Top 10 Best Songs For Mother of All Time

Checkout the below listed absolute greatest, Top 10 Best Songs for Mother of all time 2017. For the majority of us, our mother is the most important woman in the entire world, that is until we meet our wife. Our mother carried us for 9 months, gave birth to us, fed us, cared for us, and took care of us. Your mother has done it all. From singing lullabies to help us fall asleep to kissing our scraped knees as a child.

Once we have grown, our mother is still there to support us and be a shoulder that for us to cry on. She gives us advice and will scold us when we do wrong. Simply, a mother’s bond with her children is one of a kind. It’s an unconditional love that can not be replaced. With that being said, music has honored that bond between mother and child. Take a look at the below list of the Top 10 Best Songs for Mother.

Top 10 Best Songs For Mother

Here we present the Top 10 Best Songs for Mother of All Time 2017.

10. 2 Pac (Tupac) Shakur – Dear Mama

A song from the late and great rapper, Tupac Shakur. Dear Mama is a rap song that many of us have heard and can relate to. This song is a tribute from rap legend, 2Pac dedicated to his mother, Afeni Shakur. She gave birth to Tupac a month after being released from prison. The song describes the love the rap icon has for his one and only mama and how much he appreciates everything that she has done. This song, “Dear Mama” portrays loving words that every mother needs to hear.

9. The Dream – Mama

“Mama” is a hit song by the young star, The Dream. “Mama” portrays a son talking to his deceased mother and praying that he could bring her back. She was always there for him, supporting him, and teaching him. If he could bring her back, he would. A touching dedication to anyone’s mother who has passed away. It is hard continuing on without your mother but, it’s something we all must do. Just remember, your mother will always be there watching over you.

8. Drake – Look What You’ve Done

Drake is a well-known American superstar that was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. As part of Little Wayne’s Young Money enterprise, this man has got it going on. Hit after hit, Drake has made it to the top and keeps on climbing. Not forgetting to sing his praises along the way.

Drake’s parents divorced when he was young. He lived and was raised by a single mother. He also had a very close relationship with his grandmother who unfortunately passed away on Thanksgiving Day in 2012. The song “Look What You’ve Done” is a gratitude song about his mama and grandmother. On the track, you hear a voicemail recording at the end of the song from Drake’s grandmother. She thanks him for taking care of her in her old age and that she loves him. “Look What You’ve Done” is a song that can resonate with many young individuals.

7. Christina Aguilera – Oh Mother

Christina Aguilera and her powerful, heavenly voice created the song “Oh Mother”. The song is dedicated to Christina’s mother and the hell she endured for years with her abusive husband. Christina Aguilera is vocal about the physical and verbal abuse her mother was made to endure from her army sergeant father. When he turned on the Aguilera children, her mother knew that was the final straw. She left their father.

Christina salutes her mother’s strength and courage in “Oh Mother”. She knows that it is hard for a woman to leave an abusive marriage. She credits her mother’s love for her children and strong will. She explains that being vocal about her childhood abuse is therapeutic. It is a regular occurrence in households across America and she hopes that this song will reach even one woman. That “Oh Mother” can give that woman the same strength that her mother had to finally leave.

6. Jamie O’ Neal – Somebody’s Hero

The country hit, “Somebody’s Hero” was recorded and released in 2005. Throughout her music career, Jamie O’ Neal kept saying that she wanted to write a song about her precious little girl, her daughter. Plus, she wanted to write a song about her mother. O’Neal has explained that when she starts thinking about her relationship with her daughter, she begins to think about her and her mother’s relationship. Jamie became a mother at a young age. She credits her strong

Jamie became a mother at a young age. She credits her strong mother-daughter relationship between her and her child to her mother. She is close to her mother, as she was close to her dear grandmother before she passed away. She goes on to explain how “Somebody’s Hero” is a tribute to the generations of women in her family life. A tearjerking and memorable song that touches the hearts of all women in a family.

5. Ozzy Osbourne – Mama I’m Coming Home

Ozzy Osbourne wrote this song for his wife and manager, Sharon Osbourne who he refers to as mama. Before this song was written and produced, Ozzy gave up a long life of drugs and alcohol. He credits his sobriety and recovery to his beloved and dear wife, Sharon. It is known to the world, that Sharon Osbourne is the charismatic pillar that holds the Osbourne family together. Ozzy himself is well aware of this fact too. For that, he made this classic hit tribute, “Mama I’m Coming Home” for the love of his life, Sharon Osbourne.

4. Trace Adkins – Hot Mama

Trace Adkins did not make this country hit as a tribute to his mother. “Hot Mama” is another kind of tribute. In this song, country legend Trace Adkins gives his praises to all of the “Hot Mamas” of the world.

The lyrics can make any mother feel good about themselves. We all that pregnancy and childbirth does some crazy and unfortunate things to a woman’s body. Adkins let women known that no matter what, they will always be a “Hot Mama”. Thank you from all the hot mamas of the world.

3. Kanye West – Hey Mama

“Hey Mama” is a song by Kanye West dedicated to his mother, Donda West. Donda retired as an English professor in order to manage her son, Kanye West’s budding music career. She never knew just how famous and successful. her beloved son would become. Sadly, Donda West passed away unexpectedly in 2007. The song “Hey Mama” lives on as a testament to the unforgettable bond between her and Kanye.

2. Carrie Underwood – Mama’s Song

Another tribute to a star’s mother. This time a tribute to the mother of country star and American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood. Carrie Underwood told reporters that this tribute to her mother was because her mother has taught her important life lessons and she believed they have done her good for her life as turned out well so far.

The song was co-written by Luke Laird, Marty Frederiksen, and Kara DioGuardi. Luke Liard has worked on other successful songs for Carrie Underwood. This lovely tribute, “Mama’s Song” was written on the same day as Carrie Underwood’s hit song, “Undo It”.

1. Taylor Swift – The Best Day

Taylor Swift’s tribute to her mother, Andrea Swift. A sweet and sentimental song that reminds many girls of their mama and just how much their mother means to them. Taylor wrote and recorded the music video of the song without her mother ever knowing. The music video of “The Best Day” includes home videos from Taylor’s childhood. She presented it to her mother as a Chrismas gift. We guarantee this is one Christmas present that will never be forgotten.

Taylor’s mother, Andrea Swift is known for accompanying her daughter on tour. It has been stated that on Taylor Swift’s Fearless Tour, Taylor had to drop the song from being part of her set. Every time her mother would listen to Taylor sing “The Best Day”, she would burst into tears backstage.

This is our list of the Top 10 Best Songs for Mother. A song from every musical genre has made this list. From country to rap, there are no boundaries for a person’s love from their mother. We can all agree that your mother will always be one of the greatest women in your life. No matter what. These songs are all amazing and definetly worth listening to time and time again.

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