Top 10 Best Russian Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Russian songs of all time 2017, Russia is a culture steeped in art, and rich with vibrant creativity. Famous for their ballets and sensitive animations, Russians also excel with their music. While the musical tastes of the Russian people may vary from one locale to another, the consensus is the same: Russians love their must robust, creative and unique. We’ve collected some of the best representations of popular Russian music, it’s stunning, sublime and always fresh, exciting and new.

Top 10 latest new Russian songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Russian songs of all time 2017.

10. Поцелуи (Kiss) – VIA Gra

VIA Gra is a successful Russian Girl pop group with the suggestive name, who had a total of 3 hit singles on the Russian Singles Charts. This group of liberated and sassy singers, lit up the stage with their performances. Their biggest selling chart topper was the 2007 single, “Поцелуи ” or “Kiss”, which peaked at number one and spent a total of 7 weeks on the chart. The single garnered the group a new and growing fan base, receiving the “Song of the Year” award. The track is sweet, buoyant and lithe, feminine and yet dangerous. Perfect pop, at its best.

9. Ljubov spaset mir (Love Saves the World) – Vera Brezhnev

“Love Saves the World” is a 2010 single from Russian performer, Very Brezhnev. The track hit the number one position on Russian Airplay Weekly, making it one of the most successful singles of 2010. “Love Will Save the World” was composed by Alexei Fitsichem, and is the fourth single to be released from Vera’s debut album. This is a track with a simple structure, with a simple but powerful message, and considered favorably by some critics as the perfect summer hit.

8. И невозможное возможно (Impossible is Possible) – Dima Bilan

Dima Bilan is one prolific performer. If you were to classify his style, you could say it was eclectic, at best. One of his best tracks, is “Impossible is Possible”. This track held its own on the Russian Singles Charts, and was performed by Russian singer/songwriter, actor, Dima Bilan. Dima has the distinction of having five number one hits in Russia, and this track is his known as his top track, and which stayed on the charts for a grand total of 10 weeks. “Impossible is Possible” not only won over fans, but garnered him a few music awards in the process: Best Song, Best Artist at the 2007 MTV RMA’s, as well as a Golden Gramaphone.

7. Eva – Vintage

If you are looking for a cool, sweet pop duo from Russia, look no further than Vantage. Vintage is a Russian pop duo made up of two talented stars, Anna Pletnyova and Alexey Romanov. Vintage is quite the popular duo, and have spent a total of 26 weeks occupying the number one spot on Russia’s General Hit Chart with their various singles. Their most successful single is “Eva”, which was written and performed in honor of the singer and composer, Eva Polna. The song has a trippy beat and oh, so sultry and seductive vocals. It’s easy to see how this track became a hit, it’s unique, with a subtle kick and grove. “Eva” spent 9 weeks on the Russian radio charts, and was Vintage’s most successful single.

6. Одиночество (Loneliness) – Slava

“Loneliness” is a single from the multi talented Russian artist, Slava, released in 2010, winning her a Golden Gramophone award. “Vergerov and Fedorov” liked the song so much, they did a dance remix, and held the debut at the dance club “Courchevel”. “Loneliness” was named by Oleg Bazmanov as the best song of 2010. This dance pop crossover has a swift, quick beat 4/4 time, uses synths, and expresses the anguish that many feel upon the onset of loneliness. “Loneliness” peaked at number 6, and held its own in the top ten for 32 consecutive weeks.

5. Mama Lover – Serebro

Serebro means silver in Russian. Serebro is a Russian girl pop group who has had substantial success in the pop music scene. Their second album, “Mama Lover”, turned into a massive success for the group, and spawned a single with the same name. The 2011 single “Mama Lover” went platinum Russia. Some of the more conservative Russians thought the song risque. “Mama Lover” was released throughout Europe and Japan. “Mama Lover” also became the groups most viewed music video on Youtube.

4. Больно (il Hurts) – Nyusha

The Russian chart topper, “Il Hurts” was performed by one of Russia’s most popular pop stars, Nyusha. Nyusha currently holds 8 number one singles. In 2011 she released “Il Hurts”, from her debut album, “Выбирать чудо” (Select a Miracle), and it became a fan favorite, and climed the Russian Singles Charts, peaking at number one. As a result of her success with the single, she was nominated for the MUZ-TV for Best Singer and Best Album, and won the Best Russian Act on the MTV Europe Awards, 2011. Billboard magazine chose the song, “Il Hurts” as one of the best Russian tracks in the past 20 years.

3. провенце (Provence) – Elka

Elka is a Ukrainian born, Russian performer who, at one time, topped all of the major singles chart in Russia at one time. Elka’s 2011 hit, “Provence” peaked at number one and spent a total of 109 weeks on Russia’s singles chart, Tophit. “Provence” also netted the singer many accolades, including: Named “Singer of the Year” by ZD Awards, and the newspaper, “Moskovskij Komsomolets”, three nominations at the Muz-TV awards, and won Golden Gramophone Award, and was nominated again for the RMA. The vast success of “Provence” got her noticed by Glamour magazine, who proclaimed her “Singer of the Year”.

2. Лучшая ночь (The Best Night) – MakSim

MakSim is a Russian music composer, performer and record producer. MakSim has the special distinction of being the only performer in the Russian Singles Chart history who ranked four number one hits in one year, along with that, she has also attained the time of have 7 consecutive number one hits all around. Her single, “The Best Night” remained on the charts for 7 weeks. Compossed by MakSim and Dmitri Komarov, it is the third single from her album, “My Paradise”. The track tells of a girl who cannot express her love in a romantic relationship. The single charted across Europe as well.

1. Дорогой длинною (Those Were The Days) – Various Artists

“Those Were The Days” has got to be on the top of any popular Russian music list. “Those Were the Days” has been translated into more than 15 languages, is known world wide, has held a number one spot on the British UK Charts in 1968 sung by Mary Hopkins and produced by Paul McCartney. The song has been sampled by 50Cent, covered by Dolly Parton, Bing Crosby, and a host of others. The lyrics are English and attributed to Gene Raskin, and are put forth toward a Russian song of romance and love, “Dorogoi Dinnoyu” (By the Long Road) by Boris Fomin. This song has an extremely long list of covers, mixes, samplings, along with extensive media usage. Truly the best known of any Russian song on a world wide level.

There seems to be no stopping the Russian composers as they work to create fresh, new sounds among the vast variety of stylings and genres available to them. This, of course, is just a sampling of what is available musically from this culture. Stand by for take-off, as the future of Russian music can only prove to astound us to new heights in the upcoming future.

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