Top 10 Rap Songs March 2017

There are many rap songs that have been composed and sung on this month of March although there are those that most people prefer to listen at over and over again. A song might sound beautiful to some people but to others it sounds the worst however,there are songs that most people listen at and have mutual feeling. Rap songs can be sung using different vocals,instruments and choreography depending with what the artiste loves. If you are a lover of rap songs I would like to give ideas on songs you will enjoy listening at.

Top 10 Rap Songs March 2017

Here are the top 10 best and new rap songs of March 2017

10. Congratulations by Post Malone

The song was written by Austin Post,Leland Wayne,Adam Feeney and Quavious Marshall. It was then sung by an American hip hop artiste Post Malone featuring Quavo and produced by Louis Bell,Metro Boomin and Frank Dukkes. The song was released on 31st January 2017 as Stoney’s fifth single.The song was sung because many people congratulated Quavo and Post Malone on their success in life hence it became a way of celebrating for what they have achieved.Most people listen to it in order to inspire them for what they have achieved in life.

9. Swang by Rae Sremmurd

The song has been very popular since it’s release on 12th August 2016 by EarDrummers and Interscope Records.The song was sung by an American hiphop duo Rae Sremmurd and produced by Mike Will Made It and Rae Sremmurd. The song is loved by most people because Rae Sremmurd have energetic flows,melodies with the best beats and they also make people dance themselves out.From the way they sing in different verses gives the song it’s best. I know you will enjoy the rythmes of the song as it flows.

8. T-shirt by Migos

The song was sung by an American hip hop group Migos and was released on 14th February 2017.The song was produced by Nard & B and XL. In addition the song managed to be among the top 20 songs of the US billboard Hot 100.The song is loved because of how it flows together with it’s vocals and makes people shake and dance to the tune.

7. Tunnel Vision by Kodak Black

Kodak Black an American recording artiste sung the song.The American artiste at his young age sung this song passionately using the best vocals and rythmes. Most people love the song especially the youths because of his voice and mutinous sound. Additionally, people begin to dance once the song rocks the stage and those who love it the most feel it at heart. Kodak Black is being looked up to by the youths who are passionate about music especially rap songs that’s why he tries to give out his best.

6. Ispy by Kyle featuring Lil Yatchy

Who doesn’t love Ispy?It’s one of the best rap songs that managed to be featured in the top 20 songs on the US billboard chart.Ispy was sung by Kyle featuring Lil Yatchy with two singing together it brings out the best sound especially when the Lil Yatchy vocals were included.The song was released on 2nd December 2016 by Indie-Pop. With the lyrics,tone and the stop-start kick drums the song sounds so lovely.The song was written by Kyle Harvey,Miles McCollum, Joshua Portillo and Lege Kale,it was then produced by ayo and Kale.

5. Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd

This is one of the best songs sung by two Americans Rae Sremmurd featuring Gucci Mane.The song was then released on 13th September 2016 by Interscope records and the EarDrummers. Since the release of the song it became a party anthem because of it’s vocals and sound.Billboard chart named it the best pop song of the year 2016 due to it’s popularity.The song was written by Khalif Brown, Aaquil Brown, Radric Davis and Michael Williams,it was then produced by Mike Will Made It.

4. Fake Love by drake

The song was sung by a Canadian hip hop artist drake. It was released on 29th October 2016 by young money entertainment,Motown records and cash money records. An R&b beat is featured in the song whereby it’s focus is on his friends who appreciate his success but would not care for him that is why he sung about fake love given to him by fake people.This song has more lovers considering the fact that people are appreciated by those who don’t even care for them also, the beats of the song are at I’s best.

3. Bad Things by Machine Gun Kelly

The song was sung by an American rapper Machine Gun Kelly and a Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello. It was released on 14th October 2016.Since it’s release, the song became popular and was said to be among the top ten songs in the US billboard chart.The song is about love whereby the artist says if something bad makes feel good then it’s not something bad.This song inspires people who are in love because most people in love do things unreasonably.

2. Bounce Back by Big Sean

It was sung by an American rapper Big Sean.The song is one of the best in March 2017 due to it’s additional vocals from Kanye West .The song consists of the best vocals together with the lyrics that make the tune sound best. The song is about the artist’s capability to rise again after losing. The song sounds encouraging hence most people love it because it inspires them.

1. Bad and Boujee by migos

The song was sung by an American hiphop group migos and released on 28th October 2016 by Quality control entertainment ,300 entertainment and Atlantic records. The song has the best lyrics with the best rhyming words that make it sound lovely to listen at.The song became popular due to it’s flow of vocals hence became among the top songs in the US billboard chart.

If you ain’t a fun of rap songs ,the above rap songs can make you one of the diehard fans of hip hop music.If you want to dance a bit,enjoy the vocals and lyrics of a song try pop music and you will enjoy. On the other hand not all pop songs sound the best to listen at but there are those you can listen at over and over again. A song that pulls you closer to listen at makes you passionate about it at heart. If you needed ideas on the top ten rap songs of March 2017 try to listen at the above songs.

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