Top 10 Best Vaporwave Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Vaporwave songs of all time 2017, Vaporwave is a fantastic and very usual genre of music which utilizes plunderphonics and samples. Vaporwave incorporates a variety of elements, including samplings from video games, music from the 80’s and 90’s, and often focuses on the creation of a dreamscape feel. While the genre gained widespread internet acceptance in 2011, there are many fans of this genre that honor and pay attention to the vaporwave style songs that appeared before 2011, such as those by artists such as Takashi Wada and The Orb.

Top 10 latest new Vaporwave songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Vaporwave songs of all time 2017.

10. Lights and Water by Takashi Wada

The album “Meguro ” was released in 2004, by Takashi Wada. There are many fine tracks, each reflecting Meguro, Japan. “Lights and Water” is a beautifully composed piece of music, which include synth loops and a dub bassline. However, the track stays true to the vaporwave genre and goes only so far, stopping short of becoming house music, instead, focusing on creating the typical dreamlike ambiance vaporwave is known for.

This track is said to be what Takashi Wada based his second album, “Araki” on. Though composed before the ‘official’ genre of vaporwave was labeled, fans of this ambient style of music consider “Meguro” one of the earliest of the genre, and part of its musical history.

9. O.O.B.E by The Orb

U.F.Orb was released in 1992 by the British ambient dub duo of Dr. Alex Paterson and Kris Weston, The Orb. Thought to be some, as the only true vaporwave track on the album, “O.O.B.E” (which means Out of Body Experience), definitely works to create that, a sensation of being outside of ones body.

It is the synth work of Kris Weston which brings this track to life, along with Tom Green’s lithe sounding flute contribution, along with a sampling from the Guo Brothers “Soldiers of the Long March”. If there is one phrase to describe this track, it would be: interwoven tapestry of ambient sounds, almost as if night gives way to dawn.

8. 혼자 남은 지금 꼴이 (Look at Who is Alone Now) by Death’s Dynamic Shroud.wmv

Death’s Dynamic Shroud.wmv (DDS.wmv for short) released their vaporwave album, “I’ll Be Living Like This” in 2015. An excellent, unique vaporwave track, as DDS.wmv has no problem adding some elements of female K-pop groups, as well as sneaking in some bits and pieces of 90’s ambient techno. This track has all of this and more. Indeed, it is a creative mix of samples from video games, anime, makes this track appear as if its a twisting and tangling vine, slithering sensation of sound up your spine. Interesting piece of vaporwave, from one of the newer creators on the scene.

7. Innuintendo by MediaFired

“The Pathway Through Whatever” was released in 2011 by artist, MediaFired. An interesting album of vaporwave, distorted and a bit more confusing for some than the “Floral Shoppe”, however, it is an important album in the vaporwave library. The track “Innuintendo” contains the usual scattering of samples, ambiance and guitar play echos, all dusted with vocal bits, blended into a message of surrender and freedom.

The track intro is twisted and contorted vocals, which slows down to a beatless bit of repetitive vocals which slowly halt and feather into a ethereal fantasy of reverb and echos, after which picking up speed and tempo. This is an eager and hungry track, fast, furious and fun.

6. 花こう岩 Cosmorama by Sacred Tapestry

Ramona Andra Xavier is a musician specializing in creating unique and experimental electronica, and has gone under the pseudonym of many different names, such as MacIntosh Plus (who is at number 2 on our list). For this bit of vaporwave, she has chosen the name of ‘Sacred Tapestry’, for this album, “Shader”. “Cosmorama” is the second track on “Shader”, and a favorite of many vaporware fans.

The track is dark, dense and intricate, as she takes elements of ambient music and folds it into a batter of techno synthpop interwoven with dolphin song, all connected by a lovely synth line. The intro almost sounds as if you were wandering among a forest glade at nightfall, with its chirps and gurgles, an almost ‘Jurassic Park’ feel. This track is memorable in that it epitomizes Sacred Tapestry’s attempt to stretch herself within the vaporwave genre with its dependence on darkness and depth.

5. Beauty by Luxury Elite

In 2013 vaporwave artists Saint Pepsi and Luxury Elite created one of the most celebrated albums in the vaporwave genre: “Late Night Delight”. The album is a compilation of individual tracks written by the two artists, and center on nightlife. “Beauty” is a great track by Luxury Elite. “Beauty” has the ambiance of soft, and gentle romance, and oh, so jazzy, with samplings from “Information From Night Wind” by Kingo Hamada, along with a sampling from an an original video animation called “Heart Cocktail”. Genuinely an excellent vaporwave track by Luxury Elite. If you are looking for vaporwave with a bit of ‘swing’ smooth jazz style, this is the track for you.

4. Enjoy Yourself by Saint Pepsi

“Late Night Delight” was released in 2013 and is one of the most influential pieces in vaporwave. Released by artists Saint Pepsi and Luxury Elite, it contains great tracks from each individual artist in one vaporwave album. “Enjoy Yourself” is a track by Saint Pepsi. The track contains a sampling from Michael Jackson song, “Off the Wall”. The track has the retro funkadelic sound of an 80’s dance club hit. The track gives off a classic muzak vibe and is an excellent sample of Saint Pepsi’s work in the field of vaporwave. Smooth, retro and with a beat, cool samplings awesome layering, this track swings.

3. Earth Minutes by James Ferraro

James Ferraro is an experimental, electronica musical artist from Rochester, New York, whom some call a musical alchemist. In 2011 “The Wire” named his album, “Far Side Virtual” as album of the year. The track “Earth Minutes” works, and reels you into a world of hyper realistic dreamscape, as only vaporwave can. It unsettles you and at times, leaves you perplexed, but that is the point of the track, with its strong hints of violin and drum line.

It delivers to the listener what it set out to do, create interesting multiple futuristic funky sounds, dragging you into its world with catchy keyboard hooks. “Earth Minutes” is cohesive and comprehensive, and one of the most well structured songs on the album.

2. Boot by MacIntosh Plus (Now Vektroid)

“Flower Shoppe” is the album by MacIntosh Plus (Now known as Vektroid, a.k.a Ramona Andra Xavier), that placed vaporwave on the map. This is the album that others measure vaporwave by. “Boot” is the opening track for this album, and sets the tone for what is to come, a twisted myriad of gorgeous walls of sound assemble and disassemble, bricks, stone and mortar of ambiance, distortion and psychedelic imagery never fail to mesmerize. 1985’s “Tar Baby” by Sade is used as the sample, which transforms Sade’s vocal, “I love you so” as an almost erotic, sensual moan. A very noir style intro with the oh so cool sax rolling into Sade’s distorted vocals.

1. Eccojam A1 by Chuck Person

While “Floral Shoppe” by MacIntosh Plus is seen as defining the vaporwave genre, it is Chuck Person’s (Daniel Lopatin) album, “Eccojams Vol. 1” that is seen as the pioneer. The track “Eccojam A1” (or simply ‘A1’) is an ethereal piece of hypnotic, atmospheric, existential joy to behold. The sample used is Toto’s 80’s hit, “Africa”, is chopped, mangled, looped and twisted, along with reverbs and echos, which give it the true vaporwave feel.

This entire album is probably the best vaporwave album you’ll ever own. Aesthetically pleasing, complete and almost guaranteed to put you into a vaporwave trance state, “Eccojam A1” has it all, and is the perfect vaporwave track with which to begin your journey into this most unique, unsettling, complex and free musical genre.

Certainly one of the most creative musical genres, vaporwave is as its name suggests: waves of sound, mingling, wafting and fading into the vapors. it is a form of musical expression that allows musicians to deconstruct the more ‘corporate’ sound of music, and rebuild it into a work of art, that is unique only to them.

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