Top 10 Best Electronic Rock Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Electronic Rock songs of all time 2017, Electronic rock is typically the inclusion of traditional rock blended with synthetic sounds that are remixed and added in to give the song a bit more of a punch or a different sound altogether. To traditionalists it’s been looked down on for many years, while to those who want the more synthesized sounds the genre has been a long time coming. There is a certain feel to the music that lends it an air of power that traditional rock doesn’t have, but if done in a halfhearted sort of manner then the feeling can dissipate rather quickly.

Those bands listed below have found a way to make the genre stand out as its own entity, creating a sound that has managed to capture the attention of millions of fans worldwide and allowed electronic rock to endure for decades now. Here are the top ten best electronic rock songs of all time according to fans all over the world.

Top 10 latest new Electronic Rock songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Electronic Rock songs of all time 2017.

10. Around the World- Daft Punk

Daft Punk has more longevity than many people give them credit for, as the duo started up in the early 1990’s and have been building their career ever since. This Paris-born group has been steadily making their way into the American scene throughout their career and has as of the past decade become a hot commodity within the music industry.

Their sound is kind of different in a way, taking a much more synthesized approach, but there is no doubt of the edge they carry with this song. Daft Punk continues to be featured in the top 100 charts and shows no sign of going away, which is a benefit to their fans.

9. Fireflies- Owl City

This song was kind of a one and done deal really, but the song itself is so catchy that you can’t help but hum it once you’ve heard it a couple of times. It’s been featured in film and television as a background tune that is just barely heard in the distance or is drowned out by dialogue, but overall this song is still a very easy track to like.

The only downside of it is that Owl City, while still around, the creator, Adam Young, isn’t exactly belting out a large number of hits for his fans to enjoy. It’s too bad, this one hit was quite popular for a short time when it came out.

8. Firestarter- Prodigy

This is about as close to electronic metal as you can get without crossing the line. The English band was a hit in the late 1990’s when they came out with this track and several others that were hard, forceful, and to the point with their simple lyrics and hard, wailing riffs that sought to fry the senses and create a general state of confusion.

Their videos were so off the wall you had to wonder if you’d been dosed, and their lead singer was a constant dervish of maniacal motion that just didn’t seem interested in slowing down. All in all, it was a good ride while it lasted.

7. Block Rockin’ Beats- The Chemical Brothers

Like a lot of songs on this list this too was featured in films and television. Most notably this track appeared in “The Waterboy” as one of the harder hitting songs that would play during the intense and quite entertaining on-field scenes featuring the titular character laying someone out in full pads and helmet.

As songs go it’s hard, it’s catchy, and the beat continues to move without benefit of too many lyrics. It’s not a complicated rhythm, but in truth that’s what makes the song so enticing. Anyone can jam to this track and feel empowered in a way without feeling like they have to memorize the words.

6. Mr. Brightside- The Killers

All the way through this song is very upbeat and positive despite the lyrics going to a deeper, darker side of conversation that speak of a rather depressing story. You can almost hear the anguish in the singer’s voice as he continues the track, but you still can’t help but vibe along with the beat and sway to the rhythm.

Something about this song just touches a nerve every time you listen, no matter if you’re just looking for a good track or listening because there’s nothing else on.

5. Pumped Up Kicks- Foster The People

This is a very upbeat song, but just listen to the lyrics. Even if it wasn’t the intent of the songwriter, this song is absolute disturbing, especially given that it delivers the lyrics in such a cheery, lackadaisical manner. It might creep a person out if they weren’t busy swaying to the music and barely paying attention to the words. It’s a great song, but for reasons that are hard to fathom.

4. Royals- Lorde

It’s amusing to listen to this song because it speaks to so many different people about what they want and don’t have, while at the same time stating that they won’t ever have it because in truth they don’t want it. If that seems a bit confusing then so will the point of the song, but really and truly it seems to be more about the idea of being famous, wealthy, and able to do anything but having to live with the consequences that might eventually stem from the boredom of being rich and famous. No doubt many would like to have that problem.

3. We Are All Made Of Stars- Moby

Moby is one of those artists you either like or you don’t. His songs are masterfully done and his lyrics are simple but airy in a way that makes you really listen to the song, which is likely the overall goal. He’s featured a great many artists on his collaboration tracks, and even jammed with some of the greatest voices in the business. But his own work is just as enchanting and inspirational, not to mention addictive if you listen to it for long enough.

2. Radioactive- Imagine Dragons

Relative newcomers to the music industry, the Imagine Dragons struck absolute gold with this track when it hit. Not only was it instantly featured in film and television, it was so powerful that its inspiration led them to become one of the top bands of the year without fail.

Despite the odd video that features an aging Lou Diamond Phillips and a death match between stuffed toys, this song is so forceful and addictive that fans have been noted to sing it on the streets when the moment strikes them. This shows that they did in fact hit a nerve within society, and a powerful one at that.

1. Waiting for the End- Linkin Park

Many would make the claim that among electronic rock Linkin Park is royalty. As of 2000 they became a worldwide phenomenon that have gone away a few times now only to reappear stronger, more forceful, and filled with new energy that continually propels them to the upper echelon of rock. This track in particular has a message so powerful that you can’t help but raise your fist in the air when the words hit, waiting for every lyric as the song continues to roll.

Despite any detractors stating that electronic rock is just a watered down version of the real thing, the genre has made its voice heard loud and clear throughout the years, and is here to stay. While it can’t always deliver the heart and soul that traditional rock can, it is still a very powerful sound all its own.

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