Top 10 Best Industrial Rock Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Industrial Rock songs of all time 2017, What is great about industrial rock music is clear. It is a special form of music that combines industrial music along with other specific rock genres. What gets confused is industrial rock along with industrial metal. The early fusions of industrial music along with rock did take place. Some of the early post-punk were no other than Chrome, Killing Joke, and Big Black to name a few. Who are some of the top 10 best industrial rock songs of all time? They are:

Top 10 latest new Industrial Rock songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Industrial Rock songs of all time 2017.

10. Links 2 3 4 – Rammstein

Links 2 3 4 is a single song that was recorded by the Neue Deutsche band called Rammstein. Link 2 3 4 is a fine industrial rock song in every way and was released on their third album titled Mutter. Mutter in English means Mother. Links 2 3 4 was released on May 14, 2001 and the lyrics to the song were written in reply to allegations of fascism/Nazism and it was directed right at the band itself. In the song, Rammstein sings that their heart beats to the left, 2-3-4, and that means that they are on the left side of the political spectrum. There is a two-track cd for this special song. In addition to, some other versions of the song, which do each feature something new and different with it.

9. Butterfly Wings – Machines of Loving Grace

Butterfly Wings is a single song that was recorded by an American industrial rock band from Tucson, Arizona. Butterfly Wings was a track off of their album titled Concentration. The album Concentration was recorded and released on September 21, 1993. Concentration is an album that did achieve moderate success and did appear on the soundtrack to the movie titled Punisher: War Zone. It was also featured on the TV series titled Due South.

8. Headhunter – Front 242

Headhunter is a song from the Belgian EBM band called Front 242. Headhunter was a song that was a major hit on the electronic and industrial musical scene. It was recorded and released in 1988 on the album titled Front By Front. There are two versions of this album and they are no other than Version 1.0 and Version 3.0. COMA Music Magazine called Headhunter the greatest of all industrial songs of the time in 2012.

7. Save Yourself – Stabbing Westward

Save Yourself is a song that was recorded by the American industrial rock band called Stabbing Westward. It was released as being the second single from Darkest Days. Darkest Days is the third album that was released on Columbia Records and was recorded in 1997 at Eldorado Studios and NRG Recording Studios in North Hollywood. The album was released on April 7, 1998 and the track is one of the band’s most noted of all well known songs.

6. Wish – Nine Inch Nails

Wish is a song by the American Industrial Rock ban named Nine Inch Nails. It came off of their extended debut album called Broken. Broken was released in 1992 and it was as a promotional single from their EP album. What makes Wish an awesome industrial rock song is clear and that is because of its drumming work that is performed amazingly by Martin Atkins.

5. Coma White – Marilyn Manson

Coma White is a song by the American rock band called Marilyn Manson. Coma White is the single and last track on the third studio album titled Mechanical Animals. Marilyn Manson released this song as just a promo single and it was released on September 20, 1999. This song wasn’t just a fan favorite, it was also, considered to be one of Manson’s most acclaimed of all songs from one of their most acclaimed of all albums.

4. Rock Is Dead – Marilyn Manson

Rock Is Dead is a single song that comes from Marilyn Manson’s third studio album titled Mechanical Animals. Mechanical Animals was recorded between 1997 and 1998. The album was released on September 14, 1998. Marilyn Manson is an American rock band and it was music that did make a shift from the band’s earlier musical efforts industrial and alternative metal to an experimentation of sorts with glam rock from the 1970’s. Rock Is Dead is featured in the soundtrack for the movie called Matrix and Midnight Club 3.

3. Closer – Nine Inch Nails

Closer is a song that was recorded by the American industrial rock band called Nine Inch Nails for their second studio album. The name of this second studio album was The Downward Spiral and it was recorded between 1993 and 1994. The album was released on May 30, 1994. A number of versions of this single song have been titled Closer to God and became Nine Inch Nails most successful of all at that time.

2. Feuer Frei – Rammstein

Feur Frei is a song that was recorded by the German industrial metal band called Rammstein. The song was recorded at Studio Miraval, France, in 2000. It was released on October 14, 2002. Is it the fifth single from the Rammstein’s third album called Mutter. What the title of Feuer Frei does mean from is for the command to start shooting in German military language. This single charted in Germany at number 33 and in the United Kingdom at number 35.

1. Guilty – Gravity Kills

Guilty by Gravity Kills is an awesome single song of awesome industrial rock songs off of the album by the industrial rock band called Gravity Kills. The album called Gravity Kills was the debut studio album for Gravity Kills and it was released in the U.S. on March 12, 1996. The single titled Guilty is a remix single that was released on its own as a single on February 13, 1996. It was released by TVT Records and featured in the film titled Beowulf.

The top 10 best industrial rock songs of all time are the ones listed here. Each and every one of these ten songs were unique and special in their own ways. They each also did inspire their own popularity based on that fact and developed their own diehard fan base throughout the years. The ten songs listed here are indeed ten of the best from the rest industrial rock songs of all time for sure. Why they are the best is evident and that is because they are classic representations of the music genre that they do reflect in every way.

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