Top 10 Best Progressive Rock Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Progressive Rock songs of all time 2017, Progressive rock music is sub-genre of rock and roll and pop music forms. This style emerged from the psychedelic bands that were around during the 60s. Psychedelic artists started to make more of their music by using instrumentation and a unique composing stye for this musical process. These processes were closely related with jazz, folk and classical musical styles.

They also made their songs with studio enhanced technology and sounds and they focused on lyrics with a poetic sound. Many progressive artists wanted their music to sound like art as opposed to a commercial sound. Progressive artists also wanted people to “hear” their music more so than to dance to it. Here is a look at the best progressive rock songs of all time.

Progressive Rock Song Top 10 latest new Progressive Rock songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Progressive Rock songs of all time 2017.

10. Oily Way by Gong

Gong is a psychedelic rock group that truly was “progressive” back in the 70s. While they never broke into mainstream culture they did manage to create a huge following. This group made a song called Oily Way back in 1973 and it has some of the strangest lyrics ever for song. They talk about a planet called Gong and flying teapots. While the song’s lyrics was meant to be somewhat of a joke; they still make you wonder if these guys were PCP and acid when they wrote this piece. This song truly is a progressive.

9. In the Sick Bay by Slapp Happy

Slapp Happy/Henry Cow is a progressive group that made a short song called In the Sick Bay. This tune was released in 1974 and it was a hit for this unusual group with an unusual name. Slapp Happy use of music for this tune was light and full of outstanding melody. The song was progressive rock fiesta that fans of this genre would definitely enjoy. The lyric’s almost sound like a nursery rhyme for grown-ups.

8. Sea Song by Robert Wyatt

The year 1974 was a big one for the progressive rock groups. Many great sounding progressive rock tracks were released during that time. One of those songs was called the Sea Song and it was performed by Robert Wyatt. This song is about a guy meeting some type of mermaid or ocean born humanoid and having an affair with it. Robert Wyatt made this song shortly after he healed from a bad accident that forced him into a wheelchair.

7. No God’s A Man by Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant was a great progressive group during the 70s. They sang the song No God’s A Man and it was a great progressive piece for this group. The music had a great melody and the vocals were on point. The song moved with conviction and the lyrics are about truth and finding one’s place within life and this existence. No God’s A Man should be song on a progressive rock fan’s playlist.

6. Hhai (Live) by Magma

In 1975 Hhai (Live) was recorded by Magma. Their song Hhai is about facing death and how to deal with it once you know it is coming. Magma is a progressive rock group that did a lot at the time to make great progressive rock tunes. People who knew about this group loved the effort that they made with their music. They enjoyed listening to them and having fun envisioning their lyrics. Magma was a great progressive rock band that people enjoyed.

5. Daddy Needs A Throne by Camberwell Now

Camberwell Now has been around since 1982 and they released one of their biggest songs to date, Daddy Needs A Throne in 1985. The song has a catchy sound and an inspiring groove. It almost has a punk rock like feel to it. Camberwell Now is still around making wonderful music and progressive rock enthusiasts should love their sound. Just another side note about Camberwell, their music is still influencing new progressive rock bands to this day.

4. The Things by Skeletons

Skeletons released The Things in 2008. Their Afro inspired beats and rhythms made their progressive sound totally unique. No one else had any kind of song out like them at all. Skeletons is also fused with a touch of jazz as well. The lyrics are moving and the melody is fantastically composed. The Things by the Skeletons is a great tune that flows with conviction and moves with style. Once a person puts on this great progressive jam they will simply be taken away by its exceptional sound and style.

3. Disciplining The Reserve Army by Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse is the stuff that a good progressive rock band is made of. They are a modern progressive rock band that released a jam called Disciplining The Reserve Army in 2011. Trogan Horse mixes their music with contemporary rock sounds to make them come to life. They did this very thing for their song Disciplining The Reserve Army.

2. Direct by Thumpermonkey

Thumpermonkey is a quirky and modern progressive rock group that makes great progressive rock music. Direct was their 2012 jam that was full of life and flavor. This progressive tune is a fun song that people can get into. Yes, it is a progressive song but the lyrics and sound is not so out there that it leaves a person baffled about what they are listening to. This is one progressive song that just makes senses and it has a good delivery.

1. Talk It Up by Sashi Tharoor

Sashi Tharoor is a modern progressive rock group. They are a trio that is based out of London. Their progressive sound is a great treat for the years. Talk it up has superb vocals, mesmerizing riffs and a sweet melody. This song is a progressive rock masterpiece that was composed and performed for this era. Sashi Tharoor is one of the newest and best progressive rock groups in the 2010s and fans of this genre should keep their ears open for more of their music.

Progressive rock music is not a mainstream force in music today. However, there is more than enough people who like this sound to make it a valid sub-genre musical form. Progressive rock has its own place in the annals of music and this sound will continue to thrive since it has an audience.

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