Top 10 Rap Songs February 2017

Checkout the below listed top 10 new Rap songs of February 2017, Rap can be hard, it can be melodious, and it can definitely send a message. From the first and most important artists that laid down the first beats to the superstars of today rap has evolved in so many ways that it’s hard to imagine what it used to be back in the day. Afrika Bambaataa, Grand Master Flash, and the Sugar Hill Gang were icons that first brought this genre forward in its earliest days, and in some tracks it’s easy to see the influence that managed to create such a powerful and explosive genre. In the modern age rap has taken a definite turn for the better, and the top ten rap songs in February of 2017 will only serve to redefine and embrace the culture that they represent.

Rap Song Top 10 Rap Songs February 2017

Here we present the list of top 10 best Rap songs of February 2017

10. Pop Style- Drake ft. The Throne

You can’t go much of anywhere in the rap game without hearing about Drake. He’s been an icon now for a little under a decade, but he’s already accomplished a great deal in his career. Having headlined with some of the biggest names in the industry he’s shown that he has the chops to survive in this competitive, high-octane business. This slow-moving, bumping track lays down a heavy feeling that makes the body sway and delivers a definite punch with its mesmerizing background and slightly monotone pace.

9. 2 Phones- Kevin Gates

This song almost goes back to the 1990’s and early 2000’s in its sound and feel, the beats on key and the lyrics sending a message that is powerful and easy to understand. While Kevin Gates hasn’t yet established himself enough to be considered an icon the same likes as Drake or Rihanna, he has a strong and resonant voice that sets him above many others and deliver a solid foundation to this track.

8. Cut It- O.T. Genasis ft. Young Dolph

There’s an almost dissonant quality to this track, as though it’s timing is a bit off and it’s not able to keep up with its own rhythm. That is undoubtedly the draw that keeps it on this list and defines its popularity. It can be danced to or just listened to and be enjoyed in either manner. Its rhythm is hard to find, but it is there and it is enough to keep the listener entertained.

7. Too Good- Drake ft. Rihanna

These two on the same track is like a double whammy of awesome. Their voices and the feel they bring to the track are so great that the slightly disjointed feel of the song begins to meld with the lyrics and ignores the fact that it is a little hard to follow both the words and the beat at once. Overall it is a pleasing track that can provide a good base for dancing, but listening to it without moving might be a little difficult.

6. Me, Myself & I- G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha

The power and harmony of this song is enough to drive it forward with minimal lyrics, but the words only add to the force that it uses as it drives forward. It could be used as a slower dance song or listened to just for the sheer pleasure of it. In the club there’s no doubt that speeding it up would create a very popular dance tune and keep people on the floor virtually all night. Leaving the cadence as it is or speeding it up wouldn’t affect the quality of the song, but it would make things interesting.

5. All The Way Up- Fat Joe, Remy Ma & Jay-Z ft. French Montana & Infared

Featuring a star-studded cast of entertainers this track is easy to listen to and not too challenging. However, its message is fun and simple to understand, making it one of the favorites on this list and likely a very popular hit on the dance floor. While the beats are a bit weak they are likely to be more of a backup tool than a real part of the track, meaning that they offer support but no real substance.

4. Low Life- Future ft. The Weeknd

Unlike the other tracks on this list this piece is slower, more refined, and offers a bigger cushion with its background music as it flows more than jars the listener. Even the lyrics are a bit softer and don’t offer as much of a challenge when it comes to listening to each verse. This makes for a much more relaxed style of listening and can even make this a good song to just sit and chill out to in the comfort of your own home.

3. For Free- DJ Khaled ft. Drake

This track has an almost R&B feel with the lyrical quality of an old-school rap track. The lyrics are quite well done and don’t challenge the listener too much, but still offer their own meaning that is easily picked up. Much like one or two other tracks on the list, this song can be listened to at a more relaxed pace and allowed to soothe the listener rather than force them to sway along or get up and start popping and locking.

2. Don’t Mind- Kent Jones

Going bilingual in a track often gets people to listen, if only because the listener wants to know what they are listening to. Granted, the performer only uses a couple of simple, key phrases in the chorus that are almost universally known to many, but the technique is quite interesting, not to mention brilliant. It doesn’t really add to the song, but it can definitely raise an eyebrow and make a listener replay the track just to see what they might have missed.

1. Panda- Desiigner

Here is a track that has as close to an old school feel as can be imagined without actually going back to the milk crates holding uncounted numbers of records and a homemade turntable scratching out beats for a sold out crowd in an abandoned warehouse. You can definitely get the feel of free-styling even if the track being laid down isn’t completely genuine.

Rap has changed, and is going to continue to change. The godfathers of the genre likely didn’t know what they had started when they first created their sound, but as the feel and attitude of rap has changed, there’s no doubt that what comes next will be just as different and just as bound to the old school feel that keeps it alive.

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