Top 10 Best Shoegaze Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Shoegaze songs of all time 2017, Have you ever entertained a crowd while looking down at your shoes during your performance? That might seem like a strange question to ask but the reality is, there are people who actually do this sort of thing when they perform on stage. People who look at their feet while they sing and play instruments are called shoegazers. They are a part of an underground rock movement known as shoegaze music. This is a rather unusual way for people to play music.

Shoegaze artists not only stare at the ground while they perform they also stand motionless. That’s right they don’t look at the audience, they stare at the ground and then remain motionless. This is not a good way to entertain the masses but it works for some underground music fans who enjoy this sort of thing.

Musically, shoegaze artists have a sound that is no different than the indie rock scene. This form of music was popular in the 80’s and 90’s. However, it went out of style by the late 90’s. Here are the best shoegaze songs of all time.

Top 10 latest new Shoegaze songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Shoegaze songs of all time 2017.

10. Souvlaki Space Station by Slowdive

Souvlaki Space Station is the name of this strange song that has a sound that resembles an out of world experience. The surreal music that can be found within this tune makes it something rather unique and very compelling. Yes, the group Slowdive made the song at a slow and steady pace. However, it does have enough energy to keep people involved in the music but it does not overpower them in the process. This song is truly an oddball tune but a fantastic piece for shoegaze fans everywhere.

9. Off Your Face by My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine presents Off Your Face. This song is a simple construction of melody and rock chords that is relaxing and dreamy. Listeners will be able to chill out while they indulge this particular track on their MP3 players or their computers. My Bloody Valentine was one of the most influential shoegaze groups during that era. This song helped to keep them in that position. Many shoegaze fans really enjoyed this piece.

8. Dreams Burn Down by Ride

If you are a person that likes a clean guitar sound with a steady beat then Dreams Burn Down is the song for you. The group Ride made this tune back in the 90’s. This was one of their best jams. It has a soothing sound that easily indulges a person’s senses. Then as a person is listening to the song it explodes into an explosion of pure musical delight. Ride’s song is a fantastic musical piece because they know how to make great shoegaze tunes.

7. Run Into Flowers by M83

Run Into Flowers sounds like it would be a fun thing to do while out on a date with a girl who likes flower. This song was made by M83 during the 80’s and it is a laid back tune that helped to take shoe gazing to the next level. It uses synthesizers and other electronic sounds to make the song complete. M83 did an outstanding job with making this song. Fans really appreciate the work that they put into this piece.

6. More Like Space by Seefeel

Seefeel was a very popular shoegazing group during their time. They had been around for some time and throughout the course of their career they made many great jams. Their song, More Like Space is the perfect example of the group’s ability to make high quality music that fans expected from the bands who fueled this musical style. More Like Space is designed to stimulate a person’s emotions and to take them to a place they normally would not go when they listen to this rather inspiring musical tune.

5. Dawn Chorus

Boards of Canada was a shoegaze group that made the song Dawn Chorus. This song is somewhat mediocre in terms of how it flows and the music; but it has the right elements to get shoegaze fans interested enough in it to make it a hit. As a matter of fact, you could call this song a sleeper hit because it creeps up on people as a musical piece – it just doesn’t stat off that way. Dawn Chorus is not a bad song and it will continue to be one of the best within this genre.

4. In All the Wrong Places

In All the Wrong Places was made by Ulrich Schnauss. This song moves at a rapid pace and if it could be compared to a cuisine it would contain a lot of flavor and body. The vocals are outstanding on this tune and the instrumentation is even better. Schnauss delivers a fantastic musical feast that a shoegaze groupie would want to consume over and over again. In All the Wrong Place is a great track from start to finish.

3. Moving

Moving is a song that has been created by the group Freescha. This group was a trendy shoegazing band that fans really loved. They made a lot of great tunes for the people who gravitated toward their music. Moving is one of the great tunes that Freescha has under their belts. This song is wonderful in terms of how it plays and how it flows. This is an enduring shoegazing classic.

2. Sing

Sing was a shoegaze tune of epic proportions. This particular piece is a classic because it had commercial success. It appeared in the film Trainspotting and it was also used for other commercial or theatrical outlets as well. The group Blur made this song back in the 90’s and it continues to be one of the best hits for this genre of music. It definitely stands out from other shoegaze songs because of its commercial appeal. This is unusual for most shoegaze songs because they generally only attract people associated with this genre. Sing deserves credit for being temporarily successful with taking shoegazing music to the masses.

1. Girls

While Blur’s hit shoegaze song Girl made it to the big time; it was not the only shoegaze piece to crossover into mainstream music territory. Another shoegaze outfit known as Death in Vegas made the song Girls and it too had a lot of commercial success. Once again, commercial success for most shoegaze songs was not a common thing. The song Girls appeared in the film Lost in Translation and it helped to make Death in Vegas a popular band. The song Girls was high quality music with a good sound. This hit had come to define what shoegaze music is all about.

Shoegaze music fell out of favor because it could not sustain itself commercially. Sure, the genre did have some crossover hits but most people just could not get into a musical style that required people to stare at the ground while standing motionless as they performed. Music requires energy, movement and life.

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