Top 10 Best Songs For Meditation of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest top 10 best Songs For Meditation in 2017, A lot of people don’t make the time for good mediation like they probably should. This is a way to get back to your focus in your life, to let go of stresses that you are carrying around with you, and to find an inner peace to help you into the following day. But meditation has taken a back seat to progress for a lot of people, so meditation has become condensed into relaxing songs that allow you to gather yourself and find some peace.

Songs for Meditation Top 10 Best Songs for Meditation

Here we present the list of top 10 best Songs For Meditation in 2017.

10. “Silence” – Sarah Mclachlan & Delirium

Sarah Mclachlan has the kind of voice that can help someone meditate and reflect on their life to begin with. When you combine that with what sounds like choirs singing in the background and a soothing beat, this is a song that will have you looking deep inside yourself as you sit there with your eyes closed. Even with the general buildup of the song throughout listening to it, it only layers on the depths to which you could let yourself sink into your dreaming.

9. “Watermark” – Enya

Enya is possibly best known for soothing music, and there is possibly no better style of music to find your center and your deepest thoughts with than subtle music like “Watermark”. The entire track focuses on a lightly played piano, which sound is layered through a chorus of stringed instrumentation. This stringed portion serves as a subtle bass track to the entire song. This is a truly subtle and moving song, which makes it perfect for your meditation needs.

8. “Ready, Able” – Grizzly Bear

This is a song that is a little obscure with its instrumentation, which in its own right makes it a great song to pull you out of your traditional way of thinking and to dig a little deeper into your own thoughts through meditation. The singer of the song has a very soothing voice that you can kind of get lost in, to the point where you aren’t even trying to determine the lyrics of the song anymore and you are just lost in the sounds.

7. “Milk” – Garbage

Garbage is not a band that is best known for their songs for meditation. However, “Milk” really does fit a certain mold that can be very beneficial towards inward reflection and finding your center in a hectic time. Unlike other songs this is a track that you tend to listen to the lyrics throughout the almost hypnotic beat and vocalization, and it is fitting for so many on their journey.

6. “Imagine” – John Lennon

This is a track that is great for looking deeper into yourself and trying to change your attitude about the world. With so much negativity and hate in the daily lives of every person on the planet, getting lost in a euphoric time where there wasn’t a reason worth disagreeing about could be therapeutic enough. Combine this classic song with some earnest meditation and see if you don’t have a different outlook about the world around you afterward.

5. “New Year’s Prayer” – Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley has a voice that really conveys earnest and real emotions. This is really essential for when you are trying to find your center in a deep meditation centering activity. The strange instrumentation and singing through the background of this track really takes your mind to a different time and place. You combine that with the hypnotic vocals of Jeff Buckley and you have yourself the making of a great meditation song.

4. “Strawberry Swing” – Coldplay

Coldplay is most known for the bulk of their songs being almost indie in nature. They are acoustic based most often, and the soothing sound of their lead vocalist is precisely the right tone to bring about a deep meditation for the right person. This strange cadence and layered instrumentation really adds a bit of intrigue and depth to the entire track, which adds to its overall effectiveness.

3. “Seven Devils” – Florence + The Machine

Florence + The Machine has been a hot name in the Indie Folk/Indie Pop scene for several years now. With this track, “Seven Devils”, the group doesn’t exactly break the mold with the sound that has made them a popular name up to this point. In fact, it is a slowing of the pace and a more melodic approach to the vocals, while still maintaining their recognizable sound that really sets this track apart as being truly ideal for meditation and reflection. This is certainly a must have on your meditation playlist.

2. “Stairway To Heaven” – Led Zeppelin

While this is one of the most recognizable guitar tracks of all time, not to mention on anyone’s top 10 for the best Classic Rock songs of all time, “Stairway To Heaven” is a musical masterpiece. What it also seems to be great for, is to lull you into a place where you are willing to look more deeply at your own life and explore your inner thoughts more fully. If you put this song on while you are in your meditation pose, in a quiet place, spend some time letting the lightly distorted guitar carry you through the lyrics of the song and reflect on a meaning they could have in your own life.

1. “Breathe Me” – Sia

The piano that exists throughout this song is truly moving. Sia’s vocals are not overbearing nor do they penetrate through the calmness of the track and provide an overall soothing feeling to the listener. This is a truly beautiful track all on its own, but when it is put in the context of meditation, it is easy to see how this track could help you find focus and let go of your negativity you are carrying around.

If you are looking for a few minutes of peace and tranquility, or songs that can have you searching within to find truths about yourself, these songs are the very best along these lines. While meditation might not be as common as it maybe used to be, these tracks can help you get that right frame of mind and to unwind and focus on finding your inner peace once again.

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