Top 10 Rap Songs of April 2017

Welcome to our countdown of Top 10 Rap Songs April 2017! We are back with a happening rap song list which will make your foot go tap, tap, tap! Yes, the list is interesting because Drake is ruling it with 4 of his hit songs from his new album More Life. Whom do we have on top? You will find that out once you go through our HOT list of Top 10 Rap Songs April 2017.

Are you ready for the musical ride? Let’s take a look at the top 10 Rap tracks this month.

Top 10 Rap Songs April 2017

10. Gyalchester – Drake

We have Drake ruling the list this month with four of his songs! Yes, Drake is unstoppable with his album More Life. The album has surely gotten him More LIKES on social media. He is ruling the rap world with his album. Gyalchester is the nickname for Manchester, Jamaica. He has used the word Gyal instead of Man because there are many beautiful gals (women) in the area. Drakes loves beautiful girls and that’s what the song is about! He is having fun in this album for sure!

09. T-shirt – Migos

T-shirt is a song by Migos from their album Culture. Migos is an American hip hop group and they are creating a storm in the rap music industry with their presence. They sure have the talent to conquer the industry. The words are sharp and the music is fab! Migos is certainly topping many charts this month with its famous song Bad and Bourjee. This one seems to be a big hit too!

08. Mask off – Future

Mask off is a song by the Future and it is gaining much popularity on Social Media. The hit song inspired social media to run a flue challenge. Professional flutists posted their rendition of the tune and it created a buzz. The song is a big hit among rap music lovers. People are appreciating the music and the talent of Future. We hope we see more of brilliant rap songs from Future in near future.

07. Free Smoke – Drake

There was news all over that Drake is making a dig at Kid Cudi with his song Free Smoke. Who knows the truth? There are suggestive lyrics which feel like he is making a indirect dig. Music gives us the freedom to express ourselves. Why not? Free Smoke is on number 7 this month and it is definitely deserving. Social media is on fire when fans tweeted about this indirect dig at Kid Cudi. Well, we just know that the song is fantastic and the vocals of Drake are capturing our attention.

06. Fake Love – Drake

Drake seems to be everywhere! His songs are on Billboard and we are loving him too! The song is called Fake Love and it is from his album More Life. There is a lot of talk about his new album. The album shows a new side of Drake and he seems to be more calm and composed. He talks about fake love in this song where he says people show him fake love and they have been trying to take his place. Every song tells a story and this is just one of them.

05. Bounce Back – Big Sean

Bounce back is a song by Big Sean from his album, ‘I decided’. Big Sean teased the song on social media first and then Smash David and Hitmaka teased the song on Instagram. This was several weeks before the song got released. Bounce Back has made its way to the famous Billboard and it is on number 5 on our list this month. It is surely getting a lot of attention.

04. iSpy – Kyle featuring Lil Yachty

iSpy is the kind of song that would get up and dance to! It is a feel good song and in an interview, Kyle did accept that the song was made casually to make people feel good. It is a single by Kyle featuring Lil Yachty. It has made its way on the Billboard and of course, our list!

03. Portland – Drake featuring Quavo and Travis Scott

Drake released a new album with 22 songs and it is called More Life. This one comparatively a jovial track from Drake whom we see in a sad avatar talking about failed relationship. This surely is a fresh breath of air. He paired up with Quavo and Travis Scott to make a brilliant rap song like this. We do not care what they say! Drake has done a good job on this one and the fans are loving it.

02. Tunnel Vision – Kodak Black

Kodak Black comes with a track which tells a story. He is singing about the time he spent in jail. It was surely depressive and he is talking about corrupt system. This rap song is surely capturing all his feelings and the music is what impresses us. We have to give it to Kodak Black for this song! It truly deserves to be on number 2 this month. Well, the video seems to be controversial but the song is surely gaining everyone’s attention.

01. Bad and Boujee – Migos

Boujee is a term they are for Bourgeoisie which is basically capitalist or upper class. For more elaborate details, we had to go through readings of Karl Marx. Migos are on top this month with Bad and Boujee. It is certainly a very cool song that is making us move and dance. The video has some classy uptown girls and the bad boys! The vocals are great and the video does justice to the song lyrics.

Did you find the list interesting? We work hard to make these lists for you because at the end of the day, music is our life and we want to bring good music into your life. If you are a rap lover, you will love the list. We will be back with more rap hits next month. Till then, dance, sing and spread love.

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