Top 10 Best Speed Metal Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Speed Metal songs of all time 2017, Speed metal music is heavy metal music on steroids. This music is extremely fast, brash and moves with force. Speed metal is also powerful, dark and very disturbing at times. This genre is nothing more than heavy metal, darkwave and melodic death metal played at an extremely fast rate. Once this music starts, it just explodes with a fury until it finishes.

Speed metal fans truly love this genre because it gives them everything that they desire from the heavy metal genre. Speed metal is also a powerful music force in the rock world and it has performed well commercially. It began in the 70’s, rose to prominence in the 80’s, started to lose steam in the 90’s and it moved to the underground by the 2000’s. The following information will describe the best speed metal songs of all time.

Top 10 latest new Speed Metal songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Speed Metal songs of all time 2017.

10. Lack of Comprehension Death

Once there was a speed metal group known simply as Death and they were a pretty decent metal band. Even though they did not rise to prominence because of the Big Four metal outfits that controlled this music style during its heyday. Lack of Comprehension was a simple metal tune by Death that put them on the map and gave them some success as a group within the speed metal genre. Their music is decent for this type of sound and Lack of Comprehension proves it.

9. Human Insecticide by Annihilator

The speed metal band known as Annihilator were totally over the edge. This group made songs that were totally shocking and mind altering within a negative way. Their song Human Insecticide is a sociopath’s anthem. This song is just a speed metal tune that talks about destroying (killing) people like they were mere insects.

This song is about a man who wants to kill people who wants to go against him, who doesn’t do as he says or who even disagrees with him. He wants to decapitate their heads and annihilate them like insects. A disturbing song but many speed metal fans enjoyed simply because they probably felt like doing this to people at some point in time during their life.

8. The Essential Salts by Nile

Speed metal group Nile released The Essential Salts in 2007. This song was about necromancers, resurrection of the dead and evil activities. This is the stuff that speed metal fans truly adore. This song has an upbeat sound but dark and foreboding lyrics. It plays hard and fast and the vocals are a bit scary as well. However, speed metal groups just couldn’t get enough of this tune when it was out.

7. Through the Fire and Flames by Dragon force

When it comes to speed metal Through the Fire and Flames is a song that is a big hit that resonates with modern speed metal fans. While this song came out in 2005 it still remains a viable jam that fans still enjoy in modern times. A metal group from England named Dragon force created this song. The song is about the evil things that speed metal fans cherish and hold to be true. For a speed metal song this is a great piece.

6. Head Crusher by Megadeth

Megadeth is one of the premiere Big Four heavy metal bands of all time. They are even pioneers in the speed metal genre. Their speed metal hits is a big deal within this genre because they helped to define what heavy metal and its different offshoots really are. Megadeth released a song called Head Crusher in 2009. While metal is no longer a dominant commercial music form, Megadeth single-handedly had the ability to make it popular again. Even if it only was for die hard speed metal fans, Head Crusher ended up being a great metal jam.

5. Pleasure to Kill by Kreator

I’m pretty sure that there are people who might find pleasure in killing but somehow, I don’t think most people do. However, the speed metal band Kreator makes a song that states Pleasure to Kill. This song is considered a speed metal or thrash classic. A lot of death metal bands credit this song and this band with influencing them to start their own acts. Pleasure to kill is a significant form of music for death metal enthusiasts.

4. Kill (Those Who Oppose Me) by Lost Society

Have you ever wanted to kill anyone who opposed you? Sure, it is a natural human tendency to lash out against any person that goes against us. Lost Society summed up these feelings in an extreme song named Kill (those Who Oppose Me). The lyrics are very macabre. The guy states that he will skin people to the bone, that they will burn in hell and even calls them an ugly F—. This song is the type of piece that a person would play if they were out to get other people and to make them suffer. Lost Society’s Kill(Those Who Oppose Me) was released in 2013.

3. Hang the Pope by Nuclear Assault

Nuclear Assault created a song called Hang the Pope in 1986. This tune was a metal song that came from their album Game Over. As you might have guessed this song is about literally hanging the pope. That’s right, Nuclear Assault wanted to go to Vatican City, grab the pope out of bed while he is sleeping and hang him until he is dead. While this song raised a few eyebrows during the mid-80’s it certainly was a heavy metal fan favorite. Apparently, many speed metal fans wanted to hang the pope and could relate to this song. Strange but true.

2. Dark Angel by Merciless Death

In 1984 a song called Dark Angel was released by Merciless Death. This tune has horror house lyrics that have been set to a speed metal track. Very disturbing is this single about pain, death, hell and damnation all at the hands of the Dark Angels. Merciless Death is not about mercy they really want to see people tormented, tortured and given agony beyond all comprehension. Truly a song for a speed metal lover who finds this material appealing.

1. Raining Blood

When you were younger your mama always told you to come inside when it started to rain. However, Slayer wants you to stay outside and play when it’s Raining Blood. This song was released by Slayer a powerful heavy metal group from the 80’s. They are one of the Big Four heavy metal bands of all time. Their 1986 hit Raining Blood is considered a heavy metal masterpiece that is a powerful jam that influenced many artists and fans within this genre. Slayer is a great metal band that has many Grammy nominations and awards. This song is living proof as to why so many metal fans adore them.

Speed metal music is not the force that it used to be but it still remains a viable music form. This particular music form is big in Europe and within the underground metal scene within the United States.

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