Top 10 Best Experimental Rock Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Experimental Rock songs of all time 2017, The thing about experimental rock is that it presents rock music in a whole different format. This music form takes different aspects of rock music and modifies its sound. Improvisation and non-traditional sounds and performance techniques are implemented inside of this music form. It is even blended with musical styles such as funk and fusion.

Experimental rock is not a static musical form. It constantly changes. Hence the name “experimental”. Even though this musical form is in constant flux, it still has a distinguishable style that people can recognize. Here are the top experimental rock songs of all time.

Top 10 latest new Experimental Rock songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Experimental Rock songs of all time 2017.

10. Nothingness by Living Colour

Experimental rock music thrived during the early 90’s. It was during this time that a group called Living Colour made a song called nothingness. This band was a great group that knew how to make some hit charting music. Nothingness was proof about this group’s viability as experimental music artists. This is one experimental song that must be listened to by any fan of this genre.

9. Who Needs The Peace Corps? by Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa was a well-known experimental rock musician who made Who Needs The Peace Corps? In 1991. It was a signature song by Zappa. However, he made this tune with a quirky and strange sound. The lyrics were foolish and very confusing. Zappa sounds like he is rambling on about much of nothing in this piece; but that is probably why it was a huge hit with experimental music crowd.

8. Star Power by Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth made the hit experimental rock jam Star Power back in the 80’s. This song gave Sonic Youth the edge that they needed to become a top-notch experimental rap group. It was loaded with originality and a creativity that would not stop. Sonic Youth took the time to put this piece together in the right way to make it a practical experimental tune that would stand the test of time.

7. Kool Thing by Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth is back on this list again with another one of their great experimental rock songs. This group released the track Kool Thing in 1990. It was featured on their hit album Goo. The Thing about Kool Thing is that it forces experimental rock listeners to go to the edge of their musical taste. Listeners will notice the adjusted sound on this piece and how it is an unusual tune that takes them in a whole different direction. Definitely a song worth listening to for any experimental rocker.

6. Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver by Primus

Primus knows how to make some outstanding experimental rock music. Their song Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver is a song that fuses rock, rap and experimental music to its boundaries. This song is a great tune that has an up-tempo style and rhythm. The group made this song back in the 90’s and it continues to remain one of the best pieces in this genre. This song has an easy flow and it is a jam that stays with a person long after it is over.

5. The Beatles by Tomorrow Never Knows

Tomorrow Never Knows is an experimental rock group that showed up in the year 1966. Their song The Beatles was a big hit then. This song was just called the Beatles but it was not necessarily about the legendary rock group from England. Tomorrow Never Knows just knew how to market good music and use the right type of titles for their songs. The Beatles is a hit and it a great song that will make experimental rock fans glad that they are lovers of this genre.

4. Heroin

Heroin was a 60’s-experimental rock jam that was all about combating the problems of heroine addiction. This song was a blend of fast and slow sounds. It constantly takes the listener through a series of changes while it provides them with some uniquely original music. The song fluctuates from bad to good and back again. People who are on heroine generally experience the same type of changing emotions and feelings. This song just tries to mimic that experience.

3. Return of the Son of Monster Magnet by Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa’s skill as a musician cannot be denied. He is also an exceptional performer. His song Return of the Son of Monster Magnet is a great piece for experimental rock music – though most people who are not fans of this genre would probably think that he is lunatic. This song moves through some rather odd moments and has some rather strange lyrics. Definitely worth listening to but be careful, Zappa’s rambling and incoherent thoughts might make sense to you. That’s when you know that probably in trouble.

2. Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys

Good Vibrations is just a classical experimental rock song that moves beyond the expectation of this genre. Good Vibrations from the Beach Boys was a big hit in the nation and the world. This song put the Beach Boys on the map and it helped to push experimental rock into the spotlight. Good Vibrations was also an influential song that did a lot to influence other experimental rock music artists to get started in their endeavors. People absolutely loved this jam and it continues to entertain crowds to this day.

1. Pyramid Song by Radiohead

Pyramid Song became a popular jam in 2001 and it was a song that was released by Radiohead. Pyramid Song has a contemporary feel and appeal. The song uses a lot of modern musical forms that would be familiar with many commercial audiences today.

Radiohead made this song to be a powerful experimental rock tune that moves experimental rock into the realm of darkwave and other types of somber metal music. This song is a great tune that is original and is considered one of the best of all time. Fans who listen to this tune all have to agree about its greatness and its ability to entertain them as experimental music lovers.

Experimental rock music is always evolving and expanding as a valid music genre. Since this style of music is constantly changing it will create a new music that will always be fresh and original for fans.

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