Top 10 Best Hard Rock Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Hard Rock songs of all time 2017, Hard rock has evolved quite a bit since its inception, but the same feeling has always been there when the guitar riffs hit and the drums start to pound out their strong, meaningful cadence. Hard rock is designed to make you feel that primal emotion that rests inside, the strength and sense of power that only come out under duress or in moments of pure elation. This type of music is not always for the faint of heart, but when it’s fully enjoyed the adrenaline rush it brings is a heady experience that can elevate the mood and get the heart pumping. Many great songs have come and gone since the inception of rock, but those listed below are just a few that have touched listeners in such a way that they will not likely ever be forgotten. So with that said, here are the top ten best hard rock songs of all time.

Hard Rock Song Top 10 latest new Hard Rock songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Hard Rock songs of all time 2017.

10. Enter Sandman- Metallica

From the opening to the end this song is a classic that barely slows down enough to let the listener catch their breath. Metallica is a mainstay of everything rock and roll to heavy metal, jumping between genres with absolute ease as their sound is fully enjoyed by many. Their sound is haunting and powerful and their guitar riffs are legendary among performers. They’ve stamped their ticket as legends years ago, but as they continue to roll into the new era there’s no doubt that the next generation and those that come after will pick up the torch and hold this band in the highest esteem.

9. Highway to Hell- AC/DC

There’s something appealing about the scratchy growl of the lead singer to AC/DC, as well as the absolute force that his energetic lyrics bring to the band’s sound. The pace barely slows at all in this song as the hard-hitting sound grabs hold of the listener and doesn’t let go. Eventually you find yourself wanting to just move along with the rhythm no matter if you’re into the song or not. This is how addictive this song, and this band can be. If you don’t find yourself growling out a few notes here and there from this tune then you might need to check your pulse.

8. Everlong- Foo Fighters

It was kind of hard to know what these guys were all about when they first came on the scene, as their sound was well known but not so well developed. Over the years as they went back and continued to pound away at their lyrics and their sound something strange happened. They actually got a whole lot better. With their lead man, the former drummer for Nirvana, taking control of their forward movement the Foo Fighters became a fan favorite and a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Their unique sound won over a great many people that were either loyal to Nirvana or were firmly seated on the fence, further cementing their place in music history.

7. Give It Away Now- Red Hot Chili Peppers

When it first came out this song seemed, for lack of a better word, silly. The video didn’t seem much better, but when fans began to respond the love that was shown to the Chili Peppers was astounding. They’d already made their way forward in the music industry at this point, and were still attempting to stay relevant. Maybe someone said “Hey’ let’s paint ourselves silver and dance around in our underwear in the desert, no one will see that coming!” If that was the case, it certainly worked. No one has doubted the Chili Peppers ever since the debut of this song, and to date no one has probably thought twice about this slightly quirky tune.

6. Welcome to the Jungle- Guns N Roses

Raw, unfettered, and in your face power is the best description for this song when it first came out. After a few times around this track eventually began to lose a bit of its potency, but considering the fiery and in-your-face nature of the band, it’s no wonder that GNR made such an impressive career. From their killer guitar riffs to the outright maniacal energy that they brought to each song it’s easy to see why women went nuts over Axel and why Slash’s name was often spoken with such reverence among other bands. They were a top shelf rock band at one time, and at one point they were the reason why so many teenagers took up the guitar at a young age.

5. Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin

There was no way this song could be left off the list. Not only is it a classic that stands alone, it is a defining track that, along with others, allowed Led Zeppelin the god-like status among rock bands that it rightfully deserves to this day. Growing up without knowing about “Stairway to Heaven” is like growing up to be willfully deaf, with no disrespect to the hearing-impaired. This track is without a doubt one of the greatest ever laid down, and will remain so for many, many years to come.

4. Vasoline- Stone Temple Pilots

One of the vastly underrated bands of their time, Stone Temple Pilots were at one time one of the hottest bands on the scene and were mentioned constantly in most musical conversations. After their initial run however their popularity did begin to wane, but they weren’t about to go out so easy. “Vaseline” was almost like a last ditch effort to get their name back to the top and remind people just what they were about. It was a masterful stroke that put them back in the running and back into conversations, allowing them to remain in the spotlight once again for an extended period until finally their fame began to die down again. If not for the passing of their lead singer, Scott Weiland, STP might have made another heroic comeback.

3. Black Hole Sun- Soundgarden

This song made it on the list for a couple of reasons. First, it was so off the wall that its lyrics and the video made absolutely no sense except maybe to the band. Second, it was just that good. Soundgarden was on a virtual tear when they wrote this song, having come up through Seattle’s notoriously fickle music scene throughout the 1990s in a sudden rush of talent that was a far cry from other songs like “Fop” that they’d written in the days when they were little more than a garage band. Love him or hate him, Chris Cornell hit a homerun with this song, and the help he received from his band, lead guitarist Kim Thayil in particular, made this track stand out so that listeners could take notice.

2. Rock You Like A Hurricane- Scorpions

A true classic, this track starts out big and doesn’t slow down. It’s been used in movies, television, and so often throughout the years that one couldn’t help but have heard it at least half a dozen times even if they only watched television every now and again. The heavy-hitting sound isn’t damaged by the cessation of its hard-hitting notes as the lyrics kick in, but instead the listener almost becomes anxious as they await the return of the bone-rattling guitar riffs and the heavy drums that drive the song from start to finish.

1. We Will Rock You- Queen

Best-fight-song-ever. If a listener is cynical and likes to break every little word and nuance down they could possibly tear this track apart, but that would be the same as tearing down a national monument, in a way. Few songs have ever enjoyed as much exposure and as much favor as this simple piece, as it has been featured in film, television, and all across the broad spectrum of media that could ever be imagined. It’s not even possible to fit into words the feelings this song invokes nor the effect it can have upon an entire crowd, let alone an individual. Classic, awesome, and heart-pumping are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing this track.

There are so many great songs in this genre that it’s hard to pick just a few, but those listed above are some of the hardest hitting and most emotion-inspiring tracks ever to be laid down. Arguments can be made, debates can be held, but when it comes to hard rock these bands are among the greats, without exception.

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