Top 10 Songs To Sing For Auditions of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest top 10 best Songs To Sing For Auditions in 2017, Auditioning can be a really nerve wracking ordeal. Even something that seems simple like selecting a track to audition with can easily feel like the biggest decision of your life. Choosing a song that doesn’t fully show off your range and ability could be the different between getting the role or the show slot and being a spectator at home. While confidence can overcome even the poorest of song choices, let’s get into ten tracks that are sure to get you a little bit of positive attention.

Top 10 Songs To Sing For Auditions

Here we present the list of top 10 best Songs To Sing For Auditions in 2017

#10. “Try To Remember” – The Fantasticks (play)

This is from a play that is about two neighbors that pretend to feud so that their children will be essentially tricked into falling in love with one another. As weird as that concept sounds, The Fantasticks has a highly acclaimed original collection of songs. The most memorable of these, ironically enough, is “Try To Remember”. If you are using this for an audition, understand that its original version is performed in the bass/baritone range.

#9. “Killing Me Softly” – Lauryn Hill/ Roberta Flack

This is a song that has been done and redone throughout the years from different artists. Perhaps for a modern audience, the Lauryn Hill version might suit your auditions a little bit better. The good thing about this song is that it can stand out significantly as an acapella performance, or could be accompanied by a host of different instrumentation and it would not pull away from the vocal power that this song can have. Traditionally this song is done in the alto range.

#8. “Let It Go” – Idina Menzel

Sure you are thinking, “Really? Frozen?” The short answer to that is yes. While it would seem like this song is being crammed down your throat by every young child everywhere, there is a serious vocal acuity that is required to pull this song off as good as it can be performed. With this in mind, it becomes a great audition track, especially if you are creative enough to modify its key and really make it your own as a male performer.

#7. “A Team” – Ed Sheeran

If you are looking for an untraditional track that can really show off your skills as a singer as either a male or a female, “A-Team” is a great song to choose, or at least to consider. This is a song that has a playful cadence throughout its verses, but it also demands a strong vocal performance to nail some of the more intricate vocal work throughout its choruses.

#6. “Jar of Hearts” – Christina Perri

There is nothing stronger than a woman scorned, and that cannot be truer than through the creation of songs like “Jar of Hearts” from Christina Perri. This is a song that can really expose people that are not confident in their singing voices, so take your time and practice this song a lot before you just step on the stage. This is a song that can blow people away if it is performed with little accompaniment or completely acapella, but that really exposes any time when your voice does not conquer some of the more challenging parts of the song.

#5. “Someone Like You” – Adele

Much like Christina Perri, Adele has a lot of tracks that would make great audition songs. A great song that more and more people are using for their auditions is “Someone Like You”. This is also a song that demands a certain vocal acuity and confidence because much of this song is focused on the spot on vocals, which makes it such a great judge of a person’s impressive singing voice.

#4. “Don’t Rain On My Parade” – Funny Girl (play)

Choosing pieces from established musical productions can be a safe play to make, and “Don’t Rain On My Parade” is a song that commands attention. This song demands confidence. It is an exciting and boisterous song, so you might want to consider at the very least buying an accompanying track to play behind you, because exposed vocals with this kind of song kind of makes it seem like you’re screaming at the audience instead of singing.

#3. “Hallelujah” – Jeff Buckley version

This is a very naked song, and it can really show off your inflections as a singer to a director or to a judge. While this song is solid on its own, it is important to fill some of the pauses with light instrumentation such as piano or even violin if possible. You might consider condensing this song a little as well, as it is kind of long in its entirety. Choose a portion of the song that can showcase the best vocal delivery that you can provide and scrap the rest. With so many auditions that the personnel will have to hear throughout the day, it will be a memorable thing not to sing the song in its entirety.

#2. “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” – Wizard of Oz

There are a few different versions of this song that you can choose to perform for auditions. The most common of these would be right out of the playbook of Judy Garland herself and directly from the feature film The Wizard of Oz. There is another impressive version that is done with a ukulele and provides a new key to sing the song in as well.

#1. “Defying Gravity” – Wicked (play)

Sure, Wicked is a little overdone. Sure, “Defying Gravity” is a little overdone of the already overdone original songs from the play on the Wizard of Oz major Broadway Musical. But being one of the most successful Broadway songs of all time, there is a reason that “Defying Gravity” still sits at the top of this list. It is a commanding song that tests a singer and shows off their vocal ability and range.

These are some of the best tracks that you can use to really make a statement with an upcoming audition that you might have. For songs that tend to be a little more on the heavily used side of things, you might consider a way to change up the song slightly and make it your own version of the track and unlike something that the director or the judges might not have ever heard before, even though the song itself is frequently used.


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