Top 10 Best Songs For Singing Competition of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest top 10 best Songs For Singing Competition in 2017, The last few years have seen talent competitions explode in popularity all over the world. With shows such as American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, and The Voice, amateur vocalists are given their chance at the big time by displaying their talent for millions to see.

Lots of big pop stars got their start in such shows. Big names such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Paul Potts, Susan Boyle, Adam Lambert and many others got their big shot on such shows, and it paid off for them handsomely.

Top 10 Best Songs For Singing Competition

What about you? Can you sing? Ever thought of performing on a show like these? If so, you’ll need a great tune to fit your voice, and impress the judges and the audience. Whether you’re an amateur performer looking to take the big leap, or just someone who is a fan of talent shows, we’ve put together a list of great tunes that are perfect for anyone who wishes to get the eyes looking at you (and the ears listening to you!) So here they are, our picks for the Top Ten Best Songs For Singing Competition.

Here we present the list of top 10 best Songs For Singing Competition of 2017.


The huge hit from rock group Aerosmith has been used a lot in talent shows. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing has been heard multiple times on American Idol, The Voice, America’s Got Talent and The Sing-Off. David Cook, winner of season seven of American Idol sang it on the show, and Kevin Skinner sang it on America’s Got Talent, eventually winning the competition. We’re fond of Jessica Sanchez’ version, from season eleven of American Idol. Sanchez had the guts to sing it in front of Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler, who made the song famous in the first place!


Phill Collins sang this classic to great success, and it’s been sung many times on several talent shows. Jermaine Paul sang it in season two of The Voice, and went on to win the competition. Paige Miles sang it on American Idol. But the most memorable rendition may have come from season four of The Sing-Off, when Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) was performed by high school group Vocal Rush, whose version of the hit had a “Glee” feel to it.


Soul man Al Green took this big hit to the top of the charts in 1971, and it’s been a staple of talent competition shows since. Committed performed it in season two of The Sing-Off, later winning the competition, and Michael Grimm rode to victory after singing it on season five of America’s Got Talent. Let’s Stay Together is a solid pick for any performer: Rolling Stone magazine name it the sixtieth greatest song of all time on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.


Imagine is seen by many critics as former Beatle John Lennon’s signature song, and it’s been enlisted by a lot of talent contestants over the years. Bluesy Ruben Studdard sang it on season two of American Idol, and eventually cruised to victory. But our favorite non-Lennon version of the classic hit was performed by David Archuleta in season seven of American Idol. Arch lost the competition, finishing runner-up, but he won the hearts of a lot of fans.

6. IF I AIN’T GOT YOU – Alicia Keys

Nobody won any competition we’ve mentioned singing this big hit from our girl Alicia Keys, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some memorable performances turned in. Kinnik Sky sang it on season five of American Idol, Syesha Mercado performed it on season seven of American Idol, but our favorite pick is The Voice’s Battle Rounds in season two, which had Jesse Campbell singing the same song against Anthony Evans.


This enduring classic from pop mega-star Elton John has been performed on many talent competition shows. Shane Simon sang it on The Sing-Off, and Mycle Wastman belted it out on The Voice. But it was season two American Idol runner up Clay Aiken who brought the house down with his powerful pipes, giving a rendition that many argue should have won him the contest. Sadly, Clay had to settle for runner-up.


Let the big girls rock! Seattle duo Ann and Nancy Wilson, otherwise known as Heart, scored on the charts with their big hit Alone, and Vanessa Echevarria gave a great performance with it on The Winner Is. But our favorite performance of the Heart classic by far, was Carrie Underwood’s, who sang it on season four of American Idol before roaring her way to victory, and a hugely successful post-contest career.

3. PIECE OF MY HEART – Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin’s huge success with this hit came, sadly enough, after her untimely death. But the song endures, and has been sung on several talent shows by an array of artists. Candice Coleman sang it on American Idol, as did the aforementioned Miss Carrie Underwood. Super acapella group Pentatonix sang Piece Of My Heart in season three of The Sing-Off, and as an added bonus, Jill Gioia, Rock Star belly-danced to the tune on Supernova.


This hit has been performed a lot – and we mean a lot – on assorted talent competition shows by contestants such as Big Barry, AJ Tibaldo and Leslie Hunt. Our favorite rendition was performed by Carly Rose Sonenclar in season two of The X Factor. The thirteen year-old prodigy wowed audiences with two performances of the song during the season, but eventually lost the competition to Tate Stevens.

1. I HAVE NOTHING – Whitney Houston

The all-time most performed hit on talent competition shows is this Whitney Houston classic. Melanie Amaro sang it on season one of The X Factor, which she went on to win, and Tessane Chin did the same with her performance on season five of The Voice. But the most memorable performance for us is Jennifer Hudson, who sang it in season three of American Idol, before making her untimely exit in week eight. A big mistake, in our book!

It can’t be just any old song, if it’s to be sung in a talent competition. It has to be the perfect song, one that will wow the audience and impress the judges. These ten picks are proven winners, and have stood the test of time for those looking for success in talent shows!

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