Top 10 Punjabi Songs In May 2017

In the below list we have added the top ten Punjabi songs of May 2017 that gained huge success in and became commercial hit. Although some of them are just an average number but they all are sung by great Punjabi Artist. Indian music industry is a diversified field having different types of music ranging from classical to pop to folk music. Many languages are a part of Indian music industry and one of them is Punjabi. Punjabi music is also inspired from styles like Sufi, classical and folk music. This music is composed from many instruments like Chimta, Sarangi, Dhadd, tumbi and many more. Traditional songs offer wide range of songs suitable for every occasion. In today’s time, Punjabi music circuit has changed tremendously. Though most of the songs are still inspired from the traditional and cultural background yet many of them have westernized touch to it. Remix, rap and hip hop have captured the Punjabi music industry.

Top 10 Punjabi Songs In May 2017

Let’s have a look at the top 10 Punjabi Songs trending in May 2017:

10. Crazy Ya:

Sung by Jazzi B and Lil Golu for the album Folk n Funny. The song is featuring model Lopamudra. It has crossed over 10 million views. It’s a rap song sung by the singer after a long gap. Just like his other songs, this song also become hit and loved by his huge fan following.

9. Haa Kurvakeh:

Jassi sindhu has sung this party song written by Mehroze and composed by DJ K Square. The hit trio has created magic onscreen and has earned huge fame, money and admiration. It was also viewed by more than 1.5 million viewers. It has earned major success in India as well as in other countries especially where Punjabi community resides in large numbers.

8. Chal Jindua:

It was sung by Ranjit Bawa and Jasmine Sandlas. The song has been among the top songs since its release. It is from the movie Jindua featuring very popular actors of Punjabi and Hindi cinema- Jimmy Shergill, Neeru Bajwa and Sargun Mehta. Till few weeks back it has reached to 2nd position. Since 10 weeks, this song has managed to be among the top Punjabi songs.

7. Nakhre:

Another hit song by the very popular and Handsome Punjabi singer Jassi gill has reached to no. 7 spot. It was written by Maninder Kailey. This beautiful song has been reaching the chart busting list from the last 5 weeks. Jassi Gill has a different magic and image which appeals to the large section of the music lovers. He is considered as the Idol by the younger generation. Jassi Gill enjoys huge fan following especially among girls.

6. Mann Bharrya:

An emotional song featuring Himanshi Khurana is sung by B Praak. It’s deep, emotional and heart touching lyrics was penned by Jaani. It been a hit song right from its release date and it has been trending for the last 7 weeks. The song shows the tragic end of a love story. It is trying to show how infidelity, suspicion and doubt can also destroy a perfect relationship.

5. Na Ja:

A popular Punjabi single released by White Hill Music Label has become super hit song. It has crossed more than 34 million views. The song is written, composed and sung by Pav Dharia itself. The song has created a different image and reputation for the artist who has single-handedly managed to complete this song.

4. Sohnea:

Sung by Miss Pooja has become one of her biggest songs. It was presented by Speed Records and was written by Happy Raikoti. Miss Pooja is one of the most popular singers of recent times. Her name is alone sufficient to make the songs hit. It’s a cool, casual and romantic song which is predicting the simple and naughty fights and complaints of the lovers. This song has crossed 9 million views mark which is huge in itself.

3. Tu Meri Ki Lagdi:

Is sung by sensational singer Navv Inder in the album ‘Tu Meri Ki Lagdi’. The utter romantic song is written by Navi Kamboz. The song has a very fresh, cute appeal because of which it is loved by the youth. The song is featuring very pretty Mahi Sharma and Navv Inder. The magical pairing of the two has made this song as one of the most successful romantic song.

2. Yaar Ve:

It’s the second highest trending song in May. It has got more than 3 million views on internet. The music was given by B Praak and was penned by Jaani for the movie ‘Yaar Ve’. The beautiful song was sung by very talented singer Harish Verma. A very romantic song takes the viewers to the flashback and shows how a great relationship was affected and later how they reunite in the end.

1. Bamb Jatt:

A fabulous song trending the music charts from the last 5 weeks. It is at no. 1 position from the last 2 weeks. This has been sung by Amrit Mann and Jasmine Sandlas in the album ‘Bamb Jatt’. The lyrics are penned by Amrit Mann itself. The song has 21 million views on YouTube.

Punjabi Music industry has undergone many changes from traditional to modern. All the varieties are equally popular and loved by the majority of the viewers. Bhangra Music– the most famous among all the Punjabi music has established itself at the global platform and reached wider audiences. With the increasing population of Punjabi community in UK, Canada and other countries have also increased the scope of Punjabi music in the world. This global recognition has given Punjabi music industry its’ due respect and recognition. Above listed songs became hit in May 2017 and gained so much popularity.


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