Top 10 Rap songs January 2017

Checkout the below listed top 10 new rap songs of January 2017, With the new year approaching people are excited about what will come to the music world. There are some new artists that are getting ready to make their entrance into music and there are some new songs that are going to be put out by those that are already enjoying music success. With the new year there are new charts and rankings of the top songs in the country. There are the overall top songs and then the songs that are the top of specific genres. These are the top 10 rap songs for January 2017.

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Here we enlist the latest and best top 10 new rap songs for January 2017.

Rap song Top 10 Rap songs January


10. Chill Bill – Rob Stone

This song moved up to the number 10 spot on the charts since last week. This song is by Rob Stone featuring J. Davis and Spooks. These artists are new in the rap game but they are already putting out some good music. This song deals with some of the favorite things of a rapper which is money and how they are getting this money. There is a nice beat and this is an overall good song.

9. Déjà vu – J. Cole

This song by J. Cole is still in the top 10 going into the new year. Cole has put out several records and has gained the respect of fans. This song deals with a topic that most people have experienced at one time or another. People get a feeling that something that is happening to them has already happened before.

8. Bounce Back – Big Sean

This song is by Big Sean. It has moved up to the number 8 position all the way from number 16 last week. This song can make a person want to get up and dance. There is a heavy beat that a person can dance to and lyrics that make a person want to get up and bounce around. Big Sean has been around for some time now and he is finally getting recognized in the rap world.

7. OOOUUU – Young M.A.

This song is by Young M.A. It was at number 18 last week and is coming all the way up to number 7 in the top ten charts. This song is by a young Girl. She has a baby face and looks young. She dresses like a gangsta with his dreads and his baggy clothing. Young M. A. may still be young but he has a lot of talent. It seems like She will have a good future in the rap game.

6. Bad and Boujee – Migos

This is a song by Migos featuring Lil Uzi Vert. this is another song that has moved up the chart. These two rappers are finding fame with this song. It is a good song to party to. Both of these artists are talented and they are making the way up the charts with their talent.

5. Caroline – Amine

This song is by Amine. This song talks about a girl and trouble with this girl. This is something that most people can relate to and has experienced at one time or another in their life. This song is just the charts from number 8. Amine is another rapper that is relatively unknown. If he keeps on making songs like this it is just a matter of time before he has several number one hits.

4. Fake Love – Drake

This song is by Drake. Drake has been around in the rap game for several years now. People have come to know and love his music. He has several songs that can make a person get up and dance. This lyrics also speak to the listeners as well. Drake is now rapping about fake love. He realized that the girl does not love him for his personality but rather loves him for his fame, money, and lifestyle. This is something that happens all too often to famous people. The average person can relate to fake love as well. This song is up one spot since last week.

3. Bad Things – Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello

Machine Gun Kelly and x Camila Cabello talk about well the bad things they have done in their life. Before becoming famous in the rap game there are some things that have to be done in the ghetto in order to survive. Not all of these things are safe and in most cases they are not legal. This song is up from the number 7 spot last week. These rappers are not too well known yet. With their song in the top 5 going into January 2017 that is about to change. They are rappers to keep an eye on in the next year or so.

2. Juju on That Beat – Zay Hilfigerr and Zayion McCall

This song is also known as the TZ anthem. It is performed by Zay Hilfigerr and Zayion McCall. This song is just from the number three spot last week. This is a song that deals with getting the beat on and getting up and having a good time. This is a great song to dance and party to. The lyrics are all about having fun and getting to listen to music with a good beat. This song will be featured at several clubs over the holidays when a person wants to get the party going and make sure their guests have a good time and dance.

1. Black Beatles – Rae Sremmrd and Gucci Mane

This song is by Rae Sremmrd and Gucci Mane. Gucci has been around in the rap game for some time now and has built a good reputation for himself and his music. Rae is still unknown to most people but has a great song that has reached number one on the charts. This song was also number one last week. These two rappers together has put on a great song and they will be enjoying the fame . This is another great song that a person can get up and dance to.

These are the top 10 best rap songs for January 2017. Starting the year off at the top of the charts is something that most rappers only dream of. These rappers are gaining fame and a topping the charts. It seems 2017 is going to be a good year for many of these rappers and more is to be expected from them.


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  1. no offense but its a good list but a lot of these rappers pretty much sound the same… for 2017 just my personal opinion I think we are loosing originality I really like drake but a lot of people now are copying his style. Underground rappers like LH from No Comp ,Ny Brewed ect are bringing a more original feel back to rap… but that’s just my opinion but good list though

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