Top 10 Best Songs For Women of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest top 10 best Songs For Women in 2017, Songs have been empowering an inspiring women for centuries. With all of the songs that have been released even through the last several decades, there are hundreds of songs that could be deemed among the best songs for women of all time. With that being considered, the results are in. Below you will find the ten best songs for women based on their ability to inspire, empower and add femininity to the listener in general.

Songs For Women Top 10 Best Songs For Women

Here we present the list of top 10 best Songs For Women in 2017.

10. “All About That Bass” – Meghan Trainor

There are a lot of songs that are meant to show that girls who have a little extra in the weight department shouldn’t feel bad about it. Meghan Trainor is a singer that has a rather full figure and her first hit that she came out with was to encourage other women and girls like her are just as loved and just as beautiful as all of the models that you see in magazines “working that Photoshop.” This is one of many songs on this about seeing yourself as a beautiful creature, and not the negative labels that you or anyone else might have given you.

9. “Unpretty” – TLC

This is a song that is discouraging women from believing that they need to change who they are or what they look like to suit a man’s wishes. While there are all kinds of things that a woman can do to try and modify her appearance and change how people look at her, if it’s done for the wrong reasons, then it isn’t a positive influence in your life. Re-examine what in your life might be making you feel so “damn unpretty.”

8. “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” – Cyndi Lauper

There is nothing wrong with cutting loose and having a good time. Cyndi Lauper is an 80s and 90s bearer of the girl’s night out in full force. “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” might have come out in 1983, but it is as much a girl power song right now as it has ever been. There are so few women who are well versed in pop culture that can’t likely sing this song word for word, at the very least sing that chorus loud and proud along with the rest of the gals.

7. “Perfect” – P!nk

P!nk has always been about empowering women all over the world with her songs and anthems. Sometimes its about going out and painting the town red with your best friends, but there are other more serious anthems like “Perfect” that discuss something that a lot of women struggle with. A lot of women struggle with a voice inside of them that tells them that they aren’t worth anything or that they aren’t good enough for this or that. P!nk wrote this track to remind herself and to remind you that you are perfect just the way you are, and you need to find it within yourself to quiet that negative voice.

6. “Beautiful” – Christina Aguilera

Another song along the vein of appreciating yourself a little more, Christina Aguilera has performed this track as a reflective song about seeing your real beauty both inside and out. While P!nk might have been working to silence a negative voice on the inside, Christina Aguilera is hoping to be the inner voice that you replace that negative voice with. She reminds you that words can’t bring you down, no matter what they have to say to you.

5. “Confident” – Demi Lovato

There is nothing wrong at all with having confidence. Men find confidence as an alluring trait of the opposite sex, and confidence helps you carry yourself as a stronger and more independent woman. Demi Lovato brings this addictive, finger snapping anthem to the doorstep of every woman in the world. She wants to inspire each and every woman to step into any room like they own the place, and the instrumentals that sound like you are training for a title fight don’t hurt with getting you hyped up about feeling better about yourself either.

4. “This One’s For The Girls” – Martina McBride

In the country world, there are plenty of songs that fall into the vein of feeling beautiful in spite of your circumstances, but that’s not the best women’s track that comes from this major genre. Martina McBride wrote a song that is just for the girls, and that point is made clear through the title of the song itself. She is trying to unite women all over the world, reminding them that they are all beautiful just the way they are, that everyone has had a broken heart and women can all benefit from dreaming big about the future.

3.”Scars To Your Beautiful” – Alessia Cara

“Scars To Your Beautiful” is a song that recently was released, and has truly remarkable lyrical content as well as overall composition. While the theme follows a lot about diverting from the normal way that the world views a beautiful woman and finding out the things that make each woman special and beautiful in her own unique way. This is a powerful track that you absolutely need to be listening to.

2. “Roar” – Katy Perry

Every woman can relate to feeling like they haven’t been heard and feeling like if they were only a little more assertive, things would be different. “Roar” was the song that Katy Perry wrote to inspire women to stake a claim on their life and show that they aren’t taking a backseat in life anymore.

1. “Fight Song” – Rachel Platten

Another song similar to Katy’s offering on this list, Rachel Platten has the current title for composing the single most influential women’s song all around the world. This is about looking at your life right now and understanding that there are things you can do to make it better. This is a “fight song” about taking back your life and not settling for second best.

For hundreds of years down to the past year in Pop music, women have been finding inspiration and empowerment through songs. Whether it is to show them that everyone is beautiful no matter what kind of angry or hateful words might come their way, or letting loose and having some fun while enjoying just being a girl, these songs are the perfect tracks for any woman to enjoy.

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