Top 10 Rock and Roll Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Rock and Roll songs of all time 2017, Rock and Roll music has been one of the most iconic genres in the history of people playing instruments together and creating songs. With the wide array of variety to the genre as a whole, creating a list comprising the very best rock songs of all time is not necessarily easy to do. Instead, the list is comprised of what are deemed to be the very best Rock and Roll songs of All Time based on their successes, their lasting playability, their impact on the music world, and of course, the bands that created each song.

Rock and Roll Song Top 10 latest new Rock and Roll songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Rock and Roll songs of all time 2017.

10. “House of the Rising Sun” – The Animals – The Animals – 1964

The Animals really saw the largest part of their successes after their intial debut release in 1964. “House of the Rising Sun” would be their greatest, and to many, only hit song. However, even with this particular track being likely the only song with lasting merit that the band would create, this was a song that would endure lifetimes. This song about all the pain and misery with spending your life and money in a brothel could have been avoided. The classic track was not originally written by The Animals, and in fact, Bob Dylan is credited with providing the first major commercial release of the track on his debut album in 1962. Ironically enough, people consider The Animals version to be the best, and often mistake Dylan’s version as a folk cover of this classic rock gem.

9. “Smoke On The Water” – Deep Purple – Machine Head – 1969

If there was ever a song that anyone learned to play first on an electric guitar, it is the basic rhythm guitar portion of this iconic rock track. I would say more would be guitarists all around the world could play you this single song more than any other one that has ever been created. While the rhythm guitar of the song might prove to be incredibly basic and simple, there is nothing basic or simple about some of the lead work in the song. Combine the well composed instrumentation with catchy lyrics and you have all of the makings to a song that people are always going to remember. Thanks to the chord progression and well thought out lyrical content, this is a song that has stood the test of time and continues to be a crowning example of rock and roll.

8. “Back In Black” – AC/DC – Back In Black – 1980

Speaking of iconic chord progressions and intricate lead work, let’s move from Deep Purple over to a band that has more hits than Deep Purple ever dreamed of one day having. AC/DC is one of the most iconic bands of all time, and there is quite possibly no single song that they have ever created that defines them better than “Back In Black”. This is a song that is perfect for your grand re-entrance into whatever you had to walk away from, as it would seem from the lyrics that AC/DC might have had to go away for a little bit but now it’s ‘good to be back’ and more specifically, ‘back in Black’.

7. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” – Nirvana – Nevermind – 1991

Smells Like Teen Spirit is a song that people are still in love with over 25 years since its original release. The band Nirvana was an overnight (and widely unexpected success), and this made “Smells Like Teen Spirit” one of the most unexpectedly successful singles in kind. Nirvana was only a three piece band out of Seattle, though their sound would suggest a lot more members. Most people can’t make sense of the lyrics to the song, more than to attach their own obscure meanings, but what everyone can make out is the awesome composition and guitar work of the track. The initial and lasting successes of this number one single have given it an easily earned spot among the best Rock and Roll songs of all time.

6. “All Along The Watchtower” – Jimi Hendrix – Isle of Wight – 1968

Bob Dylan probably spent the better part of the 1960s a little sore that some of the tracks he expected to be among his best weren’t even labeling him as the singer. While it was mentioned earlier that Dylan had released the first commercial recording of “House of the Rising Sun” for his debut album, he would also be the initial performer for the track “All Along The Watchtower”. While numerous artists have released their own versions of this track throughout the years, Jimi Hendrix is bar none the greatest guitarist to have ever taken the track on. The original recording of this track showcases the musical genius of the left handed rocker, which is important to note because he is deemed the best left handed guitarist of all time.

5. “Sweet Child O’ Mine” – Guns N Roses – Appetite For Destruction – 1987

Pulling away from the traditional norms of what would be deemed 1980s Metal music, Guns N Roses made an album that was so unique and yet such an ideal next step in the progression of rock and roll at that point. Slash’s guitar abilities come through in a big way, (second only really to his powerful solos in “November Rain” on a later GNR release), in “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. The song is a great love ballad in its own right, though most speculate that it quite literally is not meant to be a song about someone’s child at all, but the love that the singer has for his significant other. Complicated, right? Either way it’s a rock and roll track that cannot be denied and helped to make GNR a force to be reckoned with throughout their successful careers.

4. “Hotel California” – The Eagles – Hotel California – 1976

The Eagles had a number of successful number 1 singles throughout their illustrious careers in the now Classic Rock genre. None of these tracks that the band would release would have quite the impact that “Hotel California” would have, and its eerie lyrics would make it a talked about song even to this day as it still comes up on the radio stations. “Hotel California” is a great representation of the bands abilities both instrumentally and lyrically. In fact the guitar solo that is featured in the track itself is deemed among the greatest to have ever been composed, so this should give you a pretty good idea how it sits so highly on a list of the best rock tracks ever created. The song ultimately would be described by the band members as the dangers of living too lavishly or living in excess, though fans have often over-speculated for years about a deeper and more sinister inspiration for writing the track.

3. “(Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” – The Rolling Stones – Out of Our Heads – 1964

The Rolling Stones are one of the longest performing rock bands on the planet. Even though its members are really getting up their in age, they are more than proving that age really is just a number. Mick Jagger still runs point for the group, providing vocals for the icons. While the band was formed in 1962, they would get their first real taste of successes on a global scale through the release of “(Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, which remains in their line up on tours to this day.

2. “Free Bird” – Lynyrd Skynyrd – (Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd) – 1973

As any live performer has likely figured out, people love “Free Bird”. The song is all about being able to be free, though most have interpreted it as moving on to a better place. The evidence would seem to support the theory that the subject of the song is either dead or dying, as the song throughout the years has been dedicated to ‘free birds’ who have died. While the song would be their second most successful track of the band’s career, it is the single most requested track for any concert that has ever been performed by any band.

1. “Stairway To Heaven” – Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin IV – 1971

Epic guitar work and amazing lyrical content are the two best ways to describe “Stairway to Heaven”, which takes the number one spot as the greatest rock song of all time. Led Zeppelin allowed their musical genius to come through in this marathon track, which is even longer in the live versions of the song.

While this is only a small cross-section of the entire genre, these are the ten most iconic and influential rock and roll songs that have ever been written. These songs have stood the test of time, still receiving regular radio rotations over 50 years after the original releases of the tracks. This is a testament to the quality of each individual song that is featured on this list, and the specific impact that each of these time-honored songs must have had on the genre as a whole.

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