Top 10 Best Ragtime Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Ragtime songs of all time 2017, Ragtime music isn’t at all a thing of the past. If anything, it lives on, and is every inch a popular and fine medium of special song for sure. Despite the fact that it is a music genre that did see its very peak of popularity from 1895 to 1918, it has managed to survive and thrive, and presented here are the top 10 best ragtime songs of all time. They are these.

Top 10 latest new Ragtime songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Ragtime songs of all time 2017.

10. Steeplechase Rag – James P. Johnson

Steeplechase Rag by James P. Johnson is another iconic ragtime song of the era. Steeplechase Rag was a song composed by the American pianist and composer named James P. Johnson. James P. Johnson was a pioneer when it came to the stride style of jazz piano and he was dubbed as being one of the most important of all pianists to bridge both the ragtime and jazz eras. He helped to bring ragtime piano into the jazz world. Steeplechase Rag is a fine musical composition and the very essence of what does define ragtime music and sound.

9. Something Doing CakeWalk March – Scott Joplin

Something Doing Cake Walk March by Scott Joplin is a rare gem of a ragtime song. Why is that? The answer is clear. It is a ragtime song that qualifies as a best ragtime song of all time for a number of reasons and not just because it was composed by Scott Joplin either. What is a Cake Walk? Cake Walk is a plantation dance. It was developed from Prize Walks that were held in the 19th century. It was usually at get together on black slave plantations in the Southern United States. Scott Joplin just didn’t create this very special composition based on that black dance. He also mentioned this dance in his folk balled titled The Ragtime Dance that was published in 1902.

8. Weeping Willow – Scott Joplin

Weeping Willow is another classic and awesome ragtime composition that was composed by the great musician and pianist Scott Joplin. It is a 1903 classic piano ragtime composition by Joplin that was written during a transitional period in his life. Weeping Willow was subtitled with a rag time two step. The rag time two step was sort of dance that was popular up until 1911.

7. Maple Leaf Rag – Scott Joplin

Maple Leaf Rag is a famous and classic ragtime song by the legendary Scott Joplin. Scott Joplin was dubbed the “King of Ragtime Writers” and he was both a pianist and composer who wrote the finest of all ragtime musical material. Maple Leaf Rag is just one of the many best ragtime songs of all time for this reason. It’s a very early ragtime composition that was copyrighted on September 18, 1899. It was composed by Scott Joplin for piano.

6. Got To Cool My Doggies Now – Fats Waller

Got To Cool My Doggies Now by Thomas “Fats” Waller is another outstanding ragtime song that does indeed have it all. It is a first-rate ragtime song that does get it right and get it right is what it is all about for those listeners who love and appreciate ragtime music. It comes from the album called Ain’t Misbehavin’ and it was released on November 19, 1993.

5. Nobody But My Baby Is Getting My Love – Fats Waller

Nobody But My Baby Is Getting My Love by Fats Waller is another top ragtime song of all time. It is another of the leading songs that was composed and made famous by this American jazz artist. It is from his own album titled Geechee. The album titled Geechee was released in 2008 and features 15 tracks on it.

4. A New Kind of Man With A New Kind of Love For Me – Fats Waller

A New Kind of Man With A New Kind of Love For Me by Fats Waller is a special kind of ragtime song like no other. Why is that? The answer is clear. Fats Waller was an awesome American jazz pianist, composer, singer, organist, and comedic entertainer. A New Kind of Man With A New King of Love For Me is just one of the many tunes that he did compose and make famous. Two of Fats Waller’s best known tunes are no other than Ain’t Misbehavin’ and Honeysuckle Rose.

3. Tom Cat Blues – Jelly Roll Morton

This is another ragtime jazz great by the awesome Jelly Roll Morton. It personifies the essence of the times then and is a tune that is total instrumental with Morton on piano and Joe Oliver playing on the coronet. What makes Tom Cat Blues so great as a ragtime tune is clear and that is because the song is definitive of everything that is ragtime and jazz in beat and sound that did rule those days.

2. Sweet Man – Jelly Roll Morton

Sweet Man is another famous ragtime tune that was written and performed by Jelly Roll Morton. Sweet Man is a single that comes from Jelly Roll Morton’s album titled Jelly Roll Morton Greatest Hits and another album that is titled The Jazz Age – Volume 5 – Jelly Roll Morton. Sweet Man is a tune that is about awesome jazz piano playing that has a Dixieland flavor like no other. Jelly Roll Morton is exquisite as a pianist and this song is typical ragtime in every sense of the word.

1. Shreveport Stomp – Jelly Roll Morton

Shreveport Stomp By Jelly Roll Morton is a ragtime song of the best kind. Jelly Roll Morton was an American ragtime and early jazz pianist. He was born Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe and Jelly Roll Morton was his stage name. He was also a bandleader and composer who started his career in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was recognized as being one of the pivotal of all figures in early jazz. Shreveport Stomp was just one of the many ragtime songs that did belong to Jelly Roll Morton. Some of the compositions that Morton wrote were musical tributes to himself. Shreveport Stomp is a song that was written by Jelly Roll Morton and Frederick Hodges. It is a ragtime gem of a song and one of the best of all time.

Ragtime songs are songs that do have their origins in African American communities such as St. Louis. This was years even before the music was published in sheet form and played on piano. Ragtime songs have a rhythm that is syncopated or ragged in description. The pioneer of ragtime music was no other than a man named Ernest Hogan. He was the first to compose ragtime into sheet music.

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