Top 10 Christian Songs for February 2017

Checkout the below listed top 10 new Christian Songs of February 2017, Songs of worship and praise are an integral part of our lives. Whether in places of worship or in homes, these songs are designed to uplift the listener in such a way as they feel invincible and yet loved. Whether you are fond of the old ‘standbys’ or desire a more modern, mainstream rhythm, there is an artist for every need. Below are our top ten Christian songs for February, 2017. Among them you will find a sweet instrumental, hard Christian rock anthem, gospel and even Jingle Bells, for the holiday time.

Top 10 Christian Songs for January 2017

Here we present the list of top 10 best Christian Songs of February 2017

10. Jesus – Chris Tomlin

Song writers Christ Tomlin and Ed Cash have created a stunning musical piece of love and devotion. Chris Tomlin is a top performer in the world of Christian music. His touching and truthful song, “Jesus” is solely dedicated to his love for his lord and savior. The lyrics resound with devotion as his voice carries them on high “”He carries my healing in his hands…” The music moves perfectly with the vocals and is guaranteed to stir the hearts and souls of fans everywhere.

9. Come Alive (Dry Bones) – Lauren Daigle

A sweet and soft piano intro leads you into the wonderful vocals of Lauren Daigle. The song is simply produced with percussion accompaniment. She make a lovely crescendo with the lyrics “Come alive”, which is sure to give you chills and feel the depth and drive of her devotion. Indeed, her devotion is electric and will lead you to want to listen to this piece over and over, as a spiritual mantra, a release, a feeling of great love and comfort.

8. Glorious – for King and Country

“Glorius” by for King and Country is an amazing and totally uplifting track that is sure to fill you with the power of the spirit, to make you rise and to sing praises. A gorgeous song, meant for Christmas as it celebrates to birth of Jesus, with Mary at the manger, shedding tears of joy for her newborn babe. The music is reverent and powerful, composed to create a feeling of intensity and power. If you are looking for that perfect song to express your joy, this is it.

7. Jingle Bells – Lauren Daigle

Delightful track, absolutely splendid in its simplicity. The song opens with a jaunty and fun brass, and continues with sweet jazz instrumental interpretations which will be sure to have you up and wanting to dance. Lauren’s vocals are peppy and smart. This is one of those songs that is sure to become a favorite this holiday season. It’s short, crisp and breezy, almost like a frosty night on a sparkling sleigh ride.

6. I Need You – Donnie McClurkin

Donnie McClurkin’s soulful vocals open up this track, and are framed by a gentle piano accompaniment and buttressed by strong and steady rhythmic beats, which drive home the message of “I Need You”. By the middle of the track, McClurkin’s vocals are backed by strong background singers which play against his message, repeating the importance of the journey, the love and the importance of being held by the spirit. The track mounts into an exciting crescendo which is designed to raise your hearts to sing reverently.

5. Thy Will – Hillary Scott and The Scott Family

Truly a touching and motivational track by Hillary Scott and The Scott Family. A gentle piano accompanies the singers realization that “Thy will be done”, reflecting on letting go and giving their soul to their lord. For those who are looking for a song of comfort during emotionally trying times, this will have you relaxed and feeling comfortable and warm. The lyrics attempt to convey the emotion of understanding the pain along with the love, and it’s necessity.

4. Hallelujah – Lindsey Stirling

Soft, striking and beautifully done. This rendition of “Hallelujah” by Lindsey Stirling is a wondrous piece of love and light set to music. The intro slowly builds to a beautiful crescendo which lightens up the room with hope, glory and surrender. Halfway through the track we hear the faint sounds of a choir, almost as if the angels themselves were singing praises of the track. This is a solid piece of devotional music that stirs the soul and will breathe life into your faith.

3. You Deserve It – J.J. Hairston & Youthful Praise

Pure Gospel, and wonderfully produced. This track leads you into a world where you must feel that you deserve the love of your Lord and all things that come with it. Masterfully performed by JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise, with the lyric “My hallelujah belongs to you, You deserve it”, softly and gently reinforcing that your heart and soul reverently sing the praises of love and worship. A powerful orchestral and choral background boost Hairston’s vocals to heights that reflect the glory that belongs to you.

2. Oceans – Hillsong UNITED

A soft and soothing orchestration intro welcomes the faithful into the world of this track by Christian rock and worship band, “Hillsong UNITED”. The style of music is gentle, and lifts you up as if your were riding the waves of love and light. Written by songwriters Joel Houston, Matt Crocker and Salomon Ligthelm, the original track was over eight minutes long, the radio version of the song has a strong drum pattern and gives way to almost a ‘dance club’ beat, designed to uplift and sweep the listener into a sense of reverence and worship.

1. Feel Invincible – Skillet

“Feeling Invincible” is a song from the American Christian rock band, Skillet, and concerns the high tide of violence in the world, and how faith can become a suit of armor of love against the hate. This is a strong rock anthem dedicated to the power of faith and overwhelming power of belief, with the powerful vocals of John Cooper leading the charge. Jen Ledger’s drums are tough and to the point on this track, and Seth Morrison’s lead guitar work will leave you feeling brave enough to face a new day with vitality and vigor. The power of this Christian rock ballad is designed to empower the faithful with energy and strength in this “dangerous life”.

No matter what answer you seek, spiritual music can help you find that answer. These artists are among the most talented in their field, and represent not only extreme talent and strong performance skills, but also a true love for their craft, a love they pass on to you, in the form of spiritual reverence and worship.

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