Top 10 Best Korean Love Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Korean Love songs of all time 2017, If you have ever been in love with anyone, these songs are worth a listen. If you are far from being a romantic, you will enjoy these songs, which rightly deserve to be classed among the best love songs to come from a Korean music act. You may not understand a word they’re saying, but that is okay, for love–and music–are both universal languages.

Top 10 latest new Korean Love songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Korean Love songs of all time 2017.

10. Seventeen–Adore U

This song puts you in mind of the late 80’s and early 90’s New Kids on the Block! And it’s a 13-member boy band. These guys not only sing, but they rap “as good as they walk,” to quote a 1968 #1 hit from an African-American group. No doubt about it–these guys are good. I am left to wonder why this tune got no airplay stateside.

9. Only You–Miss A

Miss A is a group of four girls, who appear to be in their late teens, or early twenties. They sing alternately in Korean and English. The music has an infectious beat that keeps you tapping your toes all day. The melody–produced by studio musicians with synthesizers and guitars–sticks in your head all day. This is a song to be sung at the top of your lungs to your new crush all day.

8. Key Boys–My Love is Distant (1969)

This is a track with a lot of late 60’s fuzz. Psychedelia was the rage in Korea back in 1969. Here are guys–the Key Boys–who played their own instruments. If you remember anything about this song, you will remember its booming, fuzzy bass line, its tambourine, an–of course–the vocals, which, by the way, sound as if they are coming from deep within a well–a typical 60’s style used by producers around the world. I am surprised that it was not a big hit in the States, and that I am just now finding out about this material on YouTube.

7. G.D. & Top–Don’t Go Home

This is a fine combination of rap and old school American R & B–reminiscent of the Kool and the Gang (“Celebration”) era. The video depicts a group of teenagers doing what they do best–hang out, show off their cell phones, and have fun. If you are into that kind of thing, G. Dragon and Top are your group. The song is “Don’t Go Home.” Again, it’s surprising that some of this music hasn’t done well in the States to date.

6. Heaven–Ailee

As the Dramafever online magazine points out, this song is reminiscent of “Halo” by America’s Beyonce. And it is sung partly in English, as well. It is a piano and beats driven ballad, one that sticks in your head all day. It makes you think of being with your loved one all day–which is heaven unto itself, with this song playing in the background. Ailee’s vocals are, in fact, heavenly. She may be no Beyonce, but she demonstrates that she is good in her own right.

5. CNBlue–Lovegirl (2011)

This uptempo love ballad has been out since 2011. What watching the video has shown me is that these guys are not just a bunch of good voices, they are also musicians in their own right. They in fact remind me of a Korean version of the Lads from Liverpool themselves, the Beatles. Their song is “Lovegirl.” One of the only boy bands versatile enough to sing and play their own instruments, too. You don’t see that very often today. Usually the boy band takes the stage, and the producers hire a house band to play in behind them.

4. Dongwoon and Kang Mi Young–Udon

If you can put up with the autotune in the song, it’s a pretty good tune about love. It is sort of a cute love song and video in a 2010’s meets 1980’s sort of way. Some of these songs have no English translation at all, but you can tell by the video that this couple is enjoying themselves going out to eat and all that.

3. B1A4-Beautiful Target

This is a group of good singers. They are singing to a young woman, their beautiful “target.” In the video, these guys seem to have fun dancing, and are really good at it. They demonstrate that PSY isn’t the only game in town when it comes to Kpop, no matter what the Billboard charts of 2012 seemed to demonstrate.

2. GNA– What I Want to Do Once I Have a Lover

“What I Want to Do Once I Have a Lover”–GNA tells her listeners, singing in Korean, what she wants to do once she finally meets someone special, and he agrees to become her lover. This is a gentle, sweet ballad that is reminiscent of the innocent R & B young people in the States once enjoyed. You may not understand a word she says, but GNA is worth a listen, because of her beautiful, innocent-sounding female voice.

1. Jimel and Yongwha–Fool

Just as the description says, this is an appropriate song for those first foolish days when you have just found yourself in love with a person. Often you just find yourself reveling in her beauty, and if she were to tell you to jump off a bridge, or otherwise embarrass yourself, you would do it–just to please her. We all have been in love to that point, and this song points that out. And as a young person in love, you can relate to it.

Before writing this paper, I was fooled that all Korean music was based on Psy’s form of K-pop–a fast upbeat style of music with a heavy beat. But while doing the research for this article, I found out that that was only one of many styles of Korean music. Just as Americans do, there are Koreans who love fast dance music, while others love soft, slow ballads, while yet others love a bit of both. Just like any other type of music, Korean music comes in all shapes and sizes, as do the artists who make the records.

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