Top 10 Best Songs To Fall Asleep of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest top 10 best Songs To Fall Asleep in 2017, Falling asleep isn’t always something that is easy for everyone. While some people need only close our eyes and we are off to dreaming, others require a little more coaxing to get their brain’s to shut off and allow sleep to come. Music can be a great tool to use to get your body and mind ready for sleeping, and some of the later listed tracks are among the very best to help your mind relax and get prepared to sleep for the night. Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Best Songs To Fall Asleep.

Top 10 Best Songs To Fall Asleep of All Time 2017

Here we present the list of top 10 best Songs To Fall Asleep in 2017

10. “Falling Down” – Scarlett Johansson

From the start of this song, you are taking into a trance through the repetitive instrumentals. Scarlett’s vocals seem farther back behind all of the music as well, which adds to the wistfulness of the track as a whole. There are no great instrumental rises throughout this track that will shock your system into waking back up, but the soft and steady tone of the vocals are excellent for getting your entire body into a place where it can really relax and prepare itself for rest.

9. “Lies” – Races

The song itself begins with the sounds of birds chirping, which actually then persists through the rest of the song and adds a soothing backing track to the entire song. This is another track where the instrumentals don’t ever get overpowering, and tend to stay on the slightly repetitive side. The smoky sound of the lead singer’s vocals, combined with the layered female vocals playing through the background and harmonizing through specific places in the song prove to be a very relaxing combination.

8. “Cuddle Alone” – She Keeps Bees

This is a song that almost sounds like it was recorded in your living room shortly before you laid down for bed. The dual sounding vocals throughout the verses and the chorus are really a very soothing sound. The entirety of the instrumentation seems to only be a single acoustic guitar playing a riff throughout the entirety of the track. The entirety of the song is all done at the same sad tone, almost mournful in nature, which really adds to aiding you with finding yourself drifting off to sleep with this amazing song.

7. “Waiting” – Alice Boman

This track also seems like a home recording, which is nice in its own way. It adds a bit of familiarity to everything that is recorded in this style. When you combine the impressive vocals that sit high above the deep toned guitar, the combination is astounding to the ears. While this song might not be the one that literally puts you to sleep, Alice Boman’s voice is enough by itself to take the restlessness and worry right out of you.

6. “Forever” – Ben Harper

Ben Harper is one of the most accomplished singer songwriters of our time, and his track forever has been specifically designed to coax your mind into relaxing and letting go. You find yourself drifting off with the expertly played guitar and the soothing vocals, paying little attention to all those worrisome things that were keeping you from sleep in the first place.

5. “Green Eyes” – Coldplay

While a lot of the early Coldplay music would be good to relax your mind and to free it from the stress and worry of your daily life, “Green Eyes” is a great example of the kind of mastery of the acoustic genre that Coldplay had at one time. While they have gone a distinctively pop route over the last several years, these early tracks off of albums like A Rush of Blood To The Head could have a soothing and relaxing way of calming just about anyone down at bedtime.

4. “Samson” – Regina Spektor

Indie giant Regina Spektor has a lot of tracks that could help you find the headspace to get to sleep. Her amazing vocals shine through this simple track about Samson and Delilah. This is written from the perspective of the scorned Delilah of the Bible stories, as a passion driven track about being inexplicably in love with someone else.

3. “Here With Me” – Dido

While this is one of the first tracks on this list with a noteworthy percussion, that would be unfitting of Dido’s style not to have a beat going through the entire track. Even this kind of sits in the background until around a minute into the song when the acoustic guitar starts to play. While this track does get a little bit louder and more intense than some of these other tracks on this list, the soothing voice and repetitive nature of the instrumentation still will help you greatly relax as you listen through it. It doesn’t hurt that the song has a lot to do with not being able to fall asleep without the subject of the song there resting with her.

2. “The Girl” – City and Colour

City and Colour really makes a relaxing and soothing track that focus on acoustic instrumentation in their impressive offering for this selective list. The vocals throughout the song are the higher end of the male voice spectrum, similar to Passenger and James Bay, both of which are soothing artists in their own right. Combine that with some impressive guitar work and you have a song that can get anyone’s mind ready for a restful sleep.

1. “If You Can’t Sleep” – She & Him

Zooey Deschanel and Mark Ward make up the band She & Him, and this track “If You Can’t Sleep” should just be the official track to get anyone ready for bedtime. As soothing and calming as these vocals are combined with the light instrumentation make it a truly relaxing masterpiece of sound.

As the last song would suggest, these are the tracks that you need to be listening to if you just can’t fall asleep. It might not be as simple as just closing your eyes and nodding off, and these songs should help you find the balance between letting your thoughts fade out and letting your whole body relax enough to finally drift off for a restful night of sleeping.

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