Top 10 Best Violin Pop Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Violin Pop songs of all time 2017, Violin Pop song covers have become increasingly popular thanks to music sharing pages like YouTube. Music fans love watching variations of already popular music and the violin in the perfect instrument for it. It’s soft pitch sound has the ability to really imitate the human voice. These following artists ability to copy the singers voice with their violin is indescribable and inspiring. The violin, for the longest time, has been thought of as an instrument limited to country music styles or classical music. These artists have pushed the envelope to prove that the violin is a versatile instrument that can be incorporated into any genre of music.

Top 10 latest new Violin Pop songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Violin Pop songs of all time 2017.

10. David Wong violin cover of Roar by Katy Perry

The original song is an anthem for all the women out there wanting their voice heard. David Wong did a beautiful remake of it maintaining the same inspiring sound. Much of the vocals you would expect to be hard to copy with the violin but David Wong does it gracefully and with ease. It’s such a beautiful piece to listen to. The video is pleasant to watch as he entertainingly plays his violin with emotion and gusto.

09. Simply Three (violin, cello & bass) cover of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep

Simply Three is well known among instrumental lovers. They did an amazing cover of Rolling in the Deep with some drumming in background that inspires the same feelings the original does. Along with the violin is also the cello and bass. The three instruments together create an amazing collection of sounds sure to pull the emotions out of your heart. The beautiful video has images of them in different natural settings and watching them play as a trio is delightful.

08. Daniel Jang cover of Closer by The Chainsmokers

Daniel is a Taiwanese-American with some killer violin skills. His cover of Closer is breathtaking and manages to make your heart skip a beat. Daniel has been playing the violin since he was three years old and it is noticeable in his ease to replicate the vocals of Closer. Besides the violin he knows how to play the guitar, piano and has a great singing voice. His accomplishments as a violinist and artist are evident in this video.

07. David Garrett violin cover of Viva La Vida

David is an acknowledged violinist from Germany with phenomenal talent. The music video that accompanies this song inspired the same feelings as the original by Coldplay. By the time David was twelve years he old he managed to be practicing with Polish violinist Ida Haendel and has been learning the violin since he was four! Not to mention this talented man has been selling cd’s since he was fourteen.

06. Jun Sung Ahn cover of Frozen’s Let It Go

This Korean-American artist blew the world away with his cover of Let It Go. He was first recognized for his cover of Ghangam Style and has been acknowledged ever since for his incredible talent. He’s been performing since he was in fifth grade and has been doing nothing but improving ever since. In just a few months he managed to have seventeen million views and 130,000 subscribers on his YouTube page.

05. Peter Lee Johnson cover of The Weeknd’s Starboy

Very little information is on the internet about this man except videos of his fantastic violin playing. Not much needs to be said about this mans talent. His ability to copy and cover vocals with his violin is mind blowing. Incorporated with the violin is some pop sounding electronics. He manages to merge the two together beautifully.

04. Robert Mendoza violin cover of Calvin Harris & Rihanna’s This Is What You Came For

The YouTube video of this song has had over 1 million views alone. That says more than enough about the outstanding sound of this song along with Robert’s exceptional talent. He is fun to watch and has a great stage presence.

03. Bryson Andres violin cover of Twenty One Pilots Heathens

This violin cover was beautifully arranged and the theatrics of the video is entrancing. Bryson performs with a Dia De Los Muertos face makeup on which puts you in the perfect mood for the tone of the song. This song is visually enlightening and the music has a gloomy undertone that shows perfectly why the original was used on the Suicide Squad soundtrack.

02. Jun Sung Ahn Dance & Violin Cover of Psy

Gangnam Style (강남스타일) – This had to be added to the list because of the attention it got around the world. Not only does he play the violin and grace our ears with his great style we get to watch him dance along to it as well. It’s a delightful cover that will make you laugh and cheer for him. The song has some singing incorporated in it’s original language. None the less, whether you understand the lyrics or not it is extremely entertaining and worth the view.

01. David Wong cover of Radioactive originally by Imagine Dragons

There are a great deal of electrical and high pitch electronic sounds in the original and he replaced the vocals and music perfectly with his violin. It has been raved as the best cover of any song ever by fans and it’s a joy to listen to repeatedly. The original song draws out emotion but the violin by David Wong has managed to create more emotion than the original.

Whether you love finding the next best cover song or you just really love violins I hope this list brought you some new sounds to make your day brighter. There are so many talented people in the world and this list definitely showcases the best violin players on the internet right now. The other awesome thing about these artists is many of them are available for private dance parties and other events. You can have this beautiful music showcased at your next party, your wedding or other event. In a world full of electronically driven sounds it is a refreshing change to listen to sounds lovingly produced by an instrument of wood and string.

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