Top 10 Most Emotional Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Emotional songs of all time 2017, Music has sometimes the power to generate unwanted emotions or evoke emotions. Music can make you cry, laugh or even it can fuel your anger and other songs can be used as a comfort. It has been proven most that heart wrenching songs which are sad usually cause human beings to cry. Happy songs are usually the ones that cheer your heart emotions and are guaranteed to be very helpful when it comes to stress relieving symptoms and plans. In history of music and current music there are many songs that cause a trigger in emotion. The top most emotional songs of all time are:

Emotional Song Top 10 latest new Emotional songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Emotional songs of all time 2017.


This song was written and sang by Eric Clapton who is a guitarist and lives in United Kingdom where he records his labels and albums. He wrote the song ‘Tears in heaven’ after he lost his child in an accident where his child fell of the window in high-rise New York condo he was staying together with his mom, Lory Del Santo an Italian personality in television and his actress. This song triggers a sad emotion that will make you cry as it is devastating to loose a child especially if it is an only child or a young child who was very innocent. It is filled with too much passion and emotion which can make anyone be emotional and calm while listening to it.


This song was written by Charlie puth and Wiz Khalifa which was an emotional tribute for the famous actor of the movie Fast and Furious Paul Walker. Paul Walker who was 40 years when he died in a tragic car crash accident when he crashed a power pole and some trees. It was very sad as he had built a huge career and was very successful indeed. Infact he as to be the star role movie player in the new Fast and furious 7. The song made everyone who loved him especially his movie crew members to cry emotionally and also the world mourned for him as he was a already a self made legend. Anyone who listens to the song has a trigger of emotion emerging.


He wrote the lyrics for this under the bridge song in a certain period in his life where he was feeling very distraughted and emotionally distressed or drained. The rejection by his family members when he was battling with drug addiction which was prior or caused by dejection from childhood. This led him to write this song expressing the loneliness that he was feeling which triggered remote or I within memories when he was associated with downtown gangsters who were shooting speedballs under the bridge in his area. He had this beautiful angel girl who was willing to love him no matter how the situation he was in. she decided to stick by him and helped him to be sane again. The song shows how much emotions are involved; warm emotions after change.


The song is simply a genius song though not originally composed by Johnny cash. He instead performed the song so deeply that emotions would naturally trigger from within when listening to his performance. The lyrics talk a lot in emotions. The emotions are extremely and surprisingly void. A soft numb calm feeling takes over. The only way to find out if an emotion exists is by hurting, literally or metaphorical. Johnny is saddened by people who live fake lives, lies which are called Society. He shows artificial happiness by producing it to fit among the society. Taking drugs to get a happy feeling as he himself used to take or use heroin. His old ways or vices gave him clear and long flashbacks. He knew he could not erase what happened along time ago. So in this song he tries to show people how someone can change and become whole again. The song has a very hard meaning and cools someone and gives them the feeling of hope which is a good feeling Infact.


This is one of the most emotional song written and sang by Eminem as he tell the world how a close friend of his committed suicide together with his pregnant wife in the car. In the lyrics he explained how the love of two was so strong that the wife could not let the man to die alone. She was willing to surpass everything she owned or cared for in this world and die together with his husband. The song triggers many emotional feelings such as the feeling of love, sadness, disappointment, courage, distress, loyalty and commitment between the two.


All of me even as it seem is a love song written and sang by the famous John Legend who was dedicating it to his wife proving that he was willing to give him all of him 100%. He saw how he loved her and decided to dedicate the song to her. The song gives anyone who listen to it chills or goosebumps the way john legend voice is well coordinated with his piano playing making very emotional. Mostly sang in weddings today.

7. JEALOUS – Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is a famous original song writer who composes and sings his owns songs in a slow and sweet manner. The song ‘jealous’ lyrics are mainly about his biological father who abandoned him together with his eight siblings when he was only 4 years old. He and his mother Pamela strained to survive but still managed to survive. The song when listened too can make anyone cry as you can feel the pain coming out of the lyrics when sang. It is very emotional.


The song basically is an emotion song as it is sung with very passionate sound mixed with the nice tune of an electric guitar making one to have chills and goosebumps. It is considered to b one of the best song with deep emotions especially when it comes to the sound.


The song has true inspirational lyrical views that make your per-conceived or different notions of people of those going to heaven or hell. It is a song of people who live as one in a community
Its message is simple and has a profound way of getting an emotion from someone.


The song talks about how his brain was dead due to the constant abuse of drugs. Due to the change in environment and meeting a new friend, it enabled him to be able to change to be a better person. The lyrics are strong especially to those with the same problem. They relate well emotionally with the lyrics or words from the song

Generally music has a great value to human beings when it comes to how we fell. Different people interpret their music differently.

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