Top 10 Marathi Songs February 2017

Checkout the below listed top 10 new Marathi Songs of February 2017, In the traditional sense this genre of folk dance tends to deal with different and varied subject matters that have to do with society, religion, politics, and romance. The songs are most often erotic in sentiment and the dialogues have a tendency to be steeped in socio-political satire. This was originally used as a form of entertainment and to boost morale for tired soldiers. The top ten Marathi songs of February 2017 are no doubt an evolved and matured form of this genre, but are no less entertaining for their adherence to the culture and their origins. Each track is quite enjoyable to be honest and whether listener knows the language or not they can simply relax and listen to the melody.

Marathi Songs February Top 10 Marathi Songs February 2017

Here we present the list of top 10 best Marathi Songs of February 2017.

10. Lagira Zal- Ranjan, Ajay Gogavale

The track has kind of a satirical entrance followed by a very pleasing chorus that rests upon the senses like a light blanket of emotion. This creates a very pleasurable sensation that allows the listener to just relax and kick back as the music continues to roll on. If nothing else it is quite dynamic and has a quick, measured pace that is easy to follow and to fully enjoy. If one listens closely they can perhaps hear a few different elements within the song that almost hearken to different cultures, but are still unique enough to attribute to the genre as original ideas and methods.

9. Bai Wadyavar Ya- Jalsa, Anand Shinde

There is an almost coy feeling to the beginning of this track, almost as if it is hiding something away for a big reveal. As it continues on the desire to tap the toes and sway along with the beat becomes hard to resist, allowing the listener to just go with the music and enjoy the feeling as it washes over them. The lyrics are easy to understand and differentiate from one another and aren’t too challenging to follow, which makes for a nice and entertaining song. There is no doubt about where this song comes from and who to credit with its creation, as it is a powerful piece that shouts its origins loud and clear.

8. Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar- Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar, Siddharth Mahadevan

There is a lot of pride in this song and it is formed initially by the dialogue that brings the song into being. It is quite inspirational to be certain, and more than a little heartwarming thanks to the soothing backbeat and cadence that is created early on. This type of song is often the best to soothe the nerves and create a calm and relaxed state of mind. The addition of the children in the chorus is also a nice touch, as it includes a bit of whimsy to the overall piece that makes it even more masterful.

7. Party De- Fugay, Amitraj

It would be foolish to deny that this is designed to be a party song, as it’s cadence is so quick and the lyrics so swift that it could be nothing else. The track is addictive, capable of gripping the listener, and can boast that it is a masterfully-done piece that can inspire good feelings in those that hear it. Just listening to the track makes the listener want to get up and dance. The lyrics get a little hard at times, coming with a bit of a punch that isn’t really expected, but this only heightens the experience.

6. Baba-Ventilator, Priyanka Chopra

A few of these songs seem to like give greater context by leading in with dialogue, and this is a method that tends to be more revealing. It takes nothing away from the song, but instead adds a bit of whimsy and even realism that many songs tend to lack as they begin on an unrealistic note and end the same way. This is highly appreciated as it keeps the music down to earth and more relatable to the average listener.

5. Ti Talwar- Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar, Adarsh Shinde

A nice, soft start is always appreciated in many songs, as it allows the listener the chance to adapt and really search out the feeling of the track. Even the singer’s voice is soft enough to be accommodating as the piece continues on, guiding the listener rather than demanding their attention as many tracks tend to do. This is a lulling, almost soothing piece that seems designed to evoke feelings of inner peace, relaxation, and even deeper introspection. Even when it becomes a bit harder in the beat and the delivery, it still remains a track that is meant to incite calm.

4. Parikatha-Ti Saddhya Kay Karte, Kaushik Deshpande

This track has more of a Western feel for its beats, its subject matter, and the overall sensations that are invoked by the music. It moves at a good pace, delivering a pleasing beat and upbeat message, but overall it doesn’t sound much like anything more than another Western track dubbed in the native language. That doesn’t take away from the pleasant imagery and message that is conveyed, but it does make the song a bit more recognizable by more listeners.

3. Hrudayat Vaje Something-Ti Saddhya Kay Karte, Vidhit Patankar

If you can recall what it’s like to feel melancholy, regret, or even a deep-seated wonder at what life might have been like if you’d made different decisions, you would likely understand the message of this song. Despite its soft and somewhat mournful beginning, it turns upbeat and even inspirational midway through, granting more of a good feeling than anything as the song continues.

2. Painjan- Zhala Bobhata, AV Prafullchandra

Longing for someone and finding them is the general gist of this song. The low, almost sultry notes that move so swiftly are a good indication of how deep the desire runs. There’s only a little bit of hesitation throughout the song, and as it continues on the desire becomes even clearer, as does the determination to do what is right and eventually win over the object of one’s desire.

1. Jara Jara-Ti Saddhya Kay Karte, Hrishikesh Ranade & Aarya Ambekar

Many of these songs seem to deal with desire, and a passion that is best left fulfilled. The undeniable sense of inspiration in each track, this one in particular, brings a very Western feel at times, but at other moments is undeniably unique to the genre. The soft, lilting lyrics and slightly twanging backbeat is enough to give the genre its own feel and voice.

This genre is quite entertaining and seems to focus largely on the search for and passion for love that drives each song. Haunting in their voice and sound, each track has rightfully earned their place on the list thanks to their innovative lyrics and techniques.

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