Top 10 Best Post Rock Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Post Rock songs of all time 2017, Pop rock music takes the best of two music genres. Rock music has an edge that people like. Pop music is feel good and is easy to sing along to. Post rock songs have gained a lot of popularity over the years. This music will allow a person to rock out and sing along to the songs at the same time. These are the top 10 greatest post rock songs of all time.

Post Rock song Top 10 latest new Post Rock songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Post Rock songs of all time 2017.

10. Hey Soul Sister by Train

This is a song by the band Train. They have been known for making some more serious songs but this song is fun to sing along to. The vocals are great and the song is unique. This band is not afraid to experiment with different sounds. This is one of their first songs to become mainstream and to be nominated for a Grammy. This is a great rock song but it is also a great pop song at the same time.

9. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls

This is a song by the band Goo Goo Dolls. This song was considered to be one of the best songs in the year 2012. It has gained fame all over the world and many people find themselves singing along to it. This is one of those songs that a person cannot resist. There is use of acoustic music which makes the song even more appealing to some. This song has become a modern day classic.

8. Good Life by One Republic

This is by the band One Republic. This song has a kit of a rock edge to it as well as a great sound. This band is easy to sing along to and the singers have very nice voices. It may not be as hard as some other songs but many still find it great to listen to. This song is catchy and will allow a person to feel the life of a rock star even for a couple of minutes.

7. This Love by Maroon 5

This is a song by the band Maroon 5. They started making music when they were still in high school but it took some time for them to get famous. This song mixes a pop and rock feel. It is easy to dance to and still easy to sing along to. The band writes many of these songs including this one. The band is not afraid to make their own sound and to cross over to different genres of music.

6. Come Together by the Beatles

This is a song by the band that introduced rock music to the United States, the Beatles. This is one of the first rock band and one of the first banks to make it big. These songs are easy to sing along to and at the time they were considered to be hard rock. These songs are still legendary and people will still respect the work of the Beatles today. This band has influenced many other artists. This song is a rock song but it is easy to sing along to as well. It is a great pop rock song even after all of these years.

5. Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boys

The Fall Out Boys may some great pop rock music. They have the loud guitars and the smarty lyrics to make it a rock song. The music is not too hard to listen to and it is easy to find along with. Some of the songs will even allow a person to dance to them, just like Uma Thurman. This band has become well known for making hits that cross both the rock and the pop lines and putting them together.

4. Demon by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons wrote and performed this song. They have a little bit of a pop sound to them but their guitar and loud music makes them a rock band as well. Their songs do have their own style. This is one of their slower songs but it is intense. The song is catchy as well. This band also mixed electronic rock with pop music. Once a person hears this song they will be singing along for hours to come.

3. Complicated by Avril Lavigne

This is one of the earlier songs from Avril Lavigne. She has been giving fans her punk attitude since she was a teenage girl. Over time she has only gotten better. Instead of just making straight pop music her songs have a rock edge to them. She makes some great music and is not afraid to stand out from the crowd and do her own thing. She has some talent and this is a great pop rock song.

2. Still Into You by Paramore

This is a song by the band Paramore. This band is a rock band from down south. There is the lead singer along with the lead guitarist that make some great music. Their songs are easy to sing along to and they sound great. The lead singer is female and her voice is amazing. She is able to carry a note but she still has a bit of rock to her voice as well. This is a pop rock song that will have a person banging their head and singing along at the same time.

1. All the Angels by My Chemical Romance

This is a song by the band My Chemical Romance. This band is a little harder on the rock side then some of the other bands. This band has a bassist ,drummer ,and they rely on guitars to keep their music hard. There is some screaming in some of the songs but they are easy to sing along to. This song has a catchy chorus and a person will find themselves singing along to it before they know it. This band uses heavy guitars in their songs to keep the rock edge. The chorus makes the songs a little bit on the pop side but no one can deny that rock edge.

These are some of the greatest pop rock songs of all time. These songs have a rock feel but they have a pop chorus to them as well. A person can enjoy the music and can sing along to them as well.

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