Top 10 Best Summer Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Summer songs of all time 2017, The summer season always seems to usher in a specific style of music. No matter the genre or the artist, the carefree feel of the summer and all of the possibilities that it holds lends to some of the greatest songs that have ever been written. With so many artists drawing inspiration from the sun, the beach and the good times of the warm weather, a list like this was almost inevitable. Narrowing down the greatest summer songs of all time proved to be a difficult task when faced with the sheer number of tracks using this season as a muse.

Summer Song Top 10 latest new Summer songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Summer songs of all time 2017.

10. “Beat This Summer” – Brad Paisley – Wheelhouse (2013)

It is impressive to have written a song within the last few years that would be deemed one of the most significant summer anthems of all time. Brad Paisley is no stranger to hit songs however, and since this song’s release it has received a high concentration of radio and streaming play throughout each summer. This is a song about having one of those kinds of summers that you remember for the rest of your life. Everything was fun, you found the love of your life but had to go back your separate ways at the end of the season. It was all the makings of what would make a truly iconic representation of the summer.

9. “School’s Out” – Alice Cooper – A Fisftul of Alice (1997)

There is nothing that quite says summer like there being no more school for a few months. As the months leading into the summer are ripe with students waiting patiently for that final bell, Alice Cooper has written an anthem that will forever be synonymous with walking out of the doors of your respective school. While the song might imply that school is out forever, the better part of the lyrics only suggest that the school year has ended. For most kids, that’s enough for a little bit of summer inspired joy. While the song might have a bit of a dark feel, it is still deemed one of the greatest summer time songs of all time.

8. “Steal My Sunshine” – LEN – Can’t Stop The Bum Rush (1999)

Maybe people don’t even know the name of the band that wrote and performed the song “Steal My Sunshine”. While many people recognize it and its distinctly summer vibes throughout the entire song, the band name might be difficult to bring to mind considering this was basically the only hit song that the band would ever have. Their successes in general were mild at best, but in the short time that the group was together and making records, they managed to write and record one of the best summer anthems that continues to find its place on pop rock radio stations throughout the passing years.

7. “Summer of ‘69” – Bryan Adams – Reckless (1984)

Bryan Adams is no stranger to writing hit songs. “Summer of ‘69” was one of the most popular singles that the artist ever had, not to mention spending a great deal of time on the charts when it was released in 1984. Adams might not have predicted the lasting life of the song, seeing revitalization each and every time that the summer months roll back around. Its catchy chorus and story of a guy having the most memorable summer of his life easily makes it one of the greatest tracks to have ever been written for the season, and one that will always be used to celebrate the summer.

6. “Chattahoochee” – Alan Jackson – A Lot About Livin’ (And A Little ‘Bout Love) (1992)

Alan Jackson kind of wrote a sleeper hit for the summer time. Even when he wrote a distinctly summer song, such as his remake of the hit “Summer Time Blues”, it still didn’t hold the same kind of lasting popularity for a seasonal hit like “Chattahoochee” has. This is a song that talks about a young Alan Jackson learning life lessons along the banks of the Chattahoochee river with his friends, navigating his way through young love and drinking his summers away in their spot on the river’s bank. The song also features one of the most iconic Country/Rock guitar riffs that happens periodically through the song, making it instantly identifiable when it comes on its regular radio rotations.

5. “Boys of Summer” – Don Henley – Building The Perfect Beast (1984)

“Boys of Summer” has always been deemed one of the greatest songs that represent the summertime. While there are certainly better ways to enjoy the summer than by pining after a girl that is off living a presumably promiscuous life during her summer break away from you. Even if this is the case, the track is everything that people want to hear about when it comes to appreciating the summer to the fullest. Sunglasses, sunshine and everlasting love abound in this 1984 classic. For a fresh take on the song, check out The Ataris cover of this classic rock anthem on their most successful album So Long, Astoria.

4. “Summer Girls” – LFO – LFO (1999)

Vocal group LFO saw the largest bit of their limited successes through the release of their song “Summer Girls”. While at the time of its release, everyone was awe struck by the composition and catchiness of the track, now it is looked back on as a campy and silly summer anthem with laughable lyrics. Regardless of what camp you find yourself in with the track, it is still a great track to blast when you are hanging out by the pool or when you and your friends are road tripping to the beach. P.S. We all kind of like girls who wear Abercrombie and Fitch, LFO.

3. “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” Beach Boys – Pet Sounds (1966)

The Beach Boys are the crowned kings of the California summer time. With countless songs about heading out to the beach, surfing and generally just having a good time with your girl, there is nothing quite as summer as all of that. So with this in mind, their track “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” isn’t even about the beach or surfing. So how is it deemed one of the best summer songs of all time? It is about growing up and wishing you and your summer love could be together forever, even though you are being young and likely naïve. All of this is distinctly summer, and there isn’t a track that the Beach Boys did that didn’t at least kind of scream “put this on your summer playlist”.

2. “Wipeout” – The Surfaris – More Dirty Dancing (1988)

What do you get when you combine a song that has become one of the surfing anthems since the late 80s with one of the most iconic drumming in the history of rock music? Well, you get “Wipeout”. The song also features one of the most iconic rock guitar riffs that was ever written. For a song that has no lyrics beyond the very opening laugh track capped off by the word ‘wipeout’, it is surprising that instrumentation could be so specifically indicative of the summer season and recreational surfing all over the globe.

1. “Summertime” – Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff – Homebase (1991)

As a song with summertime right in its name, this early 90s good time hip hop track from the Fresh Prince (Will Smith) and DJ Jazzy Jeff has been deemed the most significant song of all time for the summer season. This is a song about all of the things that make the summer great for the Fresh Prince. From waxing up and showing off his car to heading off to family barbeques all summer long, anything is better when it is happening in the summertime. This would be one of the biggest hits that the duo would ever have, apart from the single that made them household names in “Parents Just Don’t Understand”.

The summer season has been the muse for so many artists throughout the years. Dating back to as far as the 1960s on this list, the top 10 greatest Summer Songs of All Time has something for a fan of any genre of music. For those that are just a fan of that freedom that summer provides, check out each one of these iconic summer tracks and get a direct line to the fun and the sun (even when it’s the middle of winter where you are.)

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