Top 10 Rap Songs in May 2017

Rap songs or rapping is a type of musical form which is different and unique from the other types of music forms. Rapping involves vocal delivery through rhythmic speech and street vernacular. Rap Songs are chanted in many ways especially with musical accompaniment or over a backseat. Rap includes flow (rhythm and rhyme), content and delivery. It is very different from poetry. Rapping is usually performed in time to an instrumental track. Anthony “DJ Hollywood” from New York also known as Harlem is credited for originating the art of rapping. Rapping is nothing but the style of delivering rhymes over extensive music. Rapping was developed before hip-hop music existed. Its history can be traced back to its African roots. From then, it has come a long way. Now let’s have a look on top 10 Rap songs of May 2017.

Top 10 Rap Songs in May 2017

Here we present the list of top 10 best Rap Songs of May 2017.

10. Tunnel Vision:

This rap song is sung and performed by the artist Kodak black. It released in 2017. In this song Kodak Black raps about the problems he has faced in his past like the time spend in jail, the corrupt prison system and other similar issues. Before releasing the complete song, Kodak released it on Instagram and in his live performance. The rap received more than 1 million views even before its official release date.

9. Love:

Sung by Kendrick Lamar was featured on Angela McCluskey. It is from the album DAMN. The song shows the artist musing about the woman in his life with who he has been in relationship since high school. He asks the most important questions to his life partner to solidify their relationship of love. The song ‘Love’ reflects the deep intimate feeling or emotion one feels for another. The song is very popular along with other songs of the same album.

8. Element:

Again by the artist Kendrick Lamar shows his personal struggles and life journey where he and his family has sacrificed allot and endured the pain which motivated him to do something and be able to achieve great heights in his career. The song became very successful and popular just like other songs of the artist.

7. Congratulations:

Rap by the American Hip-Hop artist Post Malone belongs to the album Stoney. Quavo is the featuring artist in this video. Malone unofficially released the song while performing in Austin in 2016, two months before the official release date of the song. It has been viewed by more than a million of viewers.

6. Loyalty:

One of the most popular pop singer Rihanna Kendrick Lamar collaborated for the song Loyalty. The song is from the super successful album ‘DAMN’ featuring Rihanna. In this song, both the artist focuses on the necessity and value of honesty and loyalty in the romantic or any type of relationships. Rihanna also gives reference about the struggle of staying humble within the success. It was produced by Anthiny Tiffith, Terrace martin, Soundwave and DJ Dahi. The song is the frost collaboration of the two popular artists. It debuted at no. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 Songs.

5. XO Tour Llif3:

A rap song sung by the artist Lil Uzi Vert released in 2017. It is a single from the album ‘LUV IS RAGE 1.5’ produced by the Generation Now and Atlantic Records. It became the highest charting single of Lil Uzi Vert as a solo artist. It amazed millions of viewers and became the commercial hit soon after its release. It is an animated music video which also made it unique and different from other rap songs.

4. DNA:

By Kendrick Lamar has pointed towards an important and sensitive issue of his community. Kendrick has shown multiple views like critiquing, celebrating and exploring the culture and heritage of black community. The song debuted at no. 4 position on Billboard Hot 100 track list. The artist has appeared twice among the top 10 songs including Humble which is at the top position.

3. ISpy:

The rap featuring Lil Yachty is sung by Kyle. It was produced by Ayo; Lege Kale under the label Indie-Pop; Atlantic. The song is super casual and fun. It has earned more than 7 million views on internet. The song is very cute and shows the animation characters singing in the video. It basically based on the girls who are on Instagram and don’t get many followers. This is only a funny song loved by the fans of Kyle.

2. Mask Off:

By the artist Future released in 2017. It is also a hip-hop/rap song. The song has earned the platinum status just after two months of its official release. The artist started MASKOFFCHALLENGE which became very popular on social media and even celebrities participated in it. Fans enacted the instruments of the record in their own voices and participated in the challenge. The song has gained more than 1.5 million views.

1. Humble:

The rap by Knedrick Lamar became hugely successful. The song is at the top position in America from the last 3 weeks. The video is directed by the Dave Meyers and produced by Mike Will. It became popular and hit from the moment the song was released. It instantly became the crowd pleaser. Though the song debuted at no.2 but eventually made its position towards the top. As a lead artist, this is his first rating rap song. The song is from the album DAMN which is currently at the top position of Billboard 200.

This article is enlisted with a completely different form of music that is Rapping. It is a unique form of music which requires fast beat, extensive music and rhythmic words to be delivered in or between the songs. It gives a completely new look and feel to the songs. Rapping has been an old form but in modern times, it has become more popular and huge among the other forms of music. Raps are loved and appreciated by the youngsters as it provides different feel altogether.

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