Top 10 Best Soft Rock Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Soft Rock songs of all time 2017, While many people like to rock out it is nice to listen to a softer song. Soft rock still has the great artists that perform rock songs. These songs are slowed down, the music is not as loud or hard, and there is no screaming. A person can relax to the soothing sounds and hear the lyrics. Many of these songs are meaningful.

Top 10 latest new Soft Rock songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Soft Rock songs of all time 2017.

10. Little Pink Houses by John Cougar Melloncamp

This song is by John Cougar Melloncamp. He has enjoyed a lot of success over the year. This song has a simple inspiration behind it. John was driving by a pink house and there was an old man sitting on the porch. He waved to John and John waved back. That is how the song came to be. This is a rock song but it is not too hard. A person can sit back and relax while they are listening to this.

9. Love Me Tender by the king

This song is by the king of rock and roll. This is a soft rock song that was performed by Elvis Presley. This was a new sound for Elvis. It was slower and softer than his previous songs. He even played his own acoustic guitar notes for this song. This song was inspired by a melody from Aura Lee which was a song that was popular during the time of the Civil War. Elvis wrote and performed this song for his first movie. This has become a classic soft rock song.

8. Ramble On by Led Zeppelin

This is one of the first softer songs from the rock band Led Zeppelin. This band played this song on their first tour in the United States and fans loved it. This song uses an acoustic guitar instead of hard rock notes. There is an influence from Middle Eastern music in this song as well. This song is powerful and fans have come to love the softer take from this rock band.

7. Piano Man by Billy Joel

This song is by Billy Joel. Many people may not believe it but Joel started out playing in rock bands. When he wrote this song he was inspired by some time he spent in a lounge. He played under the name Bill Martin and played for people with souls. This song talks about the different people that he met in the lounge and how if nothing else they came to listen to music to forget about the troubles in their life if only for a short time.

6. Boys of Summer by Carpenters

This is a softer rock song by Don Henley. This is a great song to sit back and listen to when relaxing. This song will allow a person to hear a laid back song and will help them remember the times of better days. This song has been covered over the years but many people still prefer the soft rock classic.

6. We’ve Only Just Begun by Carpenters

This is a soft rock song by the Carpenters. This song started out as a jingle for a bank but caught the attention of a well known music producer. They inquired about the song and the rest of the song was made. This was a great soft rock song which almost instantly became a classic. The band considered this to be their best single and one of their favorite songs to perform.

5. Goodbye Yellowbrick Road by Elton John

This song is by Elton John. When John was recording an album in Jamaica the studio was surrounded by a fence of barbed write. There were guards outside holding machine guns to help protect the artists. John and his crew were too scared to leave their hotel room. They completed 21 songs within a time span of three days. This is one of the songs that was recorded during that time. This soft rock song came together quickly but was still a really good song.’

4. All You Need is Love by Beatles

This is a soft rock song by the Beatles. This song was seen by over 400 million people all over the world live. The Beatles wanted to get a clear message out to people. When this song was released there were wars all over the world and young people being sent to kill each other. The band wanted to get their message across that all people need is love in their life. There is no room for hate. If people would love and accept each other the world would be a better place.

3. Tears in Heaven by Eric Clatpon

This is a sad but classic song by Eric Clatpon. Eric wrote this song after the accidental death of his four year old son. He hoped to see him again one day in heaven. This song was a way that he can express the grief that he was feeling at the time. A very sad happening turned into a great soft rock song. This song helped Eric deal with his grief and allowed him to talk about the tragedy as he tried his best to heal.

2. Beautiful Day by U2

This is by the band U2. This song was written by Bono after he toured some of the poorest nations in the world and joined groups to help these people. He wanted to help advocate for this help and wanted to raise awareness about how bad some people really have it. This song talks about it being a great way when people are willing to help out their fellow man for the greater good.

1. Open Arms by Journey

This is a classic soft rock song by the bank Journey. This song talks about running to their loved one with open arms. They do not want to hide anything from them and are willing to be open about everything. This song has been covered by a number of artists over the years and is still a great classic rock song. This is also a great love song as well.

These are some of the greatest soft rock songs of all time. They have a slower temp but are still great to listen to when a person wants to sit and relax. These songs have nice lyrics and a soft beat that makes them easy to listen to.

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