Top 10 Best Electro Rock Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Electro Rock songs of all time 2017, Electro rock has been around for a couple of decades now. This music has a hard edge but a cool electronic sound. There are some great bands that play this time of music and are putting out hit after hit. There are some synth sounds to their music as well as the use of synthesizers, mixed guitars, bass, and other organic elements to this music to give it that cool and unique sound. These songs are rock but with something new added to them. This creates a great sound. As technology advances so does the sound in these songs. There are the top 10 best electro rock songs of all time.

Electro Rock Song Top 10 latest new Electro Rock songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Electro Rock songs of all time 2017.

10. Strobe by Deadmau5

This is a song by the band Deadmau5. This song is cool yet it is soothing and has a nice groove to it. There is one of the best bass lines in music that can be found in this song. The song start off slowly then pick up pace and intensity as it goes on. The song goes soft again near the end. This song also has a catchy feel to it and a person will be singing along hours after they have listened to it. This is a great song to listen to and get a feel for electro rock music.

9. Levels by Avicii

This is a song by the band called the Avicii. This song has big songs and a great synth making it a great electro rock song. This song has a flawless design and is well put together. There song has changed the scene and is making some great music. This band has a number of great songs but many people consider this to be one of their best. This song is great and is a beautiful piece of work.

8. Harder Better Faster Stronger by Daft Punk

This song is by Daft Punk. This song is upbeat but will still allow a person to rock. The vocals are great and they are made to sound cool with digitization added to them. There is also a great beat that goes along perfectly with the sound of the vocals. This is a great song to listen to through sennheisrer headphones so a person can really enjoy the music. Many find this a good song to dance to and the song has been able to combine different genres of music to make something that sounds great.

7. Spectrum

This is by Zedd. This song has a lot of great instruments and they are played with skill. Many people have compared this song to a rock Mozart piece. There are chords which are not normally heard in modern music as well as some great vocals. There is some bass and some other electric instruments to give the song a great feel. This song has a style of its own and is great for those that want to listen to something a little different.

6. Animals by Martin Garrix

This song is by artist Martin Garrix. The song has a lot of energy and is easy to listen to. This song can have a person up and dancing in no time at all. The tune of the song will stay with a person but that it okay since it is a good song. This song is a rock and energetic electric song. The lyric to this song are pretty cool as well.

5. Around the World by Daft Punk

This is another top song by the band Daft Punk. It is a classic as far as electro rock. This song is one of the best songs from this band and is catchy. This song has a strong electric feel to it and a strobe can even be seat to the beat.

4. Fade into Darkness by Avicii

This song is another great on by Avicii. A person can listen to this song a number of times and they will not get tired of it. The song has a great tune by a piano and there are different levels of music to thing song. The vocals and the beat go together well and when they are put together it is a beautiful song. This song has some of the best vocals in electro rock and has a basic but nice beat to it. This song is great for those that are just getting into electro rock and they can enjoy the new sounds they will hear.

3. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex

This is by the band call Skrillex. This song is a great song in both the rock and the electro world. this song has a great strobe and as the song goes on it gets harder and faster. The music is great as well as the vocals that go along with it.

2. Wake Me Up by Avicii

The band Avicii has another great electro rock hit with this song. This song is one of the greatest ever. The song has some great electric sounds to it. The vocals also have a touch of electric that make them sound great.

1. Calling Lose my Mind by Ingrosso and Alesso

This song is by both electro rock artists Ingrosso and Alesso. Ingrosso is from the Swedish House Mafia and has teamed up with Alesso to make this great song. Both of these artists have enjoyed fame in Sweden and are now getting attention of people all over the world with this song. The drums build up as the song goes on which makes it intense. The lyrics are beautiful and they are powerful at the same time. If a person really hears the lyrics they can be almost moved to tears. This song has one of the best bass drops in music and will help stimulate a person’s feelings. This song is one of the best and is a masterpiece from this Swedish team.

These are some of the best electro rock songs of all time. These songs will allow a person to hear cool new sounds and they are performed in a tasteful manner. Not only are these some of the best songs in electro rock they are some of the best songs in music.

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