Imran Khan Top 10 Songs, New Songs in 2017

The Pakistani singer born on 28 May 1984 in The Hague, Neitherlands but his origin place is Gujranwala, Punjab in Pakistan. He is an awesome Dutch- Pakistani and Punjabi singer, song writer and wonderful composer. His first single ‘Ni Nachleh’ produced by Eren E in 2007.He was also nominated for UK Asian Music Awards but did not win. He also won “Male Music Artist of the Year” at the 2010 Anokhi Magazine Awards. “Amplifier” and “Bewafa” are one of the best tracks sung by Imran Khan and cross about 20 million views on YouTube. Imran Khan won “BritAsian World Music Awards” 3 times in United Kingdom.

Imran Khan Top 10 Songs, New Songs in 2017

Top 10 Songs By Imran Khan until 2017:

Checkout this list of Imran Khan top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10. Bewafa (Unforgettable)-

This beautiful Imran Khan’s song is from Album “Unforgettable”. The song is produced by HakanOzan and was released on 30 November 2009.This track gained popularity because of it beautiful music, awesome lyrics and wonderful background music. It is Hip Hop song with soothing music. The track got positive response from audience due to its marvelous lyrics, awesome background music and having melodious voice of Imran Khan.

9. Aaja We Mahiya (Unforgettable) –

Another beautiful track of UK Punjabi singer ‘Imran Khan’ from his Album “Unforgettable”, this track is produced by Eren E and it is one of the hit songs of Imran Khan. The song became quite famous instantly due to its lyrics and nice background music. It is a perfect track to dance on.

8. Amplifier (Unforgettable) –

The wonderful track of Imran Khan from his Album Unforgettable; The song got huge success because of Imran Khan’s awesome voice and perfect background music. The track loved by his fans and generates more than 2 million views on internet.The track got “Best Album” and “Best Video” in Uk Asian Music Awards in 2010.

7. Let’s Celebrate (Tevar)-

The alluring track from the Bollywood blockbuster “Tevar”. The song is sung by Imran Khan and lead role is played by Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha. It has attractive background music and pleasing voice of wonderful singer Imran Khan. The track got huge attention among his fans due to its awesome lyrics and pleasant voice Imran Khan.

6. Bounce Billo (Unforgettable) –

Another pretty song of Imran Khan from his latest Album Unforgettable; the song contains wonderful lyrics, awesome choreography and marvelous music. This track come in 2009 and got huge popularity on Internet due to magnificent voice of Imran Khan.The song is perfect for party and to dance on.

5. Teri Meri Yari (Teri Meri Yari) –

Another glorious title track by awesome singer Imran Khan, The song released on 24 March 2016; this is a Punjabi song and a perfect number to dance on. It has a delightful music and also lovely background music. Awesome song is mainly for companions. The music of this alluring song is composed by Imran Khan while its lyrics are also given by him.

4. Imaginary (Imaginary)-

A beautiful single of Imran Khan produced by Eren E. The track was released in 2015 and admire by his fans due to its marvelous music and superb lyrics. He also won three awards from “Pakistani Music and Media Awards” for finest video and best song because of this particular track. The single got instantly success because of its magnificent background music, delightful lyrics and harmonious voice of Imran Khan.

3. Ni Nachleh (Unforgettable) –

This awesome single is sung by Imran Khan and Lucky in 2007. The excellent work of Imran Khan is praised by people for this song. It was his first song and produced by Eren E. The wonderful Punjabi track is best to dance on. He won “Best Album” at Brit Asia TV Music Awards for his Album Unforgettable in 2010. Imran Khan started his music career with this single while audience are also attracted by this track due to tuneful lyrics with pretty background music.

2. 40 pra (Unforgettable) –

Another marvelous Punjabi track by Imran Khan released in 2009; again an honorable work of Imran Khan for this beautiful song, the song manages to create excitement among Imran fans. The music of this wonderful track is composed by Eren E and Hakan Ozan. It contains beautiful vocals while its music is pretty and great. the particular track gained so much of feminism within few days after release and became popular among Punjabi fans.

1. Qott Ghusian Da (Unforgettable)-

A wonderful single of Imran Khan about love, piece and respect while awesome track is produced by HakanOzan while lyrics are given by Shabby in 2010; the song motivates to love and respect everyone so it was loved by people and cross about 2 million views on YouTube. The single inspire everyone with a wonderful massage of peace. An awesome track loved by Imran Khan Fans and one can listen it again and again.

Update: As per the recent update there is no information about Imran Khan’s upcoming songs or events so we cannot provide u any data regarding that but if any information will come under our analysis than surely we will notify you that.

Imran Khan is the one of the most eminent singer in music industry. He won three awards from “Pakistani Music and Media Awards (PMMA) for best lyricist, best video and also best song. He also achieves “Male Music Artist of the Year” at the Anokhi Magazine Awards in 2010. Imran Khan mainly sung Punjabi songs with excitement and passion. He sung many energetic songs which inspire his audience and fill them with excitement. Imran Khan is a multitalented versatile singer with kind heart.

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