Top 10 Best Korean Pop Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Korean Pop songs of all time 2017, Korean pop music is also known as K-Pop and it is a dominant commercialized form of music in Korea, Asia and around the world. K-Pop music is arguably the best style of commercial music within Asia. Many people all over the world like K-Pop music because it has a sound and style that is very similar to western music. However, it also has a unique style on its own. To date, one of the biggest songs on the planet, is Gangnam style by Psy. So, this Korean artist has helped to push Korean pop music to new heights. People all over the globe are now paying more attention than ever to this music style. Here is a list of the best Korean pop songs of all time.

Top 10 latest new Korean Pop songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Korean Pop songs of all time 2017.

10. Fantastic Baby Live by Big Bang

Big Bang is a huge Korean or K-pop group that released the song Fantastic Baby Live back in 2012. This song was a huge hit on the Oricon music charts. This song was the perfect pop song for K-Pop fans everywhere. It resonated with a lot of flavor and style and the song was truly a cultural sensation; not only in Korea but all over Asia as well. Big Bang knows how to deliver top notch music.

9. I Got a Boy by Girl’s Generation

Girl’s Generation released I Got a Boy in 2013 and this song was a huge hit for this all popular and fantastic girl group. These K-Pop honeys have been making trendy music for years. Their fantastic sound, delivery and look is what helped to catapult them to success. I Got a Boy is a testament to the greatness of this band and this song has managed to entertain and to enthrall audiences for many years.

8. Day by Day

Day by Day was 2008 release by the K-Pop group Rebulution in 2013. This song resonates with a superb pop sound and it moves with a great flavor. Day by Day knows how to make K-Pop fans jam and get into its groove this song is one of the best in East and it will continue to hold this position for a long time. People who remembered hearing back in 2008 will instantly remember how this jam made them feel at the time. It was covered by other major K-Pop artists such as Big Bang.

7. Gee by Girl’s Generation

Girl’s Generation is back on this list again with their 2009 hit Gee. This song is a classical K-Pop song that knows how to keep fans entertained. As usual, the ladies of Girl’s Generation has some really good voices that knows how to sing and to makes some compelling hit songs. Gee is just a trendy K-Pop song that people can dance to or just sit back and chill while listening to it.

6. Growl by eox

In 2013 the K-Pop group XOXO made the song Growl which was a very high powered hit song in Korea during the time. The song was rocking and moving piece that made people want to dance and have a good time. Growl is everything that a pop song needs to be. It has the right rhythm, vocals and charm to make it a great hit for the radio and a song that young people will like to listen to over and over again.

5. Sorry, Sorry

Super Junior is a premiere K-Pop group in Korea. In 2009 they released a song called Sorry, Sorry. This song was such a huge hit in Korea that it was played almost everywhere a person could go during that year. This song was just a certified hit that moved with conviction and it helped to cement Super Junior as an established pop group with a lot of pull in Korean society.

4. Brown Eyed Girls by Abracadabra

Abracadabra is not a real popular J-Pop group that is known outside of South Korea. However, they are very popular in some parts of the East. In 2010 they made the song Brown Eyed Girls and this jam was a huge hit for this group. People loved this tune and they liked jamming out to it. This tune was a favorite and was constantly played inside of many South Korean clubs after it debuted in 2010. Brown Eyed Girls is truly one of the best K-Pop songs of all time.

3. It G Ma

Keith Ape is a huge K-Pop rap artists who went viral back in 2015 with his song It G Ma. This song is a rap tune but it is also classified under pop music as well. It gained success on YouTube and helped to push Keith Ape into the realm of a mega superstar. He has over 34 million views for this song. This song is hard, powerful and very aggressive. Many people love it and enjoy this Korean version of rap music that is timeless and enduring.

2. I Am the Best by 2NE1

I Am the Best is a huge hit that nearly took over the world. This song is a K-Pop masterpiece that even took the U.S. by storm back in 2011. The song was played on radio stations everywhere and people wanted more of 2NE1. I Am the Best was so prominent that it even was able to be used in various popular name brand commercials. People in American, Canadian and U.K. clubs played this song as well. I Am the Best won numerous awards and is considered one of the biggest and best selling songs in K-Pop history.

1. Gangnam Style by PSY

Now we come to the number 1 song in all of K-Pop history. It is Gangnam Style by Psy. This song showed up in 2012 and a few years later it amassed close to 3 billion views on YouTube. This is the biggest song of all time not only in terms of most views but in terms of sales. Not even Michael Jackson, Elvis or even the legend in the making (Justin Bieber) could amass this amount of views for their songs. By the way Justin Bieber (2015 Sorry song) comes in a close second but Psy is still slightly ahead of him.

Gangnam Style was not only popular for the song but the dance is what helped to push it to the forefront as well. People everywhere at the time came up with their own versions of the Gangnam Style. This element helped the song to achieve legendary success. Gangnam style is the hit that has truly brought the K-Pop sound for the rest of the world to hear.

Korean pop music is steadily encroaching into other markets. This music is still struggling within the western world but it is slowly inching its way into western music circles.

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