Top 10 Rock Songs January 2017

Checkout the below listed top 10 new Rock songs of January 2017, Rock music is one of the most popular forms of music. This music has an edge to it yet there are choruses that will allow a person to sing along. There are many rock bands out there that are all competing for a spot on the charts. Going into 2017 it is important to have a good ranking. These are the top 10 best rock songs for January 2017. These artists have enjoyed a great year and 2017 is looking good for them. These rocks songs will have a person banging their heads and singing along at the same time.

Here we enlist the latest and best top 10 new Rock songs for January 2017.


Top 10 Rock Songs January 2017


10. I Apologize – Five Finger Death Punch

This song is by the band Five Finger Death Punch. This band has had a number of hits over the past couple of years. This song has a good message to it and it is a hard rock song. The vocals are deep and intense. This rock song is great for those that are looking for a song that is hard yet not too hard where they would not understand the lyrics. There may be a moment or two of screaming but for the most part this is a well rounded rock song that fans have come to love.

9. Open Your Eyes – Disturbed

This is the latest song from the band Disturbed. This band has been around for a number of years and has a number of hits. This song takes their intense lyrics and sets them to a good rock song. Every song that this band makes stands for something. The lead man David Draymon has an intense voice and the same is true for his vocals in this song. This song has moved up one spot on the charts from the previous week. Disturbed is known for their rock and this lyrics and this song does not disappoint.

8. Amnesia – Red Sun Rising

This is a song by the band Red Sun Rising. This rock song is getting a lot of attention on the radio. It has a good beat and good lyrics. While it is a rock song a person will find themselves singing along to it. This is a song that is played often yet people do not get tired of hearing it. The chorus of this song is easy to relate to and is easy to sing along to at the same time.

7. How Did You Love – Shinedown

This is the latest song by the band Shinedown. This band has had success in the past. The lead singer has a commanding voice that really stands out. He is able to get the powerful lyrics across. This song is another song that deals with love and not understanding emotions. While the lyrics are not always uplifting they are meaningful and keep the attention of the fans. While this band does not apoligize for its ways it does not mater to fans. They actually enjoy the harder lyrics.

6. Still Breathing – Greenday

This is another hit by the band Greenday. This band started out as a punk rock band over 20 years ago. From that time on they enjoyed a great deal of success. This song talks about how they are still here and still breathing even though they have faced some tough times over the years. As the band continued to make music their songs went from playful to serious. This song may have serious lyrics but it is still a great song to listen to and a favorite of the fans.

5. The Stage – Avenged Sevenfold

The band Avenged Sevenfold has a lot of success in the past year. Their songs are intense and have everything that a rock song should have. These are intense lyrics , screaming, singing, guitar riffs, and even a touch of anger. This is the latest by this band and it does not disappoint. It has the same intense lyrics that a person is looking for and that rock edge. This band is set to have another great year in 2017.

4. Seal the Deal – Volbeat

This song is by the band Volbeat. They are not strangers to the top 10 rock song countdowns. This band has had success in the past and now they have another hit. The singer of this band has a very deep voice and fans cannot help but to pay attention to it. This Danish band has made some good music and this song is no exception .

3. Atlas Rise – Metallica

Metallica is back and in a big way. This band has been making music since the 80s and has been known for their hard rocking ways. This new song is just as loud as ever. As the band ages they do tend to mature just a little with their sound. This song has the lyrics and it has the loud music. The song is not so hard that a person cannot hear the words but it is hard enough to give off the sound that this band has come to be known for. This is another hit by this legendary rock band.

2. Square Hammer – Ghost

This is by the band called Ghost. This band is just starting to enjoy fame. This song has a rock edge to it that gets the attention of the people listening. It is a great rock song and it making the way up the charts. If a person does not know the band they will know them well after listening to this song as well as the powerful lyrics.

1. My Name is Human – Highly Suspect

This number one song is by the band Highly Suspect. Their name alone just sounds like a rock band. Many people are still getting to know this band and have liked what they have hard. The rocks is has strong but yet a person can sing along to the lyrics. Finishing the year off at number one is not a bad place to be.

These are the top 10 rock songs in January 2017. Some of these songs are by well known bands while others are known for those that are just starting to get popular. Being in the top 10 is a nice way to start off the year and these bands can expect to have a good 2017.

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