Top 10 Best Ska Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Ska songs of all time 2017, Ska is a music genre whose origin can be traced back to Jamaica back in the 1950’s. Ska is a combination of Caribbean Mento with American jazz and blues. Ska is a perfect mixture of the English and Caribbean cultures coming together to create great music together.

In the early 1960’s, Ska was the dominant music genre of Jamaica and the South America in general.. Reggae and roots combined with the rock and blues forms a very diverse kind of music that is both entertaining and soothing and at times thought provoking. That is what Ska is all about.

The list below of made up of songs that we strongly feel should the top best Ska dongs of all time,

Ska Song Top 10 latest new Ska songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Ska songs of all time 2017.

10. The prince – Madness

The Prince” is a song by British ska band, Madness and was the band’s first single released in 1979. The song was released to much acclaim peaking in UK charts. The Prince pays homage to the Jamaican Ska singer Prince Buster, who was a big influence to Madness music. It is a mix of British pop and Jamaican reggae which come together so well to form a subtle, fun song.

Madness are all about energy and fun and The Prince is no exception. This song is was a major hit in the 80’s when Ska music was all rage.

9. Punisher- Downtown – Mu330

MU330 is a Ska band formed by Formed by St. Louis University High School in 1988. This music comprises of by manic performances and humorous, often strange stanzas. This is a die-hard song and probably their best yet. It depicts rebellion. It has heavy guitar and harsh horns, ending in a sound that is both edgy and loud. This is an angry song. It gives the song a true feeling of anger. We love this song and is one of the best Ska songs of all time.

8. Too Much Too Young – The Specials

The Specials is an English band from the 1970’s of the Ska genre. They are a controversial band who sing about issues affecting people from politics to unemployment. Too much too young is The Specials first number one single and is still thought one of their best songs. It is a song about teenage pregnancy and the results of it on a young one’s life.

Too Much Too Young reached No.1 in the UK Singles charts at its release.

7. Let’s Do Rock Steady – The Bodysnatchers

The Bodysnatchers were one of the early Ska bands to emerge in the 1970’s. Let’s Do Rock Steady was recorded in 1980.This track has an appealing chorus with saxophone, bass and reggae guitar all fused together in the song.

Let’s Do Rock Steady top UK Charts at its prime and got a ton of airplay on the radios. The band ended up breaking up not long after the release of this classic Ska track. Let’s Do Rock Steady is still considered a one of the pioneer songs that made Ska genre mainstream.

6. She Has a Girlfriend Now – Reel Big Fish

Reel Big Fish is an American Ska punk band from California. They gained fame in the 1990s after releasing She Has a Girlfriend Now which got a lot of airplay at that time. This band is fun!

This song is simply awesome. It’s a happy song with will written lyrics that are both humorous and entertaining. They have a way with words that bring out a song that is fun without being too peppy.

Definitely one of the top Ska songs our there that’s why it makes it to our list of the best Ska songs.

5. All my Best Friends are Metal Heads – Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake is an American band from Florida. They have a perfect blend of upbeat and fun Ska and loud punk rock that make their music amazing. All My Best Friends Are Metal Heads is a single by Less Than Jake released 2000. It is one of the group’s best known songs. Just like the song title suggests, this song is bliss for metal music lovers. It is loud with great guitar skills and drums. You will feel like to shaking your head so hard while you play your imaginary guitar when listening to this song. This is one great song to listen to for any Ska music lovers.

4. Roots Radical – Rancid

Roots Radicals is from Rancids 1995 studio album, And out Come the Wolves. The song honors roots reggae which is a politically charged kind of reggae that was very popular in the 1970s. Rancid music has a calming effect to its listeners with a choice of lyrics that are meaningful and thought evoking. This is one of the best song of one of the greatest band doing the genre. A cool song from a seriously talented bunch which is the reason why we love it

3. KRS-One – Sublime

KRS-One is from their album 40 oz. to Freedom. This song is an accolade to the rapper, KRS-One who highly influenced their music. This song departs from their aggressive style of music. the song itself has layered elements of reggae, punk and alternative rock that balance for a sound that really exceeds expectations. It is a subtle soothing jam. Bradley Nowell, the lead was very talented and exceptional. The band split up die to substance abuse after recording their third studio album.

2. Full gas – Ska-p

Ska-p is a Spanish band from Madrid. It is one of the most popular Ska bands in Spain, Europe, and Latin America. Their music is happy with a fun twist. Full gas is a song from their 2013 album 99%. This song have so much energy and you can tell that they love what they are doing. If you don’t speak Spanish you can listen to this song with English subs as it’s so good to miss out. Outstanding band from Spain, no hesitation here!

1. Point/Counterpoint – Streetlight Manifesto

Point/ counterpoint is from their first album. This song’s lyrics are phenomenal. The song has a great blend of singing and guitars and hand down the best horns in the business. Streetlight Manifesto has to be one of the greatest bands of the Ska genre singing songs that have meaning and inspiring while giving us a variety of sounds and style in their music point/ counterpoint is a great song from one of the best band. This is the reason why this song tops our list of the 10 best Ska songs of all time.

Music is never constant. It’s always changing with new music being created, new artists and new style being invented every other day. That’s the beauty of music. The Ska music that was released during the 80’s when this style emerged differs slightly with today’s Ska third wave which leans more towards indie rock music. The artists still retain the core elements of the genre at the same time exploring their creativity. There are so many great Ska song s for us to fit in this list, however these are our top 10.

Feel like your favourite song has been left out? Please let us know in the comments below.

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