Top 10 Best Songs For Fashion Show of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest top 10 best Songs For Fashion Show in 2017, If you have watched clips or videos that depict how fashion weeks go then one may get an idea of how vital music is in the runways and the entertain aspects. There is so much going on there and the adrenaline rush can only be imagined but those looking from outside. While the fashionistas are busy backstage dealing with the flaws and some garments not fitting the audience and may be some pieces getting ruined in the process, the music helps keep the attention away from back stage and engages the audiences on an entertainment level.

Top 10 Best Songs For Fashion Show

Below are the songs that have been used extensively in fashion shows especially fashion show week. This has rendered them top ten. They are enjoyed by the audiences for one reason or the other. Either way below are the top ten songs.

Here we present the list of top 10 best Songs For Fashion Show in 2017.

10. Pound the alarm – Nicki Minaj

This is Nicki Minaj’s song. It is loved by audiences both young and old and has really good beats to dance to. It keeps the audiences well entertained. The beats of this song give the models a spring in thei walk, a renewed sense of strength and a good feeling. In so doing it adds pomp and flair to the fashion runway. It is therefore not a wonder that it has made it to the top ten list.

9. Roman’s Revenge – Nicki Minaj featuring Eminem

Nicki’s beats have resonated well with the fashion world given that many shows are choosing it for their walk down the runway. The combination of hardcore beats with the melody that has been more often than not described as vigorous and upbeat, the song has become a favorite in the runways. It has mostly used before for lines that have a lot of feminity to show case them and bring out the element of grunge. The song in itself is called Roman’s revenge.

8. G-Eazy Feat Greg Banks – Runaround Sue

The song they have put together is called Runaround Sue. While composing it they may not have thought it would hit more on the runway of fashion shows than anywhere else. The song has a retro sound that seems to have been remixed in a dazzling manner. It has been described as having a vintage rock feel to it. The singers coupled their beats with some of the 1960s beats to create a sound next to none. The song itself is a throw back and with fashion taking the same turn, why not have this song at a fashion week. It brings out the much needed flare in a fashion show.

7. Gym Class Heroes – stereo hearts

Gym class heroes came up with the song stereo hearts that was well received throughout the world. Its beats are fresh and urban and this combination only goes to strengthen a fashion runway. The song causes hearts to go wild with the dynamic beats and the rap that has been well executed. What better songs to get the audience nodding. Such songs also get the models showcasing lines to walk with a spring in each step.

6. Miracles Club – Light of Love

Indeed just as the name suggests, they bring the miracle touch to a fashion runway that is filled with the adrenaline rush both on the runway and the backstage. They have many songs but the one that makes it top this review is the one that has been labeled light of love. Come to think of it the song title can make a good theme for a fashion week. Anyway that is beside the point, the delicate beats have a good ring to it. Furthermore, the beauty that is sharply focused is highlighted strongly. This song is mostly liked for the summer collections for the beauty aspect it brings.

5. L-Vis 1990 – Lost in Love

The song, lost in love, has made it to the review owing to the fact that it fuses the energy and excitement of a great romance. The themes that it has fused, resonates extremely well with a big audience in the fashion world. Apart from being able to bring out particular themes at runways and execute them well, the beats have also played a great part. They add pomp to an otherwise show which could be otherwise boring and dull without music.

4. Kanye West and Jay Z – Ni**as in Paris

The song ‘’Niggas in Paris” has been used in the fashion runways as well. Gone are the days when people shunned away from rap and hip hop but now here we are. It has become accepted and is doing extremely well in the reviews. The tempo beats that are in this have been described as both cool and unapologetic. To make such a description the song and the artists must have outdone themselves to another level all together. To bring it out extremely well and the rogue collections, the beats may be used with a leather collection. Such go to complement each other.

3. Katy Perry – Roar

The song the eye of the tiger is known the world over. To bring out a fierce and ferocious line this song would be the most suitable. One wants their audience entertained and the models in a feel good mood. Listening to the beats they have a fire that is dying to be unleashed and what better place than the fashion runway huh?

2. Bob Marley – Could You Be Loved

The Reggae artist has managed to capture the hearts of many by his songs that are enjoyed the world over. However the’’ could you be loved’’ is the one that has severally been walked down the runway. The song is in the feel good category hence would be perfect to compliment a feel good line down the runway of fashion.

1. Leikeli47 – Money

This song has powerful and bouncy beats that used in many fashion lines gives the audience a great feel. It has been used in many lines not just the one by Alexander Wang.

In conclusion the songs that have been listed below have become more like an anthem for the fashion shows. The fashion show weeks usually held at various locations. Some designers take risks and stand out by choosing perharps a playlist that is not common to many but at the end of the day it works.

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