Top 10 Songs For Boyfriend And Girlfriend of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest top 10 best Songs For Boyfriend And Girlfriend in 2017, Being in a committed relationship can be one of the best feelings in the world. Some of the strongest bonds that two people can ever form happen well before marriage when a couple is still just boyfriend and girlfriend. While there are plenty of songs generally about the feelings of love, the later listed tracks are among the best songs to celebrate the love between a boyfriend and girlfriend. While many of these songs do not specify a depth to the relationship, these are perceived most commonly to be dating songs.

Top 10 Songs For Boyfriend And Girlfriend

Here we present the list of top 10 best Songs For Boyfriend And Girlfriend in 2017.

#10. “I’ll Make Love To You” – Boyz II Men

This is one of the only songs that will be included on this list that is specifically for those times where you and your significant other are getting physical. This is quite possibly one of the best “bed it down” tracks that has ever been written, but it also speaks to a deeper love and passion that goes far beyond just the simple act of what is happening in the song.

#9. “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” – Backstreet Boys

While the Backstreet Boys might have come out with a lot of songs to woo their primarily female fan base, they didn’t anticipate creating such an iconic song for two people dating. This is a song that speaks to dedication and commitment, even without a ring. In this song a male is singing to his subject (girlfriend) saying that he’ll never break her heart, he’ll never make her cry and that he would rather die than ever live without her. That’s dedication.

#8. “Treasure” – Bruno Mars

Much along the same lines as “I’ll Never Break Your Heart”, Bruno Mars has a song all about appreciating the girl that you are with. Deeming that subject of the song a ‘treasure’, Bruno speaks to all of the ways he appreciates her and wants her to know just how special she really is. This kind of is a mirror of another honorable mention from this same artist for this list “Just The Way You Are” off of his debut album Doo Wops And Hooligans.

#7. “We Found Love” – Rihanna (feat. Calvin Harris)

There is something to be said about making the best out of some of the worst situations of your life. Some people have a hard time finding the joy in some hopeless situations, and there are others that manage to find someone to confide in (and even fall in love with) in these trying times. This is the main focus of the song “We Found Love”. That against all odds and amidst some of the most trying times that both parties singing the song have experienced, that they managed to rely on each other and find a deep and meaningful love.

#6. “Thinking Out Loud” – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has quite a few great songs about really and earnestly loving someone, but “Thinking Out Loud” is a song that really expresses the singer’s vulnerability for his significant other. He realizes that things aren’t always going to be the best that they could be, but promises throughout it all to love her until they are both old and grey. Long after the successes or the failures, that love is going to be the only constant thing that the two will rely on throughout the years to come.

#5. “Hero” – Enrique Iglesias

Sure, this song is a little cheesy and not exactly the kind of song that every man’s man wants to sing to his lady. But that being said, this is precisely the kind of lyrical content that she wants to hear from you. In this song the Spanish sex symbol remarks that he will be the hero to his significant other, and that he is going to always stand by her forever. While the song talks a lot about the fact that the singer will always be a rock for his love, it also speaks to the breathtaking beauty of the song’s subject.

#4. “Crazy In Love” – Beyonce (feat. Jay-Z)

All current issues aside, this has been one of the lasting celebrity couples that are never two to shy away from being in the lime light with their relationship. This is a song that came out fairly early on in their being a couple and Beyonce and Jay-Z cover the concept of being wild for one another, as so many boyfriends and girlfriends are to a tee. If you are looking for a song that can pinpoint how you and your boyfriend/girlfriend feel, check out this track.

#3. “Love Story” – Taylor Swift

Who doesn’t kind of want a romantic story like Romeo and Juliet in their own life? Well you want the story, apart from them both dying in the end of course. Taylor Swift captures a unique perspective on this story in her song “Love Story” and it has become a rather powerful anthem for those that are deeply in love and hoping to one day get married, which is the case for a lot of committed relationships.

#2. “Still Into You” – Paramore

This is a great song for those that have been dating for quite a while and haven’t decided to take the plunge and get married yet. This is a great reminder that no matter what, you still give each other butterflies and you are still very much all about the other person and want to stay fully committed to the relationship forever.

#1. “Love Song” – The Cure

Leave it to Robert Smith to give couples the kind of song that they can really fall in love with, as much as they are falling in love with each other. While this artist is also known for some of the saddest love songs, The Cure really nails love in all of its ups and downs through their hit “Love Song”.

There are all kinds of songs that celebrate the joys of being in love, but boyfriends and girlfriends are not exactly quite as celebrated in song form. So if you and your significant other have a love worth celebrating, check out any one of these songs that will ensure that you are feeling those same exact emotions as the singers themselves.

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