Top 10 Best Songs For Vocal Training of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest top 10 best Songs For Vocal Training in 2017, Training yourself to be a better singer is something that a lot of people have wished they could do. Even with a singing voice that isn’t really deemed among the best, you can still dramatically improve it through vocal training. Some of the best tracks for vocal training encourage a singer to be powerful within their comfort zones, but also to work on expanding their ranges to be a lot more diverse and add in more possibilities into their performances. Some of the best range altering tracks come from Broadway musicals, and that is why most of these top 10 Vocal Training songs are from stage productions.

Top 10 Best Songs For Vocal Training

Here we present the list of top 10 best Songs For Vocal Training in 2017.

#10. “I Could Have Danced All Night” – My Fair Lady (Soprano)

This is one of the most commonly sung audition songs for musical theatre, and the reason that is the case is due to the significant range that the song encourages. While it might not be number one on this list (even for the soprano), it stands to reason that this would be one of the great choices that a soprano could use to not only improve their vocal range and confidence, but to get familiar with one of the most performed musical numbers of all time.

#9. “Hallelujah” – Jeff Buckley (Baritone/Tenor)

So this song does not come from a musical at all, but it is a song that a baritone/tenor singer could use to really develop their confidence and abilities as a singer. This is a really vulnerable song for singer, and so it demands a singer that has the confidence to sing it strongly through the parts that demand a strong, confident voice. It also requires a singer with a grasp on the power of not overpowering their vocals throughout the entire song, too. This song screams educational tool for singers of all ranges.

#8. “Someone Like You” – Adele (Alto/Soprano)

This is another track that might not be from a musical, but that can pose a significant challenge for singers looking to expand both their vocal confidence and range of notes that you can hit. There is a reason that Adele is hailed as one of the best singers of modern pop, and this song will prove to be a challenge to perform well for even the most accomplished of singers, so don’t take it lightly.

#7. “Mr. Cellophane” – Chicago (Bass)

For Bass singers, there are a few songs that can really give someone a challenge to better understand cadence, choreography and confidence. “Mr. Cellophane” is a song that comes from the musical Chicago and this song comes from the perspective of a man that feels like no one can even see him or hear what he is saying. This can be a powerful song for someone who can command the vocal acuity to perform it.

#6. “Holding Out For A Hero” – Footloose (Alto)

While the most popular version of this song is recorded and performed by Bonnie Tyler and is featured in the film adaptation of Footloose, this is a powerful song that can give an alto a great grasp of range and strength. This is a track that demands the singer to be confident, as its subject matter brings all eyes onto the singer and expects that singer to really deliver. This is why altos should be working with a track like this and pushing themselves to hit all of the higher and lower notes with precision.

#5. “Maria” – West Side Story (Tenor)

From the very beginning of this song, tenors are challenged with the lowest notes of their typical range. This is a great song that requires a singer to follow a specific cadence, while at the same time taking full advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to show off the strength of your voice. This is a love song, so this is also a great way to work on your emotional delivery, especially if you are looking to audition or participate in musical theater.

#4. “Home” – Beauty and the Beast (Soprano)

Sopranos can find a real challenge when they go to try and sing “Home” from Beauty and the Beast. This offers a wide range of emotional portrayals throughout this one simple song, but also offers an equally wide range of notes. For those looking to expand their abilities through vocal training, this is a chance for a singer to increase their confidence in deeper and higher notes, while this tragic requires a powerful performance to convey its message appropriately.

#3. “Try To Remember” – The Fantasticks (Bass)

Bass singers can use this song to improve the confidence in their voices. This song requires some of the higher notes on the typical bass scale to be hit, and powerfully so, so it remains as one of the best songs to vocally train bass singers. This is a song that really is improved through the use of vibrato, so this is a great track to try and teach yourself how to really hold those notes in this manner.

#2. “Pulled” – The Addams Family (Alto)

Most people don’t think the Addams Family when they think of impressive alto tracks to better educate a singer about how they can improve. While this might not be one of the most successful musicals of all time, the track “Pulled” from this hit production should easily show you why it is a great selection for improving the overall quality of your range, emotion and confidence.

#1. “I Believe” – The Book of Mormon (Tenor)

For tenors, there really isn’t a song that is quite as modernly popular as the original track from The Book Of Mormon called “I Believe”. This is a track that is going to dramatically improve the power in a struggling tenors voice, as well as improve the way that they are able to hold notes using vibrato (as was discussed with the track “Try To Remember” for bass singers earlier in this list).

This is just a cross section of the tracks that are available to help you expand your vocal range from your comfort zone, or to give you more confidence within the range that you are currently singing in. Both of these are essential to improving your abilities as a vocalist, and vocal training can be something you can do on your own in the comfort of your home. You just have to find several powerful songs in your range and that pushes into lower or higher octaves to help expand the range.

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