Top 10 Best Techno Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Techno songs of all time 2017, Techno is a genre of electronic music that is not necessarily meant for the dance floor, but instead for creative expression and exploration. While many techno tracks are remixed into dance tracks, the prime purpose of techno is to broaden the horizons of electronica, to experiment, to infuse, collate and create new visions. We have collected some of the top techno tracks around that are representative of the variety of soundscapes produced by these artists as they widen their craft, and broaden our outlook for all things eletronica.

Top 10 latest new Techno songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Techno songs of all time 2017.

10. Blue – Eiffel 65

Eiffel 65 released this hot techno number in 1999. “Blue” is also known as “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” off of their first album, “Europop”. Upon release “Blue” ascended the singles charts in many European countries, even climbing as far as 6 Stateside on Billboard Hot 100 songs list. This Eurodance hit tells the story of a man who exists in a world that is “blue, inside and out”. A singular sort of fellow, who can’t seem to connect to the world. Though the lyrics sound sad, this hit is actually a swift, quick track with trance like riffs. “Blue” is catchy with a nice fat hook, which has led it to utilized in television, film and advertisements.

9. Give Me Everything – Pitbull, Ne-Yo, Afrojack featuring vocals by Nayer

American rapper Pitbull, Ne-Yo and Afrojack co-wrote and performed and released the smash hit techno single, “Give Me Everything” in 2011. “Give Me Everything” became a number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and did extremely well in Europe as well, hitting the top 5 in 12 countries. With more than 11.2 million copies sold, it became one of the top selling tracks of all time, with it’s Eurohouse flare, Pitbull’s razor sharp rap, all blended seamlessly with Ne-yo’s slick R & B styling.

8. Take Over Control – Afrojack Featuring Eva Simons

“Take Over Control” was an international, high energy techno hit in 2010 by Dutch DJ, Afrojack. The track was composed by Afrojack, Eva and Ingrid Simons and Mike Hamilton. “Take Over Control” hit the number one spot on Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay chart, and peaked at number 41 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This electro house/progressive house track is upbeat, swift and smack on the mark, as it relates a woman romantic interests.

7. Fade Into Darkness – Avicii featuring Andreas Moe

“Fade Into Darkness” was released in 2011, and is an example of techno house music, and was composed by Swedish DJ, Avicii, and features the vocals of Andreas Moe. This is a fast and musically uplifting track, with a swift beat. Andreas Moe’s vocals in “Fade into Darkness” proclaim that no matter how cold and cruel the world seems, we shall not fade away into the darkness: “This world can seem coll and grey, but you and I are here today, and we won’t fade into the darkness”. While the original is more experimental than dance, numerous DJ’s have taken this track and remixed it, turning it into a stunning club song.

6. Welcome To Rainbow – Basshunter

Welcome to Rainbow is an interesting techno track. Composed by Basshunter and remastered by Fredrik Jansson, Welcome to Rainbow has lyrics which are suggestive to hypnosis and trance, and states to enjoy life, dance but to ‘listen’. Trance music is a form of techno and is designed to produce a state of psychological and/or emotional euphoria. Are these simple and sparsely laid out lyrics inviting the listener to become caught up in the trance, the music? Perhaps, and perhaps not. Either way, “Welcome to Rainbow” succeeds, and it’s one of the best pieces of electronica out there.

5. Infinity – The Guru Josh Project

Techno house music has an interesting subgenre, and that is acid house, which had its roots in Chicago in the 1980s. Acid house techno can be somewhat minimalist , and has a 4/4 beat. Its signature sounds are a deep bassline as well as an electronic squelch. “Infinity” was composed and released by British acid house musician, Guru Josha in 1989. Lyrically, the track speaks of his ‘key philosophy’, which revolves around the acceptance and surrender to the concept of infinity.

4. Ready Steady Go – Paul Oakenfold

“Ready Steady Go” is a massively popular piece of techno, and UpVenue said it was the one song that “will make you drive faster”. “Ready Steady Go” has been featured in a number of various media, including Saab commercials, video games such as Juiced, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, DDR Ultramix, NFL Blitz Pro. The official Warner Brothers video for “Ready Steady Go” is absolutely fantastic, and plays as a tribute to the late, great artist, H.R. Giger. Matching the techno beat of the song, with wild and fantastic imagery inspired by Giger’s biomechanoid creations.

3. Weapon of Choice – Fatboy Slim featuring Parilament Funkadelic and Bootsy Collins

Big Beat is a subgenre of electronic music that utilizes solid breakbeats and synth based loops and patterns and is not light or ‘trance’ by any means. “Weapon of Choice” was composed by Fatboy slim and was made famous by the Christopher Walken music video, showing off Walken’s wicked moves to the Big Beat of Fatboy Slim’s sound, and introducing people to techno who may have never even been familiar with it.

2. Pump Up the Jam – Technotronic

Technotronic composed and performed techno music, and “Pump Up the Jam” fused together the elements of house music and hip hop, and can be said to be a composition they are most known for. After going through an incarnation or two, “Pump Up the Jam” was remixed along with lyrics and vocals from Ya Kid K, for a September 1989 release. “Pump Up the Jam” became an instant hit on radio and dance clubs across the world. Indeed, it became the first track classified as ‘house music’ to be a popular and commercial chart topper. This track is responsible for the introduction of a new sound, “New Beat”, which was a style of dance created in the Belgian music clubs.

2. Around the World – Daft Punk

“Around the World” is classic techno at its best from the French electronic music group, Daft Punk, and comes off of their first album “Homework”. Released in 1997 as a single it was instantly picked up by by the dance club circuit, and proceeded to deftly climb up and reaching number one on the Billboard US Dance Club Songs Chart. This infectious techno track is totally instrumental, except for the lyrics, ‘around the world’, which are presented in a rather repetitive and robotic nature.

1. Levels – Avicii

“Levels” was composed by Swedish techno genius Avicii, and is an example of progressive house music. “Levels” was so successful that it was certified platinum times 8 in his homeland of Sweden. It’s not just the techno that makes this track so special, but the addition of Etta James. Avicii used a sample of Etta James 1962 gospel song, “Something’s God a Hold on Me”, and inserted it into his track, and the result is flawless and seamless blending, and the resulting track, “Levels” is more magical because of it. “Levels” is a swift 126 beats per minute and excites and energizes the listener.

Techno is a solid form of musical creativity that takes much skill and imagination to create. Though not all techno is made for the dance floor, it often inspires DJ’s to remix their own versions, adding a more club friendly beat to draw people to the club floor.

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