Top 10 Pop Songs April 2017

Welcome to our countdown for Top 10 Pop Songs April 2017! Every month we give to you a music list to enjoy! This time we have some hot and happening tracks which are getting really popular. Ed Sheeran is everywhere! He seems to be encroaching the number 1 spot in all top charts. We have the perfect combination of Chainsmokers and Coldplay on our list. Paris by the Chainsmokers is comfortable on number 6 this month. In a nutshell, this is going to be a wonderful pop song list for your playlist.

Are you ready to go for a musical pop ride? YES, you are!!!

Top 10 Pop Songs April 2017

10. Down – Marian Hill

Down by Marian Hill is on number 10 this month. This is the kind of song you would want to listen to when you are feeling down. The video is clean and simple! We are loving the video and Marian Hill’s voice is just music to our ears. She has definitely got a lot of potential to be on number 1! It is a very relaxing song and makes you feel happy.

09. Chained to the Rhythm – Katy Perry featuring Skip Marley

Katy Perry is a lovely lady and her songs make us dance and swing. Yes, this is the kind of song which will make you happy and be up in the club dancing. We love the vocals and the video is charming. It has been shot in an amusement park and Katy Perry in her crazy outfit and pink hair makes her look wonderful.

08. Rockabye – Clean Bandit Featuring Sean Paul and Anne Marie

Ah! This is the kind of song that makes you dance. The song starts on a fun note. Annie Marie’s voice is certainly beautiful. We love the video – especially the part when the oldies are lip-syncing. The song is about a single mother and she is a pole dancer. It talks about her struggles! Well, you sure will get to see some nice pole dancing skills in this video. Also, this gives a good message for all the single mothers who are taking care of their children in the best possible way. Salute to them!

07. Mercy – Shawn Mendes

Looks like Shawn Mendes is getting hurt in almost all his songs. This is a heartbreaking song in which Shawn Mendes is telling the girl to have mercy on him and not tear him apart. Well, the truth is that love is beautiful but it does bring a lot of hurt. The meaning of the song is captured beautifully in the video. The vocals by Shawn Mendes is very powerful and we absolutely love it.

06. Paris – The Chainsmokers

Paris is on top charts everywhere this month! The Chainsmokers have done a brilliant job with this song. They are not referring to Paris but a state of mind that the two lovers are in. It is a state of bliss when two people are in love. However it talks about the past of how the lovers lived in Paris which is a perfect relationship. This song is perfect for all the lovers out there and the video is beautifully shot.

05. Love on the Brain – Rihanna

Rihanna is a seductress and with this song, she has proved it that she is hot and happening. She looks stunning in the song, ‘Love on the brain’. There is no doubt she is a brilliant singer! The video is gorgeous! It is a dark video but her fans are totally loving it. This song takes pop songs to a next level. The lyrics touch your soul and the video is doing justice as well.

04. That’s what I like – Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is known for his happy songs and soulful voice. It is a famous pop song and the lyrics suggest that Bruno Mars is telling his prospective partner about his likes. He sure loves strawberry champagne all night! He seems to be a perfect summer romance type of a guy with this song! His voice does the charm with this song.

03. I feel it coming – The Weeknd Featuring Daft Punk

French duo Daft Punk paired with the famous The Weeknd is making news for its song, ‘I feel it coming’. The R&B Soul number is winning several hearts and we are definitely a big fan of this team. Lyrically, The Weeknd is singing a song for the girl who has had really tough relationships in the past. The lyrics have a sexual context as well! Well, it seems like The Weeknd and Daft Punk have pulled the crowd with this number.

02. I don’t wanna live forever – Zayn and Taylor Swift

Woohoo! Taylor Swift is a sexy avatar! Well, you do get to see Taylor Swift in a different light with this song from Fifty Shades Darker Movie. The powerful vocals of Zayn and Taylor Swift make this song a big hit. Yes, we are totally digging it and we want to see more of this duo in near future.

01. Shape of you – Ed Sheeran

A birdie told us that a fan of Ed Sheeran got jailed for listening to this song for almost 30 minutes! Well, you DO see the craziness for this particular song. Ed Sheeran’s fans are going gaga over Shape of You song because it is making the world dance. We are dancing while writing this for you! This song is a total hit and it is ideal for a dance club. Lyrically, the song tells how Ed Sheeran is obsessed over this woman he sees at the bar. We totally love the concept, the music and also the vocals of Ed Sheeran.

Wasn’t this list super cool or what? Let us make a pact! Get hooked to our Top 10 playlists and we will make sure that we bring the best song lists for you every month. Our sole aim is to add music to your life and not just any music! We will be back next month with another hot pop songs music list which will spin your head right round!

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  1. I love all those songs but the most favourite one I like has to be zany featuring Taylor swift don’t want to live forever

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