Top 10 Best Songs For Brides of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest top 10 best Songs For Brides in 2017, As a bride, choosing the music that you will walk down the aisle to is not always as simple as it might sound. For some brides to be, this is among the most difficult decisions to make. This song choice says something about you as a person, about the relationship that you have with the man that you are marrying, and needs to fit well into the ceremony. See, not all that easy .But these tracks listed below should help you to get your focus and maybe even give you the perfect track for your big entrance.

Top 10 Best Songs For Brides

Here we present the list of top 10 best Songs For Brides in 2017

#10. “Love Never Fails” – Brandon Heath

This is a song that comes straight out of the book of Corinthians in the Bible. If you are religious, this would be an excellent and tasteful way to profess your faith and love at the same time. Even those that are not overly familiar with the Bible have likely heard the parts of these iconic verses “Love is patient, love is kind…” Basically this is detailing all of the things that true love is, but it is all wrapped up with the statement that true love never fails you, and as you approach the altar to marry the love of your life, this love won’t fail you either.

#9. “I’m Yours” – Vitamin String Quartet (Jason Mraz)

A lot of people are becoming more and more fond of instrumentation through the procession rather than having a song with audible lyrics. Many feel that lyrics might pull away attention from the bride, but either version of this song is suitable for a ceremony. The Vitamin String Quartet does countless covers of popular songs through a 4 part string quartet. If you are a fan of “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, you might be just as happy having him serenade you down the aisle the same as you would an assortment of stringed instruments.

#8. “Storybook Love”

If you have ever seen the Princess Bride, then you have heard Storybook Love. This is a song that is featured throughout the film, including the marriage scene. This is a truly remarkable and beautifully written piece of music, and can add a little ‘easter egg’ for your attendees that have seen the film to remember such a memorable scene from this classic romantic comedy.

#7. “Canon in D”

Sometimes you don’t need any words at all, much like “Storybook Love” and the stringed quartet versions of songs mentioned earlier in this list. “Canon in D” is traditionally a piano piece, though it sounds equally as gorgeous on stringed instruments. This errs on the side of tradition, without necessarily coming right out and choosing the most selected procession song of all time (even #1 on this list as well).

#6. “Marry Me” – Train

There is something uniquely vulnerable and gorgeous about this song. At no point does this song overpower the listener while it is being played, and its subject matter is uniquely fitting to the circumstance, don’t you think? While this is not an entirely original idea, as it made its way onto this list because it is being used throughout the world, it is a great choice for a wedding procession that you want to give a little twist to.

#5. “Unchained Melody” – The Righteous Brothers

The Righteous Brothers might have had a few hits throughout their career, but none would ever carry the kind of lasting impression that “Unchained Melody” would have. In fact, this is a song that is rapidly growing in popularity to usher a bride out to the alter. While the lyrics might suggest the two lovers that are the subjects of the song being apart from one another, this is also a song that has been synonymous with love and deep passion.

#4. “When I Say I Do” – Matthew West

There is a song written by Contemporary Christian artist Matthew West that is designed specifically for couples getting married. This song, while written for a specific couple that won a contest on a Christian radio station years ago, applies to literally every loving marriage ever. More and more this song has found its way into the ceremony somewhere, and that includes through the procession of the bride.

#3. “A Thousand Years” – The Piano Guys / Christina Perri

This song is a true testament to couples in love everywhere. It speaks to predestination and loving someone before they ever came into your life. The song also speaks to loving someone long after the two of you are no longer on the Earth. While the original Christina Perri version of this song is subtle and suitable for your wedding ceremony, there is also an elegant piece composed of the same music by pianists The Piano Guys that has seen a lot of attention in trending ceremonies.

#2. “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

There is something playful and beautiful about the song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. This particular version of the track is sung by a man playing a ukulele and it is a cover that far surpasses the original to many listeners. If you are looking for a truly unique song to walk out towards the aisle to, this is a song that gives the attendees a little taste of your personal touch on the ceremony while maintaining a very classy delivery.

#1. “Bridal Chorus [Here Comes The Bride]”

Still to this day there is no one song that gets played more as the bride makes her way to the alter than this traditional track. While it spent a lot of time being performed on an organ, there are many variances of the classical piece that can add a little bit of flair and originality to your ceremony.

These are some of the most commonly used processional songs throughout recent years and throughout the course of bigger weddings and small union ceremonies. Choosing the right song for the occasion might not be an easy choice, but having these ten options listed above should at least start you headed in the right direction about the options that will suit you and your wedding the best.

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