Top 10 Love Songs For A Broken Heart To Cry Alone of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest top 10 best Love Songs For A Broken Heart To Cry Alone in 2017, When you have a broken heart, there is little that really makes you feel any better. You might bury yourself in a pint of ice cream or find consolation in the company of your closest friends, but the real healer in all of this is music. Music has a way to not only make you feel a little bit better about your plight, but to also pull you from your self –loathing and put you back in a place where you can move on and actually find the real love of your life. Here are the best tracks for the broken hearted.

Love Song Top 10 Love Songs For A Broken Heart To Cry Alone

Here we present the list of top 10 best Love Songs For A Broken Heart To Cry Alone in 2017

10. “Love Hurts” – Nazareth

There has likely never been a single song other than this one that has become the most common song for getting through your post relationship blues. This is a song literally about ending it with the one that you love, and how much that sucks and how much it hurts. There is no other hidden meaning here or deeper message, its cut and dry about the dangers of falling in love and how much it can hurt when it goes wrong.

9. “Where’d You Go?” – Fort Minor

Fort Minor is a side project for rapper Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park fame. While the group would only have a handful of singles, this is likely one of their most popular songs and it really strikes a chord with families that are being torn apart by time away from each other. The song talks about someone never being home and missing all of the important things on account of work, and while throughout the song they try and make it through these hard times and the stresses, it eventually falls apart and the one left behind initially is the one who has left for good now.

8. “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” – Hank Williams

There is nothing quite like country music to make someone appreciate their broken heart. While this oldie of country fame has had its fair share of plays throughout the years, there are few songs with the same kind of impact and lasting power that this Hank Williams track actually has. So if you are feeling lonesome enough to cry, put on the wailing vocal delivery of one of country music’s legends and hopefully feel a little bit better.

7. “Unbreak My Heart” – Toni Braxton

This is a song that a lot of the broken hearts out there can relate to, especially right when the separation actually happens. In this track, Toni Braxton is really just asking for everything to go back to the way that it was before it all went wrong, even though it was the guy that left. All she wants is for him to come back and say that he will love her again.

6. “Jar of Hearts” – Christina Perri

There are songs of wallowing and self-pity all over this list, but then there are songs like “Jar of Hearts”. In this track the singer is finally seeing her ex for the kind of person that he is, someone that just goes from person to person and uses them. The jar of hearts being referred to is getting people to fall in love with this guy, and he is just collecting that devotion to make himself feel better. Perri has caught on to the game and isn’t going to stand for it anymore, even if it is painful to force him out of her life.

5. “Don’t Speak” – No Doubt

The general speculation of this song is that the singer has somehow caught her significant other cheating. While most people would want a chance to try and talk themselves out of looking quite so bad in that moment or in the time thereafter, the singer is simply telling him that she doesn’t need him to tell her his reasons. The chorus suggests that he is really only trying to explain himself or to make things better to spare her feelings or because it hurts, so she would just as soon tell him not to bother.

4. “Breakeven” – The Script

There are few bands that have the kind of hit songs off of heartbreak as The Script does. Most of their singles throughout their short career have focused on either trying to get someone back or dealing with someone leaving them. With that being said, “Breakeven” is another track that has ‘I’m not dealing with this well’ written all over it. Essentially the song is about his significant other moving out and moving on, while he is still pining for the relationship that once was, which is horribly unfair.

3. “Grenade” – Bruno Mars

There are plenty of relationships that people get into that only one of the people involved fully commits themselves to and devotes all they have. This is the subject of Bruno Mar’s hit song “Grenade” which details how much he loves and appreciates the woman in his life, but knows that she wouldn’t even help him if he was on fire. Meanwhile, Bruno would get hit by trains and capture live grenades to show his love and devotion for her. Talk about an uneven scale.

2. “Black” – Pearl Jam

There are few things that suck as much as knowing the love of your life is moving on and that they are going to find more happiness elsewhere than they ever could have with you. Trying to cope with these feelings is the better part of the track “Black” from Pearl Jam’s most successful album Ten. How quickly things can change for the worst, as you will hear all about through this iconic Grunge Rock track.

1. “What Hurts The Most” – Rascal Flatts

Country music, surprise surprise, tops out this list for the broken hearts club. In the super hit “What Hurts The Most” the singer talks about how he is trying to deal with the pain of losing his love and that there were things that he should have said and done differently. What in fact hurts the most, is never knowing what could have been for the two of them because he didn’t do what he should have done to preserve it.

These are the songs that those of us with a broken heart should be listening to. There are tracks about moving on and moving forward on this list, as well as several tracks about dealing with the pain and hurt that you are experiencing right now. Depending on the stage that you are in, and of these songs should help you get a better grasp on your situation.

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