Top 10 Malayalam Songs February 2017

Checkout the below listed top 10 new Malayalam Songs of February 2017, The music native to Kerala has a very long and interesting history. Despite not being the same as Malayalam poetry it is still considered to be quite similar. Kerala has for a long time enjoyed a rich tradition in Carnatic music. Their songs are formed mostly from Malayalam literature that can be traced back to the 9th century. The reason this music is important is that in the Malayalam language musical poetry was set into place long before prose. The development of music in this region allowed many different branches to form as a result. The most basic forms are classical music and popular music. With that in mind, here are the top ten Malayalam songs for February 2017.

Top 10 Malayalam Songs February 2017

Here we present the list of top 10 best Malayalam Songs of February 2017.

10. Nilavil Ellame- Anandam Sachin Warrier

The intro is nice, light, and calming as one sits and listens to the slightly discordant beats that elevate the song in a way that is both lilting and just jarring enough to keep the listener interested. Once the lyrics hit the listener is fully enthralled and wants to hear more. The gentle nature of the singer’s voice and the haunting background is quite pleasant and brings to mind clearly a clearly lit scene of serenity and peaceful reflection that is also a bit whimsical and filled with enough playful fancy that it makes the track stand out as an overall masterful piece. While not fast moving or even that dynamic, this track is quite well-rendered and inspiring.

9. Neelakasham- Jomonte Suvisheshangal Sujatha Mohan & Najim Arshad

The intro to this track brings an almost American feel, much like something performed back in the 1990’s. It is a powerful beat that grips the listener and makes them want to move no matter if they are a music lover or not. Each set of lyrics manages to keep that hold and allow the listener to groove along with the beat in a way that is quite uplifting and even powerful in a way. The Americanized feel eventually blends into the more cultural background of the singers and becomes its own independent feel as the song continues. There is emotion in this track that is felt within each word and helps to drive the track forward without needing to be fully understood.

8. Chinnamma Adi- Oppam M G Sreekumar

It starts out fast and with a jaunty pace that is easy to follow and groove to, which is nice. Despite the lyrics being quick and hard to follow at first the pace doesn’t speed up or slow down, keeping its original cadence until midway through the song when it slows down just enough to take a needed break. This is a type of feel good song that can inspire and just allow the listener to have fun. The track seems like it might be a popular request at a club or event and could easily entertain those both young and old.

7. Parudaya- Kattappanayile Hrithik Roshan Rimi Tomy

The heavy beat that this song enters with is absolutely powerful and forces the listener to sit up and pay attention. Then, as it enters into a more whimsical and fast-paced instrumental lean it continually forces the listener to lend a close ear to what is going on so as not to be lost in the wonderful cacophony of noise that is produced and eventually threaded into a cohesive piece. Once the lyrics come forth the listener is already anticipating something a little more than just an instrumental piece, but as the lyrics give out again and the instruments come back in the listener is firmly hooked and actively waits for the lyrics to return.

6. Thennal Nilavinte- Oru Muthassi GadhaVineeth Sreenivasan & Aparna Balamurali

Hope is the driving force behind this song, or so it feels like at least. The promise of something better, of a new path in life opening up, seems to be the base and power of this track. It is inspiring really as the backdrop of the track fades from a pleasing instrumental to an anticipatory beat that seems to wait for just the right moment to fade back into the instrumental backdrop that can pain such a vivid picture. The gentle lyrics, the overall feeling of the track, and the inspiring way it all comes together form a song that is powerful without needing to add a punch to the listener’s eardrums to get its point across.

5. Kaadaniyum- Pulimurugan Yesudas

The opening duet in this song inspires as much as it pleases the ear as the soft and calming tones attempt to soothe the listener. There’s little else to say but that the song is quite nice and offers a bastion of hope in the world as the singers continue to complement one another and offer a pleasing contrast to each other’s voices. More than anything this track is more than just the sum of its parts, it is a wonderful and well-crafted piece.

4. Payye Veeshum- Anandam Ashwin Gopakumar, Sneha Warrier

Upon the opening notes of the song it almost sounds like a welcoming tone for an electronic device, but as the lyrics hit the listener is reminded that it is an actual track. Without insult it goes a long way to say that the pleasing entrance is quite nice, and the decision to add spoken dialogue into the mix is not really new, but is at least a pleasant diversion. It gives a little more depth to the track than others might experience.

3. Azhake – Kattappanayile Hrithik Roshan Najim Arshad

This is another track that slaps the listener right in the ear drums and demands their attention before once again launching into an instrumental piece. It almost seems like a cheap way to get one’s attention, but the mere fact that it holds the listener makes it a masterful move. Once the lyrics kick in the ear is trained to expect most anything to happen, which is the norm for this song one soon finds out.

2. Minnaminnikkum Kattappanayile Hrithik Roshan Shankar Mahadevan

The opening lyric to the song captures one’s attention right away, and doesn’t let go until the music steps in. At first it almost brings to mind cartoons that like to cavort and dance upon the screen, but as the track continues the beat changes, and one’s attention is focused anew as the piece continues on. Overall it is a powerful track that can compel one to listen just to see what might develop.

1. Njanum Njanumentaalum- Poomaram Faizal Razi

One can sit and listen without feeling the need to get up and move to this song, as it is quite calm and soothing from the get go. This is the classic songwriter’s prose in this song, the type of crooning that can get women to swoon and paint the singer as a sensitive and deep-thinking individual. In other words it is quite nice, even in pace, and challenges no one but welcomes everyone.

While there is a great deal of flowery language and feeling within this particular style of song, the power and the soothing calm are too hard to deny. Like any other genre this style is meant to have fun with and thoroughly enjoy.

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