Top 10 Best Electro Rap Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Electro Rap songs of all time 2017, Electro Rap is a combination of electronic music and rap music. This sub-genre may have started some time back it gained popularity over recent years and it has taken the music industry by storm. Anytime you feel like jamming and nodding your head, you will love this sub-genre. It is great to listen to it when you are simply at home as well as when you are out clubbing. Some of the artists who have embraced this sub-genre include Lil Jon, Diddy, and Guy Gerber among others are bound to convince you that this sub-genre is worth your time when you are listening to the best. The following are the top 10 best electro rap songs of all time.

Electro Rap Song Top 10 latest new Electro rap songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Electro Rap songs of all time 2017.

10. Let it Roll by Doug Lazy

Released in the year 1989, this song managed to scoop the top position in the same year in the U.S. billboard for Hot Dance Club Play. It is exactly what you need to loosen up and get your groove on. While it is great for clubbing, it has also been used in as the theme song for the WWE Friday Night Smack Down for those who watch also managed to scoop the title Divide Day’s Single 2010. Overall, the beat and rhythm are outstanding and thus a powerful song to date.

9. Hotel Room Service by Pitbull

Hotel Room Service was released in the year 2009 by Pitbull. It was included in the fourth album Rebelution. This song goes a long way to define the aspect of electro rap with great electronic beats and a great rap session by the artists. Considering that it was released in the current century, you can find it on both iTunes and mainstream radio. In the US Billboard Hot 100 charts, it managed to peak to position 8 in the same year of its released.

8. Street Tuff by Rebel MC & Double Trouble

Street Tuff was released in the year 1989 and it received global recognition. Its great beat popularized it and it made it to the top of charts. Due to this song, the artists who participated also received global recognition. It scooped position 3 on the UK Singles Chart. It is not only a great song to dance to, but it is also a great single to keep a party going.

7. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) by C+C Music Factory

This great single was released in the year 1990 and it was included in the album, Gonna Make you sweat as the lead single. With great rhythm, this song managed to hit the top position in a number of charts such as Austria (03 Austria Top 40), Canadian RPM 10 Dance, Germany (Official German Charts), as well as the US Billboard Hot 100 amongst others. It gets even better with the song earning a platinum certification with sales of over 1 million.

6. Turn Down for What by DJ Snake & Lil Jon

Released in the year 2013, this song has been played by one of the well-known musicians. While Lil John is known for his hits in the crunk music genre, he is embracing electro rap and ringing out the best in it. This song has become more like a national anthem across the globe. Whether it is in radio stations, clubs, or the next concert you are thinking of attending, you are likely to hear this song. The dance steps on the video are something else. The name of the song is probably on everyone’s tongue and one cannot help but respond every time this song is playing.

5. Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO

Sexy and I Know It was released in the year 2011, and it was included in their album, Sorry for Party Rocking. Quite ironical, this song was definitely sung to party and rock any party. Stefan Kendal Gordy wrote it and it has remained a party song to date. In the year 2012, it scooped position 1 in the Billboard Hot 100 and managed to stick to that position for about 2 weeks. This said, it is a song that every party freak should use to get a party started.

4. (I Wanna Give You Devotion) by Nomad Featuring MC Mike

This song was not only great for its beat but it was also recognized for its ability to bring down any party due to its lyrics. Released in the year 1990, it opened doors to this music genre. It was included in the album, Changing Cabins. Later, it managed to grab the second position in the top ten UK hit while at the same time grabbing position 1 in the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart singles in the United States. The lyrics is outstanding and you cannot help but sing along especially to the chorus.

3. Club Can’t Handle Me by Flo Rida featuring David Guetta

The name of this hit single says it all for all party animals out there. Released in the year 2010, it was included in the album Only One Flow as well as in the Step Up 3D soundtrack album. It hit the global industry y storm and took top positions in countries such as Poland, Belgium, Germany, as well as New Zealand. Just in the US, it managed to sell more than 3 million copies of this song. It is the ideal definition of what electrorap is all about right from the start of the song.

2. Blueberry (Pills and Cocaine) by Darq E Freaker & Danny Brown

This song was released in the year 2012 and right from the start, it will grab your attention. The rhythm is downright electric and the two artists brought out the best of rap as you know it. The change in the highs and lows of this song will keep you on your toes and for good reason too. It gradually peaks to allow you preserve your dance energy for the best. You cannot ignore but nod to the beat even for those listening to it for the first time.

1. Wild for the Night by Skrillex & A$AP Rocky

Just as the name of the song suggests, this is a great hit to turn your night out or night party wild. Wild for the Night was released in the year 2013 and it has turned clubs into something else. The two artists are each gifted in the different genres but once they came together to release this song, they defined electrorap at its best. This song has great beats and once you watch the video, it is a song to always have close to you to boost your mood. It is a great song to let loose and party hard.

There you have it, the above top 10 best electro rap songs of all time. Get ready to let go of everything and bring down your party. Get the party started and keep it going longer with the above songs. Electrorap may have gained popularity later despite having great samples in the early 1980’s but it is currently the genre to listen to when you intend going out to let loose and have fun. This music sub-genre is practically taking over your radio stations. Listen to the above songs and you are bound to embrace these types of songs.

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