Top 10 Reggae songs January 2017

Checkout the below listed top 10 new Reggae Songs of January 2017, Reggae music is a unique musical form from Haiti. It is a blend of sounds from Africa, the Caribbean, South America with some Spanish and American influences. The music that drives Haiti is primarily fueled by artists that come from that part of the world. It is also powered by American and European artists. The following top 10 list will reveal the top 10 reggae songs in January 2017. These songs are certified hits in Haiti and in other parts of the world where this music form is extremely popular.

Reggae song Top 10 Reggae songs January 2017

Here we present the list of top 10 Reggae Songs January 2017.

10. Crick Neck by Sean Paul feat. Chi Ching Ching

Reggaeton performer Sean Paul released Crick Neck back in 2016. This is the name of a popular dance that is taking Haiti and other parts of the reggae world by storm. Crick Neck also features Chi Ching Ching a Haitian rapper who is very popular in his part of the world. Together these artists deliver a great song that has a lot of flavor and style. Crick Neck is an official dance anthem for reggae lovers. When this song comes on people are going to do the Crick Neck and have fun.

9. Time by Masicka

Masicka is an R&B inspired jam with reggae overtones. This song is slow tune about a man and the love he has for his girl. This song is a great piece and is reminiscent of the classic slow jams of old. It is just a song about a man who loves and appreciates his girl. The people of Jamaica find the song to be a great tune and it makes a great slow dance song. Masicka’s Time song will be going strong for a while, well into the into the new year.

8. Stay Up by Popcaan

Stay Up is a mellow grooved reggae hit song that showcases the talents of the DJ Popcaan. He has been making songs for years and his Stay UP song is just an example of his hit making ability. Many reggae fans like the Stay Up song because it is a simple song with a fantastic sound. People can dance to it or just listen to it for inspiration. Popcaan simply makes the music that the people want to hear and this is why he has captured the 8 spot on the reggae’s top 10 list for January of 2017.

7. Yardie by Beenie Man

Beenie Man has been making reggae music since the late 70s. He has been jamming his music for well over 30 years and is considered the King of the Dancehall. When he makes a song it usually breaks into the top 10. In this case, his reggae hit Yardie has done just that. This song is a great piece by Beenie Man that moves with conviction and it has a modern style. Beenie Man is a reggae musical genius that knows how to create big hits. Yardie is going to be a great jam that will play well into 2017.

6. Rockabye by Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie

Rockabye is a great song by Clean Bandit, Sean Paul and Ann-Marie. All of these artists have lent their talent to this song about a young woman who does anything she has to make sure that her child has a good life. This song is also popular on many other music charts throughout the world. Sean Paul’s vocal talents help to boost the song’s appeal and Ann-Marie’s stunning voice gives the song a spark as well. Clean Bandit knows how to create the right music and how to select the right people for this jam.

5. Dem Run Eeen by Mavado

Mavado is a Jamaican DJ, singer and songwriter who is a part of the Cash Money Label. He is a great artist that knows how to make solid reggae music. His song, Dem Run is an example of his ability to manufacture some of the best reggae music to date. He created Dem Run in 2016 and it is still being enjoyed by masses in January of 2017. His song is a great musical piece.

4. LOL by RDX

Laugh out loud or LOL is a RDX made jam that came out in 2016. This song is a great tune that is loaded with a modern context in terms of slang and music. It also connects with the average person in the area. This song moves fast and it flows well. RDX is a gifted reggae artist who knows how to make fantastic music that keeps many reggae fans jumping and LOL throughout the day.

3. After All by Alkaline

Alkaline came up with the tune After All in 2016. This song is now number 3 on the reggae music charts in Jamaica. This tune is a great dance song and many reggae music fans love to hear it play on the radio or even at their local dance hall. After All is going to help 2017 to become a great musical tune that people will enjoy playing throughout the year.

2. Nasty by Kid Ink featuring Jeremih & Spice

Kid Ink and Jeremih are from the states and Spice is from Jamaica. Together these three artists capture the number 2 spot for reggae music. Nasty is a song that showcases nastiness. It speaks about girls with big butts and lots of sex. The video is very provocative and people seem to like it very much. It has over 11 million views. It is the 2nd song to rock into the new year.

1. Let Me Love You by DJ Snake featuring Justin Bieber

DJ Snake and Justin Bieber teamed up to make Let Me Love You and it is a great jam that has been rocking the charts for many months. It was released in 2016 and it continues to impact Jamaican music fans in 2017. Let Me Love You is a great tune that appeals to many reggae fans and it is powerful song that keeps people jamming in the dancehalls.

This reggae music list has many great jams to keep reggae fans entertained for many months. These reggae hits 2017 are going to make January a great month for music and hits.


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