Top 10 Best Tango Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Tango songs of all time 2017, Tango music is a special style of music that has a voice and presence all its own. This kind of music is something that did originate among European immigrant populations that did belong to both Argentina and Uruguay. Tango music is usually played on a solo guitar, a guitar duo, or even an ensemble. The ensemble is known as being the orquesta tipica. What are the top 10 best Tango songs of all time? They are:

Tango Song Top 10 latest new Tango songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Tango songs of all time 2017.

10. Mi Confesion – GoTan Project

MiConfession by the GoTan Project is another fine tango song of all time for its own reasons. What makes this unique tango song so great is clear and that is because of the composer going in there and modernizing this tango in every way possible without losing any of its genre and overall structure. This is a track from the third studio album put out by GoTan Project and it is able to incorporate some elements of rap into the track and not lose any of the existing beat and feel of what is known as being danceable tango.

9. Oh, These Dark Eyes – Tango No. 9

Oh, These Dark Eyes, Tango No. 9 is another tango great song of all time. Why is that? It is because Oh, These Dark Eyes was recorded by an amazing group from San Francisco who did start out recording songs by exploring the musical great tango master named Astor Piazzolla. What also makes this tango piece so great is clear and that is because it is Russian in style. The melody of this fine tango song is something that is also carried away totally in a wonderful way by the trombonist Greg Stephens who is marvelous.

8. Jalousie – Jealousy – Tango Orchester Alfred Hause

Jalousie, translated in English to Jealousy, and by Tango Orchester Alfried Hause is simply outstanding as a tango song. It is a leading tango song for a number of reasons and not just because it is a global sensation because of its dancing element which is clearly evident throughout the entire song itself. It was composed by a Danish composer named Jacob Gade and was first presented as a tango in Douglas Fairbanks film in 1925 titled Don Q, Son of Zorro.

7. Hernando’s Hideaway – Con Grazia

Hernando’s Hideaway by Con Grazia is another leading tango song for all the right reasons. What Hernando’s Hideaway does have is not just lots of wonderful sound. It also has a Latin flare that makes one want to get up and dance. It’s as simple as that. Hernando’s Hideaway is a tango song that comes from the musical titled The Pajama Game that was written by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. It made its debut on Broadway in 1954 and is now a musical that most don’t know about. However, this song is something, which is very memorable as a tango and there are nightclubs all over the world that do play it. This version of the song by Con Grazia is simply wonderful and a best tango song for sure.

6. La Cumparsita – Julio Iglesias

La Cumparsita is one of the most famous of all tango songs in the world. It was a song that was composed by the Uruguayan Gerardo Matos Rodriguez in 1917. What La Cumparsita means in English is the little parade and the very first line of words in the song itself does indicate that the tune is all about a real parade of miseries. The artist who is singing this song is no other than the famous singer Julio Inglesias. Inglesias gives this song not just tremendous talent, vocal, and entertainment. His voice also makes this tango song every inch classic in every way.

5. Gipsy Tango – Earth Wheel Sky Band

Gipsy Tango by Earth Wheel Sky Band is another tango song that stands out on its very own and why is clear. It is a top tango song that did probably originate originally in Argentina/Uraguay. Gipsy Tango is a lovely tango song that has been welcome and embraced by numerous countries in the world. It has an Eastern European gypsy sound in the instrumentation of the song itself.

4. Tropilla de la Zurda – Carlos Libedinsky

Tropilla de la Zurda by Carlos Libedinsky is a tango song that does offer a lot of the contemporary in it. Why is that? The answer is clear. It is a tango song that was composed by Libendinsky who is an Argentine musician and composer. However, Carlos Libedinsky didn’t start out in the world of tango right off, it was something that he decided to do for himself when he wanted to dance to tango that was more contemporary in description.

3. Pa Bailar – Siempre Quiero Mas Bajofondo featuring Julieta Venegas

Pa Bailar – Siempre Quiero Mas Bajofondo featuring Julieta Venegas is a fine tango song in its own right. This group has far more than just tango to offer to the music public. However, Pa Bailar is the name of this track and it does offer a wonderful tango that is great for dancing and then some. Bajofondo is led by Gustavo Santaolalla and the lyrics to this tango song were written by Julieta Venegas.

2. Santa Maria Del Buen Ayre – GoTan Project

Santa Maria Del Buen Ayre by GoTan Project is another top tango song of all time. Why is that? The answer is clear. It is a tango song that is based in Paris and that does know how to mix traditional Argentine tango instruments along with synthesizers to create a form of electronic tango that has a definite contemporary edge to it in every way that matters the most. Santa Maria Del Buen Ayre is the first of studio albums to be made by this group for their debut release.

1. El Choclo – Kiss of Fire – Juan D’Arienzo

El Choclo, also called the Kiss of Fire, by Juan D’Arienzo is an awesome tango song. It was a song that was composed by Angel Villado in 1903. El Choclo translates to ear of corn in English and it was a favorite food of Villado’s. This tango song did manage to pick up much more success when it became a hit in 1952. How it became a hit is clear and that was when the lyrics were added in English. It gained much more popularity with the title of Kiss of Fire on it. A lot of artists would go on to record this tango song and some of them were Tony Martin. Louis Armstrong, and Georgia Gibbs.

Present forms of tango music was said to have been developed during the mid 19th century in Argentina and Uruguay. However, there are some much earlier records of Tango music styles, which do date back as far as the 19th and early 20th century. The tango songs listed here are ten of the very finest in existence today.

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