost giving you a trance like feel. The track includes bits of “Whispers From eternity”, a poem by Paramahansa Yogananda. Excellent track, all around, worth checking out.

4. Prologue (World Anthem) X Japan

Hailing from Japan, the band X Japan is a progressive metal band, that evolved their sound from speed metal to a more progressive sound, and are one of the first bands in Japan to introduce visual kei. If you are not familiar with visual kei, you may find it an interesting part of the performance. Their track “Prologue (World Anthem)” is widely noted as their transistion into progressive metal as this almost tranquil track opens you up into a serene world of sound. As the instrumental piece continues, Hide and Pata blend their playing perfectly until the song begins to die off into the distance.

3. The Divine Wings of Tragedy – Symphony X

This American progressive metal band is often compared to such bands as DreamTheater, with their use of complex instrumentaion and odd meters, and adding a nice, heavy helping of symphonic metal along with a dash of more traditional fare, Symphony X is a creator of epic soundscapes, one layered upon another until the desired result of a massive wall of conceptual sound is achieved. “The Divine Wings of Tragedy” is a masterpiece of progressive metal. This track is over 20 minutes in length, and blends some wild shredding with choral sounds and keyboard dances. “The Divine Wings of Tragedy” has seven movements: I At the Four Corners of the Earth; II In the Room of Thrones’ III A Gathering of Angels; IV The Wrath Divine; V The Prophet’s Cry; VI Bringer of the Apocalypse; VII Paradise Regained. This track contains variousu refersneces, including elements of Bach, Holst’s “The Planets”, and references and influences from the “Inferno” and “paradise Lost”. Truly an epic piece.

2. Silent Lucidity – Queensryche

“Silent Lucidity” is a masterpiece of progressive metal, though there are some that argue if Queensryche should be classified as such. This single was released by Queensryche in 1990, off their album, “Empire”. An immediate favorite, it charted at number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100, and number 1 on Billboards Album Rock Track chart. “Silent Lucidity” was nominated for a Grammy in 1992, for “Best Rock Song”. The track incorporated the use of orchestration in order to give the feel of lucidity, accomplishing an almost trance like effect. “Silent Lucidity” is powerful, structured progressive metal, but with a taste of uniqueness, as it takes you down its spiral.

1. Octavarium – Dream Theater

Octavarium (the octave of the octave) is 24:00 minutes of heavy, cohesive, progressive metal. Made up of 5 movements: Someone Like Him; Medicate (Awakening); Full Circle; Intervals; Razor’s Edge. The track was composed by Labrie, Petrucci, Portnoy. Octavarium was released by the band Dream Theater, and was the first time the band had used an orchestra for one of their songs. “Octavarium” is an epic piece of music. It’s smart, driven and purposeful, as it has as it’s structure an idea, a piece that thematically evolves as the movements play out. “Octavarium” has 5 movements: I Someone Like Him/ Medicate (Awakening); III Full Circle; IV Intervals; V Razor’s Edge. This is a massive and monumental track of progressive metal, full, powerful, and dynamic. A most perfect piece.

There you have it, some of our top picks for the best progressive metal out there. These bands all have their unique contributions to the world of prog metal, and have all earned their place in the hearts and minds of their fans. Progressive metal is epic and conceptual, and only the best of the best can create its sound. There is no easy way out here, no pop hook, no competition to be airplay friendly. Progressive metal is honest music, intelligently done, smart and not for the faint of heart.

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