Top 10 Best Songs For Children of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest top 10 best Songs For Children in 2017, As long as people have been singing songs for one another there have been tracks that were geared with children in mind. Kids love to sing, and more than that they love songs that have hand motions to go along with the song. There are plenty of benefits to teaching your child some of these later listed songs, none of which are quite as important as the fact that children will just have a great time singing these songs and moving along with them.

Songs For Children Top 10 Best Songs For Children

Here we present the list of top 10 best Songs For Children in 2017

10. Ring Around The Rosie by Black Death

While in general this song is said to be about the Black Death that was raging through Europe centuries ago, there is a reason that it is still around. People don’t really discuss its origins at all, but it does give children a chance to hold hands in a circle and sing a song together. While the group spins in a circle, they all wait for the lyric “We all fall down”, at which the entire circling group of children falls down on their behinds.

9. If You’re Happy and You Know It by variations

There are many variations of this song but most commonly, the song involves clapping of the hands, stomping of the feet and shouting “Hooray!”. This is a song that has been around for decades, and it would be a song that is sure to get a smile out of even the most stubborn of kids. Like many of the songs on this list, it focuses a lot on repetition and switching up essential actions to mix up each stanza. If you’re happy and you know it, sing this song with some kids.

8. I’m A Little Teapot by spout

The imagination is something that should be encouraged and expanded throughout a young child’s life. “I’m A Little Teapot” is a song that greatly encourages the expansion of the imagination through the playfulness of this song. In this song the child is singing that they are the teapot, and use their body to mimic the shape of a teapot by holding one arm out as the “spout” and putting another hand on their hip to serve as the handle. This is a short and fun song that is sure to get some laughs.

7. The Wheels On The Bus by move on back

This is a song that can literally go on for as long as people can think of different parts of a bus and what the various sounds that it could make. While the song is literally predicated on the wheels, and the fact they go round and round, there are all kinds of added stanzas that can be added to make sure the fun goes on and on. A few good examples are the wipers going swish, swish, swish and the driver yelling “move on back”.

6. Bingo by Dog

Who doesn’t love a song about a dog named Bingo? This is a song that is both catchy as well as educational. While you might not see the point in teaching kids how to spell words as they are missing letters, as each stanza in Bingo removes a letter starting with the B and so on and leaves pauses instead, there is a specific benefit to doing this. This helps a child to visualize how a word is spelled, and even break a simple word like bingo down to its individual letters.

5. Row, Row, Row Your Boat by melody

This is a song that has been around longer than anyone alive could remember. This is a song that is still being put into lullaby mobiles and children’s toys because of its memorable melody. While the song itself is quite short, this is a good song to start a young singer on because it helps them to understand their vocal range as well as focus on individual notes in a melody that is widely recognized.

4. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes by eyes and ears and mouth and nose

This is a song that really instills a little bit of exercise in with some of the fun of singing a song and following the motions. As the song would suggest, it focuses on those four areas. Children are to tap these areas with their hands as they sing along with the verses. Each verse ends with “eyes and ears and mouth and nose”, which the children are also encouraged to tap with their fingers. Each verse increases in speed, which makes for some laughable moments.

3. Hokey Pokey by body part

This classic dance song is one that can also be extended out as much as you would like it to be. Basically it involves getting the kids in a circle and through each stanza of the song they are putting a part of their body into the circle and then taking it back out again. The stanza ends when they do the hokey pokey which is a dance that they can make up as they spin around one time in a circle. Then it is on to a new body part going in and out of the circle.

2. Old MacDonald Had A Farm by dog Bingo

Kids love singing about farmers and farms, as made evident from the farmer’s dog Bingo, that already made an appearance on this list. Old MacDonald is one of the most famous of all the farmers, and it is a song that is meant to teach kids about the various common sounds that farm animals make. This is just an all around fun song to sing with a group of kids, but it gets especially fun when the kids are allowed to branch off and let the farmer have some obscure animals on the farm and allow the kids to express their creativity.

1. Itsy Bitsy Spider by hand gestures

While this is one of the shortest songs that is featured on this list of songs for children, this is likely the most popular of them all. This is a song that not only is a story of perseverance for a spider that keeps getting washed out, but one that is complete with a host of hand gestures and moves.

These are some of the most popular kids’ songs of all time, though there are thousands that you can choose from. If your child is just learning to sing some songs and finding the joy in learning new songs, these ten are among the most popular and are all very easy to learn the words (and where it applies) the motions that will be going along with those words.

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