Top 10 Best Feel Good Love Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Feel Good Love Songs of all time 2017, Love songs are able to lift the spirit and give that warm fuzzy feeling inside that is so hard to maintain at times. Whether it’s a powerfully-built ballad or a sappy, “I love you for these reasons” tune that is meant to inspire deeper emotions and a feeling of intimate connectivity, the love song is a feel-good tune that is meant to break anyone out of their emotional doldrums and convince them that love is the answer to many problems. From the time of the first and simplest love ballad to the more complex and meaningful tunes that exist today, love is one of the primary forces that drives creativity. With that being said, here are the top ten best feel good love songs of all time.

Feel Good Love Song Top 10 latest new Feel Good Love Songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Feel Good Love Songs of all time 2017.

10. Carry My Love- Sarah Geronimo

This song is almost infectious it’s so good, though upon first listening you might think it’s just like any other love song ever composed. What differs between this song and any other however is that it carries a rich, almost luxurious melody throughout the entire track, which is backed by Sarah’s melodic and resonant tone. If you don’t like love songs then you might not see the inherent beauty in this track, but if you are willing to listen there’s a better than good chance that you’ll be humming this tune not long after listening.

9. My Immortal- Evanescence

Leave it to a superhero movie to almost ruin one of the absolute best songs ever produced. When this tune and “Bring Me to Life” were featured in the film “Daredevil” it could have been the death knell of Evanescence’s reputation, but thankfully fans stuck by the band and agreed that their talent was initially wasted on such a stinker of a film. Overall however the hauntingly beautiful voice of Amy Lee and the expert sound of her band are a treasure worth listening to again and again. In fact, many have stated that if not for this song they might have lost a great deal of faith in what the band could do.

8. Far Away- Nickelback

Some people actually claim that they’ve grown tired of this band and that they have gone the way of Creed before their initial decline. While Nickleback has obviously suffered just a bit in the past several years when it comes to their production this song is still easily counted as one of their most popular and most successful as it was heard quite often on radios around the country during its initial run and for some time after. It doesn’t really matter if they’re a mid-card band anymore or still a powerhouse to be reckoned with, they’ve made their place in music history more than once and are a name that will be remembered for their whimsical and meaningful songs alike.

7. Always- Bon Jovi

From big hair to modern style to edgy and even cutting edge, Bon Jovi has had a long run from one generation to the next. Most fans of the current era wouldn’t have really believed that the same voice that belted out the lyrics to “Livin’ on a Prayer” could possibly be used to compose a mild-mannered love song that seems so out of the norm. Bon Jovi has proven that he can get the job done no matter what he’s singing however, and has made an impressive comeback in his career in order to show that he has the staying power of a true celebrity and singer.

6. Manhattan Skyline- A-ha

This track is definitely edgier than anything you might expect from A-ha, and it’s a love song. It’s undoubtedly that edge that drives the song and makes it unique enough to be placed on this list. A lot of love songs are made with little more than an overabundance of sap and heartfelt feeling that at times becomes a little bit too much to bear. This song however breaks out of the pillow-lined box and smacks the genre around a little to offer a pleasing punch to the lyrics and the feel of the average love song. It gives a bit more realism to the art of love than many songs are willing to deliver, and that is why it rates so high.

5. God Only Knows- The Beach Boys

Most fans know what to expect from the Beach Boys, and this classic is just up their alley as it’s neutral pace and gentle sound lull the listener into an almost blissful stupor that is tough to awaken from until the end. The somewhat sultry tones used in the song tend to evince a sunny day spent with someone you love, basking in the rays while sitting in the park, walking along the beach, or even just spending a day sitting and staring at one another. It’s hard to doubt that the reason this song gets so much play is because it is by the Beach Boys, but it’s also hard to deny that the song itself is a bit addictive.

4. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You- Michael Jackson

It’s Michael Jackson. That’s really all that needs to be said for this piece. His voice inspired many and drove millions of young women insane whenever he stepped up to the microphone. He had only to speak a few words to make young and old women alike fall in love with him, and his fame was built upon the sensitivity that he displayed on a continual basis. Really, if you need to know why his songs gained such notoriety, just remember, it’s MICHAEL JACKSON.

3. (I Can’t Help) Falling in Love with You- UB40

It’s a different version of another song, one that has already been made popular in fact, but the way in which UB40 re-mastered the track was so powerful and so well done that they have been credited over and over for the power that this simple tune brings. From the background music to the way the lyrics are sung, this track can easily make the transition between generations without skipping a beat. Considering that this version of the old Elvis Presley song first hit the charts in 1993, it’s impressive that it’s even considered as one of the greatest songs today.

2. Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing- Aerosmith

There was a point and time that a person couldn’t go to a single wedding in the country without hearing this song played not once, not twice, but multiple times in a single day or night. It’s an awesome track to be sure, and with Aerosmith one can hardly go wrong when talking about love songs. But with this track there was something about the lyrics, the power behind them, and of course the fact that it was meant to be an inspirational piece as it was crafted for the movie “Armageddon”. Despite his occasional trademark screech over the microphone, Steven Tyler simply knows how to pull at the heartstrings, much as he’s done for decades now.

1. My Heart Will Go On- Celine Dion

Some people might have been accused of actually claiming that this song was vastly overplayed and worn out by the time it finally was put to rest, but many of them would be wrong. Was it overplayed just a bit? Yes. Was it pushed a little too firmly into the consciousness of the listener? Most definitely. Did anyone other than those few grouchy listeners mind? Not a single bit. Celine Dion never stopped receiving praises for this once in a lifetime song, nor has she been forgotten since it came out. Designed to go with the movie “Titanic” the song is a sooth melody that speaks to nearly every lover that’s ever had to leave their chosen partner for any length of time. It’s a powerful song filled with enough emotion and feeling to have lasted this long, and it will probably remain in the public consciousness for much longer. After all, “Titanic” is on DVD and Netflix, so it’s possible it won’t ever be forgotten.


So those are the most classic, feel good love songs of all time ever until 2017. Some might confuse you a bit as they seem a bit tragic and even maudlin, but love songs aren’t always about the bouncy, happy feelings that other tracks deliver. A feel good love song is often one that is meant to inspire and even strengthen your resolve, not so much make the listener grin like a child.

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